Here are videos from a recent Rotary Club Event in Cayo, allowing high school youth to express themselves, on current issues in Belize.

As I said the youth with the power of social media will demand change one way or another!! Interesting what the kids think and how they see it.

Issues; political corruption, police distrust, education opportunities




This is the transcript of the first vid. I don't have for the other ones.


Belize, Some call you a Jewel

Believe, You are not a Fool

"Greedy sly leader, who have become savage stealers" is what the people want to say but yet they hide their words away.

Politicians always say SOMEDAY but THAT day never comes. They throw money away and celebrate, drinking expensive rums. But celebrate for what? What have they done?

Their promises fade while streets remain unpaved. Have they no shame? Selling our birthright and patrimony for personal gain with no consequence of time but..isnt this a crime?

In another place and time, with no second guess, this treason, oh yes this treason would be punishable by death!

Although we cannot excuse ourselves, we feel so lame. In a way we participate in this prostitution. This is our personal gain, oh! What a shame! ´┐ŻAnd in the long run we note that we suffer five years for that sold vote.

But to start anew, this is our hope. To the young that grow we shall not mope. Replace all and we shall not fall.

To my dearest Belize, I fall onto my knees

Seeing you stripped of more than just trees, seeing more of our people who just leave

For in you they no longer believe

And our ministers, our cruel ministers who just use you and abuse you

My dearest Belize

It is not your fault or your sin

It is corruption from within.

-Gene Bruce