Belize Communications Workers’ Union – The collective bargaining negotiations between the Belize Communications Workers’ Union (BCWU) and Belize Telemedia Ltd (BTL) began in June 2013.

After its first-ever meeting on Tuesday, April 8th, 2014 between the General Council of the Union and the Executive Committee of the Board, the Union is now confirming that it has agreed with the proposal presented by Executive Committee at the meeting.

The Union congratulates the Executive Committee and all members of its General Council for conducting the meeting in an open and very healthy atmosphere that is most conducive to harmonious industrial relations.

The significant points agreed on for the three-year period, October 2013 – September 2016, covered by the new agreement are as follows:

I. a yearly 4% salary increase retroactive to 1 October 2013;
II. a 1% increase in company and staff pension contributions;
III. a $25 increase per month in phone benefit for staff; and,
IV. free Mobile Data (4G) service for each staff member.

The agreement enjoys the participation and support of ninety-five percent of the Union’s membership. It honors and recognizes the sweat investment and commitment of the company’s employees. The Company in turn through these types of agreements can rely on us to take BTL at the zenith of the communication industry in Belize and the region.

The Union is also of the view that the stewardship of the company is off to a good start under the chairmanship of Mr. Anwar Barrow who was most instrumental in bringing the negotiations to its just conclusion.