As we told you earlier, Mayor Darrell Bradley was a guest on OYE this morning. He's been in the news a lot lately, primarily due to recurring litigation with sanitation company Belize Waste Control. But there is much more than that happening in Belize City. In 2013, there was unprecedented road-works in Belize City, along with unprecedented chaos, confusion and congestion. 2014 hasn't been any different, as City Hall has embarked on a second, intensive stage of infrastructure works. This morning Bradley took the opportunity to provide an update on the ongoing streets and drains projects in the old capital.

Darrell Bradley, Belize City Mayor

"We are currently on eight streets throughout the city. And this is the city working on these streets. We are on Independence Boulevard, Buttonwood Bay Boulevard, Seashore Drive, we're continuing Vernon Street all the way up to Central American Boulevard, we're finishing West Canal…we're doing Dean Street all the way up to Collet Canal. We are doing several streets in the Lake Independence Area…so our concreting work is going along to the point where we are now on those eight streets and I expect that work will continue on those for the next month…very nice…in terms of even Seashore Drive they are going to put an exercise path and a green belt, so that is going to help in terms of the waterfront project. We are at about fifteen of those pre-paved streets, so that we are grading a lot of streets and we are bringing them to what we call pre-paved status. And we are doing this in the north and south-side…a lot of these streets are in the Lake Independence Area. I routinely go out with Dean Samuels to tour these works and these are done by City Council personnel. We are also almost completing our drainage project, so that we identified twenty-one streets that were recently concreted and we're putting in drains along those streets that are properly dug out and sloped so that the water will run out into areas of outlets…for example we are doing Flamboyant, Tibruce, Oleander…all of those streets that we did between Mahogany Street and the river…and that's easy to drain because the river is right there."

Bradley says that the Council continues to explore other infrastructure projects, including the construction of a park in Lake Independence.

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