Corozal Police have been reporting a number of armed robberies and burglaries, lately. The Corozal Police is asking the neighborhood watch groups in the different areas to be more vigilant and to report any suspicious activities or persons in their areas.

As Easter approaches, Superintendent Andrew Ramirez would like to advise all the business community and public at large that as we enter the Easter season, criminal elements will step up their criminal activities.

Whilst the Corozal Police will commit itself to do its constitutional part, they are asking the public to do the same and together they can combat crime.

Corozal Police is asking the general public to please assist in the following:

1. Report anything suspicious vehicle or person(s) especially
anyone not known from to live in your area.

2. Close your business on time and do not risk opening after
the prescribed hours.

3. Be vigilant at all times and take nothing for granted.

4. Do not walk in isolated areas by yourselves.

5. Avoid going out alone with large amounts of cash and or

6. Do not over consume alcoholic beverages and know who you
socialize with.

7. If you leave your house over the Easter holidays, please
inform your neighbour and Police. They we will ensure that
patrols are conducted in your area.

8. Be reminded that the Corozal Police number is 402-0022. If
you have any concern about the behaviour of your Police,
please record the date, time and inform the Commanding
Officer Superintendent Andrew Ramirez at 607-8577 or visit
him in his office between Monday and Friday.

9. Bus drivers and taxi drivers are especially asked to assist the
Corozal Police in this endeavour since transient criminals
would normally use this mode of transportation.


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