Shooting in San Juan Area Leaves more questions than answers

Shortly after 9PM on Thursday April 24th, San Juan residents ran for cover as gunshots rang through the neighborhood. The sound of gunfire is sadly not uncommon for the area, and residents are understandably upset.

A few witnesses who asked to rename anonymous for safety reasons told The San Pedro Sun that sometime around 9PM, six gunmen, dressed in full black and wearing bandanas [on their faces]came from a mangrove area along the lagoon side. One witness stated that the men pulled out several guns and aimed them towards a group of men sitting on two separate golf carts in front of the Campos residence situated on Caniste Street. The barrage of bullets (some residents claim hearing as many as 16 shots) sent the group of men running for cover, while scared neighbors, including children, ran inside their homes. The gunmen then jumped inside a waiting vessel and fled the area.

“We are tired of living in this situation. Every night we hear gunshots in our neighborhood and we are scared to even walk outside our home. This is affecting the lives of our children and even us adults who have no other option but to live here, terrorized by gunshots every night. One of these days, these people will kill our children who have no idea as to the activities of these people doing the shooting,” said a resident, who is calling on authorities to maintain a visible presence in the area. Those who spoke to The San Pedro Sun stated that they fear the gunmen will return to finish the job, and in the process, possibly injure innocent citizens.

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