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Specials and Events

Last night's TV news on Channel 7, Channel 5 and CTV3
Also with the most recent Open Your Eyes, and the Dickie Bradley Specials

The San Pedro Sun

From Employee to Owner in 12 years: Caribe Creations exchanges hands
The way the business world works, employees often head to work every day, not knowing if their employers are planning on selling and leaving, or if they'll stay for the long haul. At least, that's how it can seem in a rapidly evolving community like San Pedro Town. For the past 15 years, Aida Graf owned Caribe Creations. With the motto "From Cloth to Clothes in 24 Hours", Caribe Creations had to have a reliable seamstress to ensure that the items ordered would be ready and made well. That's where Maria Aide Alfaro came into play.

YJ's Deli at Saca Chispas raises concerns
For months, residents in San Pedro Town have been wondering about the status of YJ's food deli that is located at the corner of Black Coral Street and Angel Coral Drive. The deli belongs to Joel Chi, driver of the Minister of Tourism, Culture and Civil Aviation and Area Representative Manuel Heredia Jr. It was erected two years ago with the sole purpose of providing food for the construction workers of the San Pedro Sunset Boardwalk Project. When questioned about it, Mayor of San Pedro Town Daniel Guerrero said it was a decision made through the STP project and not the local municipality. He did confirm that indeed no fee has been collected for the use of such prime property.

Officer Yannick Wade charged for theft of guns and ammunition
According to a report issued on Monday, May 05, 2014, Belize City police have arrested and charged one of their own for the offence of "two counts Kept Firearm without a Gun License and two counts of Kept Ammunition without a Gun License". Yannick Wade, 27-year-old Belizean Police Officer of Belize City, is also being charged for the crime of theft by San Pedro Police as they continue their investigations into the loss of eight (8) .38 revolvers and 101 .38 live rounds, property of KBH Security, and lost from the San Pedro Police Station. He was formerly attached to the San Pedro police precinct.

Search team recovers clothing items of missing soldier Wrangler Leesman
The search for missing retired American Army Ranger Wrangler Shane Leesman continues off the coast of Ambergris Caye, Belize. 29-year-old Leesman, of Austin Texas, USA, went missing on Tuesday April 29th in the Mexico Rocks area, located some five miles north of San Pedro Town. Divers from the small municipality who are working along with Belize Coast Guard have recovered clothing confirmed to belong to the missing American. Meanwhile, resources from US Southern Command, from the Soto Cano Air Base (commonly known as Palmerola Air Base) in Honduras, have been deployed to assist in the search and rescue operation in Belize. Belize police said that Leesman was with another friend, retired US Army Corporal Bradley Evans Josker, when the red kayak they were on capsized, near the Belize Barrier Reef due to very rough weather conditions. A frantic eyewitness called the Belize Coast Guard after she saw the incident unfold from her beachfront home. Josker was recovered a few hours into the search and hours later, the small kayak was retrieved from the sea some three miles away from the area of the incident. The two were in Belize on a seven-day vacation, and despite being warned about a small craft warning, decided to venture into the open sea without life jackets.

Ambergris Today

US Assists Belize in Search for Missing US Army Ranger
A second round of searching commenced today Monday, May 05, 2014, for missing US Army Ranger Wrangler Shane Leesman, who went missing since Tuesday, April 29, in San Pedro, Ambergris Caye, Belize, after his kayak capsized close to the coral reef while on vacation. Leesman's mother is still very optimistic that authorities will find his son alive and because the Belize Coast Guard does not have helicopters, Leesman's family has hired rescue helicopters to conduct aerial searches. Three US rescue helicopters were spotted over the reef as of Sunday, May 4. And while these aerial searches are taking place, dive volunteers and boat owners have been asked to help with the search at sea. Gas money is being offered to volunteers as the search for Leesman continues.

San Pedro Police Officer Charged for Missing Guns at Department
Eight guns and more than 100 rounds of ammunition were reported stolen on Friday, May 2, 2104, in San Pedro, Ambergris Caye, Belize. The weapons and ammunition belonging to the KBH Security Company are kept at the Police Station where the company has installed a metal box to keep safe their firearms. Luis Castellanos, Officer in charge of the San Pedro Police Department, launched and immediate investigation into the matter.

San Pedro Lions Club hosts 36th Annual National Convention
The San Pedro Lion's Club hosted the Belize Lions Zone 59 36th National Convention under the theme "Lions-Rejoicing & Uniting to Better Serve Our Communities" from Friday May 2, 2014 to Sunday, May 4, 2014 at the R. Angel Nu�ez Auditorium. The convention kicked off on Friday, May 2, 2014 with an official opening ceremony attended by club members from the Belize City Lions Club, Belmopan Lions Club, San Estevan Lions Clun and Chetumal Lions Club. Lion members and guests visited the various hospitality booths set up by the different clubs.

