The situation on the Belize Guatemala border has become very dangerous and threatens the national security of Belize. The "authorities" informed local media house that there was only one truck that passed to Guatemala and it did not open fire on the SAT check point but was fired on by Guatemala military. Our further investigations have revealed that this claim by "Belize Authorities" is false. Eye witnesses to the event state clearly that there were two vehicles that approached the SAT checkpoint at the border. The occupants of the first truck disembarked and fired over the heads of the SAT officers and then both trucks crashed the checkpoint. The Guatemala military base is on the west side of the bridge at least 100 yards from the SAT check. The Guatemala military was alerted to the forced entry and were able to get off only a few rounds as the trucks sped by. The trucks did not fire on the military but did fire at SAT as they forced across the border.

Following this the Guatemalans formed an armed detail who proceeded to the entry of the Benque Viejo Free Zone where they demanded the guards on duty produce the documentation for the two trucks that had just crossed. The guard had no paperwork or records of any kind. The armed Guatemalan detail proceeded into the Free Zone which is Belize territory and started to make their way down the road looking for the source of the contraband. It was at this point that Supt. Thompson arrived on the scene and the armed Guatemala detail agreed to leave Belize territory. This was by any definition an invasion of Belize by armed Guatemalan detail even though the Guatemalans appear to have right on their side. Let those who do not believe that this government sanctioned contraband is a treat to our sovereignty should take note. On 29 March the Guatemala government intercepted a load of cigarettes leaving Melchor for the interior. This shipment was of approximately 3 Million cigarettes. Last year Mexico busted around 200 Million cigarettes all from the Belize Free Zones.

As previously reported after the shoot out at the border the Free Zone staff opened a new trail to carry the contraband to Guatemala under guard of the Free Zone security staff. As the situation continued to escalate the security force became frightened and quit their jobs. They have been replaced by uniformed Belize Police who now protect and guard the contraband activity. There can be little doubt that it is a "government operation" targeting our neighbors and endangering the nation as a whole and is being conducted under the watchful eye of the OAS. Belize is rapidly approaching the UN definition of a "failed state". It is only a matter of time before international repercussions start.

Considering the slow down in business the businessman whose pocket is most hurt has emerged. We have withheld this previously awaiting confirmation that was obtained yesterday from very reliable sources. It is reported that the owner of all the cigarettes is Chino Yim Saan operating from the Hotel Yan Sing in Belmopan. Our sources have confirmed that this individual is also responsible for all the Visa and Nationality "business" and is the connection that is used for all the Ministers involved in the passport nationality scandal as well as the contraband cigarette business.

The strength of this evidence is such that it is inconceivable that the top echelons of the Government of Belize are not involved. This article has been on hold for a week while we gave the Prime Minister of Belize, Dean Barrow and his Minister of National Security John Saldivar the opportunity to correct this problem. It is now obvious that there is no intent to stop these criminal activities even though the government has full knowledge and the uniformed Police are directly under the Minister of National Security. At this point we must reluctantly conclude that the Government of Belize is being operated by a criminal conspiracy. It remains a mystery why the opposition PUP has been conspicuous in their silence on these matters that are threatening our very sovereignty.

We call upon the Government of Belize to dissolve and call for elections. We cannot and will not stand idly by and wait for the inevitable take over by Guatemala or a UN peace keeping force.