Tonight, there is credible information surfacing which indicates an emerging scandal in another government department. News Five has been able to confirm that there are multiple allegations of corruption being levelled at politically connected officials within the General Sales Tax Department.

We are told that two officers in particular are being accused of attempting to shake down money from businesses which owe GST to government. News Five has also confirmed from unofficial sources that the GST Department and even officials from the Ministry of Finance have been made privy to the allegations of corruption, but have done nothing to address the situation because the individuals named have close ties to senior political officials.

We tried to contact GST Commissioner Betty-Ann Jones for comment today, but were told that she was in meeting. We did manage to speak to Deputy Commissioner Evan Brown. He told us that they have heard the allegations, but have not been presented with concrete evidence. He informed us that for a more comprehensive comment we would need to speak to Jones.

As we mentioned, the allegations are serious and multiple, and we understand that there is recorded evidence to support the claims of high-level hustling. We'll continue to connect the dots and update you as we get more information.

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