Hi there,

I am originally from the UK but left when I was 14 and completed my IGCSE's in Bahrain in the middle east. After completing my IGCSE's and getting the grades I needed to move on to A-Levels I decided to leave and rather than sitting 3 A levels in things not directly focused on my passion I left and studied Environmental Science.

I am just finishing a Level 3 in Environmental science and am currently planning a 1 month or so stay in Belize doing an internship and gaining some hands on experience at ACES (American Crocodile Education Sanctuary).

I wan't to move out of my parents house but would rather move straight to where I want to be rather than in the middle east where I currently live (too hot and no wildlife!).

I am looking for a job in Belize, since I of course cannot make a permanent move without a job. I am looking for any job involving wildlife conservation, animal rescue of any kind (Will have experience with dangerous animals).

I also intend to study a HND in Environmental science in my spare time to further increase my knowledge. I already have experience working in an animal shelter also with animals who have been abused and can be snappy.

Planning on also doing my diving course to get my PADI certificate to enable me to do anything involving the stunning reefs of Belize.

Any jobs involving animals, nature or environmental concerns that you may offer to me please let me know! I don't expect big wages, I just want a job involving what I love and I will be happy to put in the hours. I study online from home proving I am very self motivated.

As an extra I am also very good with computers, fairly good with graphics, very competent on both Windows and Linux OS. Have set up a few websites and dabled in penetration testing.

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