Pic of the Week: Don't Worry Be Happy in Belize
Waiting in line for just about anything can be very stressful; patience runs out and annoying people can make your wait even more horrific. But in Belize you can always look at the bright side of things and just look around to find some peace and tranquility while you wait. Much like these two men who are patiently waiting for the next available water taxi out of Ambergris Caye, most people can find it very relaxing just waiting in line. Soak in the beautifyl scenerey with a cold Belikin Beer in hand - No Worries at All!!

Misc Belizean Sources

Happy International Midwifery Day
Internationally licensed and certified mid wife Gail Johnson and healthcare providers of the Corozal Community Hospital on hand to provide information and support to mothers and expecting mothers in Corozal Town. Contributed by Corozal House of Culture

The crime situation on Chinese businesses in Corozal has become a trend
Two years ago a similar scenario occurred in Corozal when the crime situation started against Chinese businesses, then it escalated to serious gun violence, robberies including murder against the local community. Most if not all stores in Corozal Town are run and owned by wealthy Chinese nationals. Obviously, they will be a target to ruthless criminals. On April 19th, 2012 a non-partisan and non-political coalition group of citizens, residents and business persons involving a cross-section of our community, including expatriates (Corozal Citizens Coalition for a Better Corozal) was formed to assist the Corozal Police Department with human resources, intelligent gathering (to some extent), neighborhood watch, special constables, mobile and related assistances.

BDF volunteers assist US, Canadian forces at MEDRETEs, construction sites
Belize Defence Force volunteer service members have spread throughout the country in support of New Horizons Belize 2014 as they work in various capacities from security and logistics at medical readiness training exercises, or MEDRETEs, to security and engineering at construction sites in three Belizean cities. Through the end of June, BDF volunteers are providing security at each of the five construction sites within the country. They were up north in the Corozal District and are now in the southern Toledo District providing MEDRETE security. They also offered an extra set of hands and language skills as they assisted with the flow of patient traffic and translated between local Belizeans and U.S. and Canadian service members. "We are going from success to success," said Retired Lt. Col. George Lovell, Belize Ministry of National Security chief executive officer. "There have been several programs that both the U.S. government and the military and Belizean government and its military have been doing together, and we continue to do it together.

Fuego's Birthday on Tapir Day
The Belize Zoo celebrated World Tapir Day with a birthday celebration for Fuego. He even got some birthday cake especially for him. It was another great event at the Belize Zoo. Channel 5 got some video and did some interviews. "Another smashingly successful National Tapir Day at the Zoo! Over 250 guests from all over the country joined us to celebrate our national animal, the 'Mountain Cow.' Excitement and energy were high, especially when Belize's new tapir ambassador, 'Fuego,' finally had his first birthday fiesta! Students bravely addressed the crowd and shared why tapirs were important to them and their country. The young, talented musicians from Panerrifix Steelband kept us entertained with steelband melodies, followed by an enthusiastic sing-along session by the entire party crowd, lead by TBZ Director, Sharon Matola. While students had their refreshments and played clever tapir games, Fuego munched away on his splendid birthday cake made of sweet potatoes, carrots, honey, and all the things a young, growing tapir loves to eat! TBZ thanks all our special guests that made this day extra special. Here's to another 30 years of magical mountain cow events."

Youth Artist Award 2014
The National Institute of Culture and History is doing a call for nominations for this year's Youth Artist Award. The winner will receive $1000 towards their education and development, so if you know of anyone, now is the time to nominate them. The deadline for nominations is May 23rd. Elvis Avila was NICH's National Arts and Culture award recipient last year.

Lazy Babsie Cake
This cake has become my new favorite confection. The cake taste quite similar to an Angel Food Cake and the coconut flaked topping reminds me of our Belizean Tableta. Make sure you share or you'll find yourself eating all of this dessert by yourself.

Channel 7

Cop Accused Of Stealing Trove Of Weapons
On Friday morning at 7:00, San Pedro police discovered that eight - 38 revolvers and 101 live rounds of ammunition had been stolen from the police station. The guns had been stored there in a metal safe by KBH Security. But it turns out the lock on the safe wasn't working right - someone picked it and stole the gun. That "someone" was most likely a policeman - and most likely, the guns were going to be sold into the criminal underworld - and fast. So, police had to act swiftly to locate and apprehend the suspect - and in Belize City they zeroed in on police constable Yanick Wade. 12 Hours after the theft was discovered - Wade's house was the target of an intensive raid: Sr. Supt Edward Broaster, 2nd O/C Eastern Division "We view this as a serious breach of trust. We are the custodians of the community safety and security and when as police we are breaking and breaching that trust we take that very serious." Jules Vasquez reporting And that's why on Friday night at 7:00 pm, four police mobiles and about two dozen officers descended on this address at the corner of Johnson Street and Cemetery Road.

