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The San Pedro Sun

Wolfe's Woofer: Late For School
"Hi, Grandpa," Davin said, after knocking on the door and coming in. "Hey, boy," I said. "Where is your mom?" "She's outside in the golf cart. She wants to talk to you." I went outside to Melody's golf cart and said, "Hi, Sweetie. What's up?" "I need a big favor," she said. "My golf cart's [�]

Letter to the Editor: Saga says thanks!
Saga Humane Society would like to give a big Thank You to Bella Italia for hosting our Cook Off Italian/Pasta March 26. There was an air of hungry eagerness as the Chef's began to arrive with their pasta entries. It was a lively crowd that kept our raffle tickets sales busy. The new VIP tables for six sold quickly to Saga HS supporters Wolfgang Wind and Eisenberg family to enjoy. Thank you to everyone who attended to help support Operation SNIP, we consider you all Very Important People. It was a pleasant night for all that raised money for 25 SNIPs (spay/neuter) for low income residents. After the votes were tallied the winner was Lasagna - Heather Smith. 2nd Place went to Tuscan Italian Soup with pesto toast- Nancy Nida from Fido's. 3rd Place was Mama's Classic Spaghetti & Meatballs - Rosa La Rosa. The other fine dishes were: Macaroni & Cheese Balls with ranch dip and Chipotle - Luna Loca, Penne Pasta With Cheese Sauce - Carolina Mckay (sponsored by Michele Colbert), Bacon Spaghetti - Bella Italia, Parmesan Chicken Pasta - Faride Lima. We are grateful to the Chef's for their scrumptious entries, creativity and for their support.

Works to complete the police barracks has restarted!
Meanwhile, another project addressing the same housing issue is the completion of the new police barracks building spearheaded by a group of business people. The group announced last week that they were short $44,750 to complete the building, and they appealed to the business community for support. Since then four more monetary donations: $3,000 from Lola's Pub, $5,000 from a frequent guest at The Phoenix, $500 from Hidden Treasure Restaurant and $500 from Henry and Mary Beissner have come in. With those donations, the project remains short $38,750 from completion. Three in-kind donations were also made; Abel's Painting has donated $10,000 worth of paint and labor, Kama Lounge is donating new sheets, pillows and ten toilets amounting to $5,000 and The San Pedro Sun will donate a full sized refrigerator. Work on the building is expected to commence on Friday April 4th as well. . Anyone wanting to contribute financially or in-kind to the barracks building is asked to contact Mukul Kanabar at [email protected], Gricel Graniel at [email protected] or The San Pedro Sun at 226-2070.

Doctor Love: Affair of Love
Readers, please send your letters. They can be emails, formal letters or handwritten notes. They are edited solely for grammar and spelling. Also, they are sometimes edited for length. Dear Doctor Love, I am a fifty-one year-old man who has been married for twenty-nine years this month. My wife and I have three beautiful children [�]

Misc Belizean Sources

Fire guts building in Santa Elena town
A late Sunday night fire has gutted a building in Santa Elena town in the Cayo district. The fire happened on Carrillo Puerto Avenue. More details will be posted as they become available.

Primary School children to sit PSE part 1 on Monday
Thousands of Primary School boys and girls will head to examination centers on Monday morning for the first half of the Primary School Examinations, PSE. The students will write papers in Language Arts and Science. For the last few weeks, teachers and tutors have been working with the Standard 6 students to get them ready for the PSE. Private candidates will also be sitting the PSE on Monday. The second half of the PSE will be administered in May and the results are expected to be released shortly thereafter. Good luck to all the primary school boys and girls.

IMF says Trinidad and Tobago economy is performing well
The International Monetary Fund, IMF, is giving Trinidad and Tobago good marks on its economic outlook. The just concluded Article Four consultation mission of the IMF had issued a preliminary report indicating that the twin-island nation is experiencing more robust growth than previous years. According to the IMF, the projected economic growth for this year is 2.5%. In 2013, Trinidad and Tobago registered a 1/5% economic growth. Further evidence of good fiscal standing is shown in the country's external position with ten billion US dollars in external reserves.

How Big H Changed Belize's Coconut Fortunes
Big H launched its fresh bottled natural coconut water at the Agricultural Show in 1998. Before this�.coconut production in Belize was falling rapidly�.especially since a disease called "lethal yellowing" was rapidly disseminating the coconut palms. The sale of dried coconut was still vibrant, since housewives still used it to make home-made coconut milk for use in baking creole bread and preparing the popular "rice and beans". A small amount was used in cottage industries to make coconut oil. However, even this was in decline, since importers started to bring coconut milk powder in convenient sachets for a rather inexpensive price�.and they also imported large amounts of coconut oil already packed for retail sale. Today, this imported milk powder has almost completely displaced the grating of dried local coconuts.

