About controversial offshore developments

Vincent Gillett

The Coastal Zone Management Authority and Institute held a two-day workshop this week. It discussed controversial offshore developments such as the multimillion dollar project by Norwegian Cruise Lines on Harvest Caye and offshore drilling. These mass tourism projects have been receiving the thumbs down from many environmental groups. But what about CZMAI, in whose purview these proposed projects fall? C.E.O. Vincent Gillett says that the coastal zone can only express concerns, but that biodiversity offset can be used as a tool to make a sustainable decision.

Vincent Gillett, C.E.O., Coastal Zone Management Authority and Institute

"As coastal zone, clearly again, we recognize that there are challenges-deep challenges-to what actions ought to be taken. We are saying in the best of circumstances, what we need to so is examine them carefully. Look at what we have, look at what is possible and together along with the conservations, the preservationists, developers, government, etc. discuss the idea and in the end, government will make the decision. But for us, we are recognizing that in fact, there is a mechanism whereby all of these inputs can be considered in terms of our final outcome, our management decision, active decision´┐Żbiodiversity offset is one of those many tolls that we can use to find the balance which can allow us to maintain sustainability without having any net loss of biodiversity within any kind of environment-marine or terrestrial."

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