Trailer from Galen Brown.

This video vividly encapsulates the tensions between development and conservation in coastal mangrove habitat in Belize. Highly recommended.

Ámuñegü, is a story told through the eyes of two communities, Placencia and Seine Bight, trying to defend a balance they have maintained for generations. The Placencia Lagoon is home to many species and is the nursery for local fish stocks, manatees, rays and dolphins, and is also the livelihood of several regional communities including people of Garifuna, Creole and Mayan desent. In recent years, a rise in unregulated development has damaged much of the Lagoon. Our documentary will follow community leaders and fishermen who are trying to protect what makes Placencia unique, culturally rich and self-sustainable. We will share their story at film festivals internationally because we believe that their struggle is echoed in other communities around the world.

The villages of Placencia and Seine Bight, Belize, are not alone in defending sustainability and community autonomy, but they are unique. With such a diverse cultural background spanning from Garifuna, Creole, Mayan, and ex-patriots from around the world, the communities of Placencia and Seine Bight are an inspiration, and recently stopped efforts by a large cruise ship company to set up a cruise village within Placencia Village. With that momentum, both communities are now looking to make the Placencia Lagoon a protected area. This Lagoon has been a part of the culture, economic livelihood and environmental equilibrium for countless generations and recent unregulated development in the Lagoon is threatening all of that. My goal for this documentary is to share the story of these villages with a wide audience to inspire other communities around the world.

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