Suspected drowning in Santa Familia village
The body of a man has been retrieved from the Belize River in Santa Familia village, Cayo. The name of the victim, believed to be a Guatemalan national, is being withheld, pending proper notification of his family. Reports of the suspected drowning came in around midday and officers from San Ignacio town were dispatched to the area to investigate. More information on this story will be posted as information is received and confirmed.

Corozal man wins new vehicle from Courts
Corozal resident Aron Cowo is the proud owner of a brand-new 2014 Kia Sportage SUV courtesy of Courts Belize Limited after emerging the winner of the Get Ready for the Road promotion which climaxed in Belize City on Saturday morning. Cowo and five other winners from each of Courts' branches countrywide participated in several rounds of games of chance to determine who would advance and Cowo, who bought various household goods at the local branch to enter the raffle, survived all four challenges. He is a first-time vehicle owner and says he didn't expect his good fortune. The father of two couldn't wait to drive his new vehicle back to Corozal Town but will have to, at least until Monday. He also gets free gas for a year from Puma Energy and free insurance from RF&G also for a year.

Belize's Underdevelopment
The enemies amongst us is crafty The enemy has made themselves our deity They even gave us ethnicity To keep us divided and in constant rivalry They even placed us strategically In different parts of the country They even denied us accessibility If it was not for cross country Which not a sport; initially they were brave riders who dared to travel the country We should also be grateful for Hurricane Hattie For opening up our country We need to acquaint ourselves with our own history

Paint up a Storm 2014
The Winsom Foundation's Paint Up A Storm was Saturday at the Cayo Welcome Center, and it was a big hit. Daniel Velasquez was there to get some pictures of the event. "Paint up A Storm in San Ignacio has ended for another year and the Winsom Foundation would like to Thank all the people that was involved in making it a success� The artists giving of their precious time� Marlene for weeks and weeks of driving me to get items etc� The volunteers on the day�Bowen and Bowen for providing a tent Alicia for a tent, Fuego Bar & Grill for providing a wonderful lunch for the artist and their assistance , SISE House of culture for helping with materials and last but not least the Welcome center,,, not only providing the space but bags of water which was so needed in this heat� Again Thanks everyone for taking part or sponsoring.. Winsom Foundation Paint Up A storm�."

Western Ballaz Defeat Running Rebels
The Western Ballaz hosted the Orange Walk Running Rebels Friday night, and they crushed them with a score of 100 to 50. The Western Ballaz are the first team in the league to hit the century mark. Adma Photography got some great shots from the game. In related news, the Western Ballaz will be playing a friendly game on Wednesday. The Western Ballaz, Dangriga Warriors, Galen Eagles and Belmopan Bandits will be playing. Entrance is free, and the fun starts at 7:00pm.

BAS Earth Day Film Competition
The Belize Audubon Society is having a film competition to celebrate Earth Day, with the theme being 'Our Protected Areas.' Wow, doesn't that make around a dozen or so different Earth Day competitions around the country? Kind of proves how beautiful and sustainable Belize is, and, percentage-wise, how there are more reserves and parks than most other countries...let's keep it that way. There will be 3 prizes, and first place will get $500, and a tour to Cockscomb Basin. The deadline for entries is April 22nd. Good luck!

Video: Fly Fishing Belize at El Pescador
3.5 min. A week of fly fishing the flats surrounding Ambergris Caye and El Pescador Lodge.

Video: Belikin Livin It Up Video
Belikin has released a new video entitled 'Livin It Up.' Once again, it has a little bit of most districts in it. "Whether a game of pool, a rice and beans stand, with friends at the sandbar hanging out, a domino game or cooking up some barbecue, it is always a great time with Belikin, the beer of Belize."

Video: Zip Lining Belize
4min. Zip-riders Howling Hills, an awesome experience!

Video: Schooleys in Belize 2014
13min. 10 days in Belize over Spring Break 2014.

Video: The Lebeha drummers of Hopkins, Belize

Video: The Lebeha drummers of Hopkins, Belize 2

Video: The Lebeha drummers of Hopkins, Belize 3

Video: The Lebeha drummers of Hopkins, Belize 4

Video: Belize - Immersion 2014
Oakwood Secondary School took a surreal and amazing trip to Belize and immersed themselves into their culture for eleven days.

Video: Belize. The Great Blue Hole
2.5 min.

Video: Belize Hol Chan

Video: Belize Animals

Video: Spring Break 2014 - Cruise to Belize and Cozmel

Video: Diving in Belize
8min. Fantastic diving trip to Belize, March 2014. Plenty of sharks, eels, and, of course, the Great Blue Hole.

