San Ignacio residents concerned about murky running water in their homes

Residents in San Ignacio are concerned about a recurring problem in the western municipality. It has to do with the supply of running water inside homes. On Wednesday for about three hours, the water from the faucets was dirty and muddy. Residents are of the view that ongoing road works has been causing the problem which is presenting a huge challenge to them. News Five today, spoke via to one concerned resident who provided a video of the tainted water.

Via Phone: Orlando Habet, Cayo Resident

Via Phone: Orlando Habet

"When you open your faucets, the water comes out murky, muddy´┐Żdark brown and on the occasion last night, it was about five-thirty in the afternoon when the water started to come out that way. We left the faucets running for about three and a half hours until about eight-thirty till the waters get cleared. And that's because we had to open all the faucets including the garden hose downstairs to get all the murky water out. At first, I thought that probably it was because BWS was washing their reservoirs and then they didn't flush out the water. But then upon observation, I noticed that there is some road construction, street repairs, and apparently whenever the machinery breaks the pipes, BWS comes in to do the repairs, but then these might get filled up with dirt and soil surrounding the pipes and they just patch them and fix them up and then all that dirt stays in the large pipes that accumulate dirt. And so that muddy water goes into the system without them flushing it out and then there is no advisory saying that you should not use the water for the next five to six hours until it clears up or until water flushes out that water. Again some people are commenting that they have on other occasions, similarly, recently that they put their clothes to wash and it comes out all dark because they don't note that the water that goes into the washing machines, when they come back to put it in the dryer or to sun it out, the clothes is already dirty."

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