Suspect Police Officer Jailed
And just before the closing of the Magistrate's Court this evening at 5 p.m., Yannick Wade was arraigned before the Chief Magistrate, Ann Marie Smith. He was charged with 8 counts of theft for the missing guns, and 1 count of theft for the 101 rounds of ammunition from KBH Security in San Pedro. Additionally, he was charged with 2 counts keeping an unlicensed firearm, for the 2 .38 revolvers found at his girlfreind's Cemetery Road home, and 2 counts of keeping unlicensed ammunition for the eight rounds of .38 ammunition found in that search. He was remanded until June 25. Of note is that that isn't Wade's first time to be arraigned on criminal charges. in July of 2011, Wade was charged with carnal knowledge of a 15 year-old girl, where it was alleged that he fathered the baby of minor.

Friday Night Shooting: 4 Injured, 1 Dead
10 days ago - Eastern Division police held a mediation session with all warring gang factions - and for a week, the peace seemed to be holding. But on Friday night, there was a wild shooting in the Collet Area that left 4 persons injured and one man dead. Two men pulled up at an apartment and just opened fire with 7 shots on a group of young persons. Four persons between the ages of 14 and 21 lay injured while 24 year old Julian Willoughby, fresh out of jail was dead. The rain came down shortly after and 7News was at the crime scene in the downpour:... Daniel Ortiz reporting This apartment complex on Antelope Street Extension was the scene of shooting where 4 people ended up injured and one man dead. 24 year-old Julian Willoughby, whose mother moved out of the apartment only the day before, was at a social gathering along those 4 other shooting victims when 2 men snuck up on the crowd and fired several shots at them.

Court Tells GOB To Give Back Money
The Supreme Court has ordered that the bank accounts frozen when the Coye Family was charged with money laundering, should be unfrozen. That's the decision that Justice Shona Griffith ordered today after an in-chamber's hearing this morning. The Coye family has not enjoyed access to that money since it was frozen when they were initially charged. So, their attorneys Dickie Bradley and Arthur Saldivar, made an application before Justice Griffith which was heard today. After hearing all the arguments, the judge agreed that since the criminal matter has been fully dealt with, the Coyes should have full access to their money. The Attorney for the Financial Intelligence Unit explained after the hearing about the current status of the Coye Family's finances: Trecia Pitts-Anderson, Counsel for the FIU "There was the hearing of an application for the unfreezing of accounts belonging to the Coyes. As you know, those funds have been frozen for quite some time. But contrary to what has been leaked to the media or said on TV that, the Coyes have been having access to these monies over a period of time. In fact, I think they have been getting close to fifty thousand dollars on four month intervals. So they were not quite without funds for the entire period of time. But this morning, I am a little out of breath coming up the stairs, but this morning, the matter effectively came to an end. The court discharged the order and so their funds are released and that's the end of it."

Belizean Girl Abducted and Abused In Mexico
A 16 year old Belizean girl was found in Carillo Puerto Mexico in the company of a 53 year old Mexican man - who had apparently kidnapped and was abusing her. The Por Esto newspaper reports that On Saturday night at 9:00, local police were patrol when their attention was drawn to a vehicle in a dark area. The couple inside seemed to be fighting so police pulled up to find out if anything was wrong. The driver, who identified himself as Miguel Angel Manzanero Cocom, said that nothing was wrong, but before he could finish what he was saying, the young lady in the passenger seat told the police that she was being physically and verbally abused.

Search for Leesman Continues, Coast Guard comes Up With Clues
Last week we told you about the missing American tourist and Army Ranger, 29 year old Wrangler Shane Leesman. He disappeared in a kayaking accident near the reef on April 29th; that's six days ago - and tonight the Belize Coast Guard is reporting that search teams have found some trace of him. That's the product of intensified search efforts bolstered by two Blackhawk helicopters from the US Government and scuba divers. The Coast Guard's Operations Officer detailed the items found and their location:.. Lieutenant Greg Soberanis, Operations Officer - Belize Coast Guard "We had divers from "Tuff Enuff" dive shop who were diving in the area just south of where Mr. Jusko and Mr. Leesman had capsized. They found 3 items: a grey ball cap, a black ball cap and a light grey swim trunk. Close family friends who are in the country of Mr. Leesman has confirmed that the grey ball cap which bears the ranger emblem is indeed for Mr. Leesman. They have confirm that it is the regiment to which he was a part of. They also believe that the grey short pants that was found may be his. It's a size 31 quicksilver shredded grey short pants that was found. No confirmation as it relates to the black cap that was found."