Video: Flying over Sanctuary Belize on March 31, 2014
1min. aka

Video: The Land of Belize
A history of the land of Belize.


ITVET Displays The Work Of Students
The Orange walk Institute for Technical and Vocational Education and Training, ITVET, hosted its annual Expo at the school grounds today. The event marked an opportunity for trainees to showcase some of the work done since the beginning of the new school year. The invitation was extended to our studios and Reporter Maria Novelo and video journalist Fernando Sanchez was on hand to capture their vocational accomplishments. Here is that story. Maria Novelo - Reporting With a student population of 160 full and part time trainees, the Orange Walk Institute for Technical and Vocational Education and Training, ITVET, has evolved into an integral center for learning that assists trainees with obtaining employment, job retention, increased wages and career development. And today, these trainees went all out to showcase their skills and talents. From Auto Mechanics, Carpentry, Electrical to welding, they all had one thing in common, unique aspirations and abilities.


"All I Wanna Do" when away from San Pedro, Ambergris Caye, Belize.
Today's edition brings you the next 'thrilling' instalment about the recent trip that Rose and I made to M�rida in the Yucatan, Mexico. So far it's been compulsive reading. If you've been (notice the past tense) suffering sleep deprivation that is! Still awake? Good, I'll get on with then. In the first of this series I told you that I'd booked accommodation for our stay at El Gran Hotel. As you can see from the photo above, it's been around for a long time, 113 years in fact. Not surprisingly-given its longevity- it's had some illustrious and/or notorious (depending upon your political leanings) guests. And Rose and I had only been there a day when we were informed (with some pride I might add) that Fidel Castro had stayed there in July 1955 after being released from prison by Fulgencio Batista. We were told that although he only stayed there a few days (before heading to Mexico City where he resided for around eighteen months before returning to Cuba) he was insistent that he be allocated a room without windows. Do you think he may have been concerned about his well being ?

ReefCI doing amazing stuff with Lionfish!
WHAT CAN YOU DO TO HELP WITH THE LIONFISH INVASION?? EDUCATE YOURSELF on the invasive lionfish and the devastating effects they are having on our reef! Then, help educate others! ReefCI recently started a community outreach program in local primary schools. The main focus is to educate the children about this fish and its long term effects on the already fragile marine ecosystem! Get them young we say! BOOK A LIONFISH TRIP: ReefCI operates all year, with the exception of October. This means that you can learn to spear lionfish any week you visit ReefCI. If you want to totally immerse yourself in everything lionfish then visit in July when we are running our next "Lionfish Special". Join our LIONFISH WEEK in July!

Cruising, Zipping In Belize
Our stop in Cozumel is a non event since we have been there so many times. A day at the beach and we are soon back onboard the Conquest ready to sail to Belize. With rough early morning seas our tendering is delayed about an hour. It is about a fifteen minute boat ride to Belize city were we join fellow cruiser for our off ship excursion with "Butts Up.Com". An hour bus ride across this small but diverse Central American country and we are soon seeing a part of it from an exhilarating hundred feet or so up in the air and learn an interesting fact. The green ink used to print the "American Greenback" is produced from a plant grown in Belize.

International Sources

Into the blue: The jawdropping 310 metre wide Great Blue Hole in Belize
AT 310m wide and 125m deep, this azure submarine sinkhole is a paradise for divers in search of crystal-clear water that hides treasures in its depths. Welcome to the Great Blue Hole near Belize, a spectacular sight which Lonely Planet has explored for the new book The World's Great Wonders. From above, it looks like an eye - a large, dark pupil surrounded by a sliver of turquoise iris, framed by the eyelids of the reef. But now that you're within its embrace, it's hard to get a sense of its circular shape. A school of yellow angelfish linger by the reef. A lone parrotfish nibbles on the coral. Pressing on your scuba gear's purge valve, you follow the stream of bubbles from fellow divers. As you sink lower, you are surprised by the absence of marine wildlife down here. You peer into the darkness, hoping for a glimpse of a turtle, or maybe a shark. But 40m down, there is an even more spectacular sight.

Local students do mission work in U.S. and Internationally
During her trip to Belize, Hannah Myrick was overwhelmed by how grateful the people were for the small gifts that the student missionaries brought. "We went to one of the poorest villages and passed out rice and soap," Myrick said. "That was probably my favorite part. They were just flocking to us and it was like 'Wow, all they're getting is rice.' It wasn't anything spectacular and they were jumping up and down, they were so excited. I go home and I have a pantry full of food and they were excited because we brought them packets of rice." While William Outlaw remembers the ministry work his team did in Israel, he also remembers seeing for the first time the places mentioned in the Bible.