Alford Grinage

The Belize Police Department has been making the rounds of the media in the days before the Easter weekend. It is unfortunate, but true, that traditionally during this time there is a spike in burglaries, alcohol-related accidents and incidents and accidental deaths. With the focus to break tradition, Police Departments countrywide have stepped up patrols and have put procedures in place to minimize problems. Today, Precinct Two Commander Superintendent Alford Grinage issued valuable tips to preserve life and property, in a nutshell.

Supt. Alford Grinage, O.C., Precinct Two, Belize City Police Dept.

“When it comes to the securing of their residence, you know, to ensure that they let someone know, maybe their neighbours. They can talk to their neighbours and ask them to look after the house. If they want they can leave the information with the Police so we too can visit the resident. We ask that people out there take their time when driving on the highways, no drinking and driving. Also when they go to swim, they must be careful, don‘t go into the deep…stay into the shallow if they know they can’t swim. Use life vests. The vessels that will be taking people to the cayes also…the Captain needs to ensure that they have life vests on board, and I don’t think the public should even venture into the vessel if they are not properly secured with life vests. All these things they should ask for and check for.”


“Will there be more Police presence on the street?”

Supt. Alford Grinage

“Yes. We have extra duty going on. We have patrols in certain areas. All that is going on…and we have checkpoints on the highways.”

We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again. If you can’t drink responsibly, or plan to drink and drive, be warned that there will be countrywide checkpoints manned by Transport personnel with breathalyzers. The Police Department will be providing support, meaning that if you’re above the limit, they will find accommodations for you in the nearest available cellblock.

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