Castro Faces Challenge In Court
In January, news broke about the Belize Airport Authority cheques approved for Edmond Castro, the Belize Rural North area rep. The result of that revelation was that the BBA's Board was required to resign, and the Department of Civil Aviation was removed from Castro's ministerial portfolio. Well, Belize Rural North resident Trevor Vernon believed that wasn't enough, and so he filed a civil suit against Castro claiming that he breeched the code of conduct given to Ministers under the Belize Constitution. The Chief Justice heard the application to bring that lawsuit, and both Vernon and Castro were in court today. After the hearing, we spoke to attorneys on both sides about the arguments as to why the Chief Justice should or shouldn't allow the full case to be heard. Here's how they explained it: Denys Barrow, attorney for Edmund Castro "It is under the rules of court under which the case was brought. They brought it under a particular provision which deals with administrative law applications, constitutional relief, judicial review and claims for a declaration. But the particular rule is very clear as to when you can get a declaration and it is you can get a declaration against the state, against a tribunal, against a court or against another public body. Mr. Castro is not the state, he is not a tribunal, he is not a public body therefore this claim simply cannot be brought against him."

Guatemalan Man Found Dead In Chiquibul
A Guatemalan man was found dead inside the Chiquibul, but this time the BDF isn't to blame - as the killing appears to have been the result of a dispute involving Guatemalans. On Saturday, May third the police and BDF were called out to Valentin Camp, two miles north of Kaldin Guatemala. The found the body of 47-year-old Heber De Jesus Tzin Alvarado, a Farmer of Dolores Guatemala. He had been shot in the head, chest, leg and back. Police also found two 9mm expended shells three feet from the body. Police say he was last seen alive in his village on April 28th and was found dead by Villagers from Kaldin on May first.

PUC Explains Light Bill Decision
Last week we told you about the decision of the Public Utilities Commission to lower light bills by a little more than one cent. Still, the PUC decision puts the rate at a few cents higher than BEL had proposed. Now, when it comes to bills, you know every cent counts, and today at a press conference, the Chairman of the PUC explained why their figures don't always match with BEL's:.. John Avery, Chairman - PUC "I can't tell you the exact reason why B.E.L. came up with forty-three cents, but I mean every time, it is just like in December, B.E.L. recommended a three cents reduction. After we did our calculations and put it in our thing, we came up with forty-four point six five; so we were one cents lower than them. This time, they recommended forty-three cents, we apply our methodology consistently as we do every time and we came up with forty-three point four-seven. Now, as I said, if you look at what we did, we basically reduced everything they projected, yet we still came up with a higher figure than them. I can't say how they came up with forty-three; all I can tell you is that the forty-three point four-seven is based on our methodology that we try to apply consistently."

The Sudden Passing Of Officer Alton
He was the officer commanding at the Independence Southern Formation for more than 5 years, but suddenly on Friday night. Superintendent Alton Alvarez died suddenly of a heart attack. Just before 8:00 pm, Alavarez called police to his house where he had sever pain. They took him to the village polyclinic where he was treated and sent home an hour later. But on his way home, he started to complain of shortness of breath. They rushed him back to the polyclinic but he had already succumbed to an apparent heart attack. Alvarez was 45.

BTIA Tells NCL: See You In court
Today, the Belize Tourism Industry Association filed its claim for judicial review in the Supreme Court. They're seeking to challenge the decision of the Department of Environment and the National Environmental Appraisal Committee's decision to give the green light on Norwegian Cruise Line's Harvest Caye Cruise Port. That's the decision they took after receiving a response from the Government about their concerns on how the committee approved the project. At a press conference this morning, their attorney, Godfrey Smith, explained it to us: Godfrey Smith, attorney for BTIA "We have received instructions from Belize Tourism Industry Association to file an application for leave to bring judicial review proceedings challenging certain decisions of the NEAC (National Appraisal Committee) and the Department of the Environment."

Kaina Competing
In December we told you about Kaina Martinez, the sprinter who became the first Belizean to earn a full athletic scholarship. Well she's in school now at Texas A and M Kingsville. And her coach Colin Thurton tells us that she excelled in the Lone Star Conference Championships over the weekend. She won the one-hundred meters, and ran a personal best 11.5 seconds. She also won the 200 meters, running 24.02 seconds. Now Kiana is preparing for the Division II National Championships which she travels to in 3 weeks.

Thousands Went To "Agri"
It may have rained on the fairgrounds at the National Agriculture and Trade Show this weekend, but that didn't stop the thousands from coming out. Un-reconciled figures say that as many as 36 thousand persons visited the two and a half day event. As in years previous, it was a showcase of agricultural and trade prowess - as well as a great place to see and be seen. But, there was a serious undertone - because with Belize's ever widening trade imbalance, something has to be done to produce more. Keynote speaker at Friday's opening Alvin Henderson had one idea:.. Alvin Henderson, Royal Mayan Shrimp farm "Importing and consuming more than we produce and export is an unsustainable economic model for a small developing country like ours. And if we want to make export led growth the foundation of our economic edifice, public/private sector partnership has to be the cornerstone." "My hope is that this year's Agriculture and Trade Show will be an occasion for us not only to reflect and to make a justified spectacle of the accomplishments of the past year, but also that it would cause us to recognize a new what can truly accomplish if we gave new wings to the public/private sector partnership."

PSE Day Two Reviews
And while thousands went to the trade show for diversion, today thousands of standard six students from across the country got down to business as they sat Paper two of the PSE. That's Math paper one and two and Social Studies. It is the end of an exam that these students took all their primary school years preparing for and today it was a sigh of relief. 7news spoke with a few of them who told us what was challenging and what was not. Fermin Archer - Student of James Garbutt "The math was hard, it was really hard." Monica Bodden "What part of the math was difficult for you?" Fermin Archer - Student of James Garbutt "The electricity bill." Monica Bodden "That was on problem solving?" Fermin Archer - Student of James Garbutt "Yes ma'am."

Bert Tucker, Honoured As A Humanist
On Saturday at St. John's Anglican cathedral an official funeral was held for Ambassador Bert Tucker. He died three and a half weeks ago in Jamaica form complications of prostate cancer. His friends remembered him fondly:.. Norman Fairweather, Tucker's friend "He modeled what a servant leader does, it's a very hard road, it is not easy. But I say to you today lets shine a light where he has open a window - shine a light there. Do not cover our eyes because we've been in darkness for a long time." Godwin Hulse, Tucker's friend "He saw man not divided, but united. Sighting in another of his writings "the journey of the great African tribes brought here by colonial masters but though physically separated from ancestors and love ones still connected as the great Zambezi River flowed across the seas and fused with the magnificent Belize River - a route he dubbed, not La Ruta Maya, but la ruta humana."

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More News: Scroll up from here

Channel 5

PC Yannick Wade charged for stolen guns and ammo from San Pedro Police Station
A police officer was returned to court late this evening for charges relating to stolen guns and ammunition from the San Pedro Police Station. Police Officer Yannick Wade was rushed [...]

Julian Willoughby is gunned down while on bail
An apartment on Antelope Street Extension was the scene of a shooting at the start of the weekend. One man was killed and four others injured, including a fourteen year [...]

Court declares the release of over $6Million in Coye assets
Just before midday this morning, the Supreme Court ruled that the financial assets of the Coye family, frozen by the FIU for years, were to be released. It is a [...]

B.T.I.A. sues G.O.B. over NCL project
The Norwegian Cruise Line tourism development project in southern Belize is running into yet another obstacle. That's because, the Belize Tourism Industry Association, through Senior Counsel Godfrey Smith, has proceeded [...]

B.T.I.A. presidents say the EIA process flawed
At this morning's press conference, B.T.I.A. President Herbert Haylock also made reference to the outcome of a public consultation held in Independence in January as the origin of the impending [...]

Edmond Castro is taken to court for dereliction of duties
Minister of State Edmond Castro was in the Supreme Court this morning, defendant in a private claim brought against him. On February twenty-sixth, 2014, a resident of Belize Rural North, [...]

Guatemalan farmer killed in Belizean territory
According to a police report, the lifeless body of a Guatemalan national was discovered on Saturday afternoon in Belizean territory, in an area several miles north of Kaldin, Guatemala.� Forty [...]

16 year old girl victim of kidnapping and human trafficking
A Belizean minor is believed to be a victim of kidnapping and human trafficking across the northern border. According to newspaper accounts, police on patrol in Carillo Puerto, which is [...]

Grandmother convicted for drug trafficking offense
Fifty-two year old Brenda Mejia, who is the grandmother of three children, was today convicted of drug trafficking in the court of Chief Magistrate, Anne Marie Smith.� While she escaped [...]

Primary school students sit day-two of the P.S.E.
Primary school students throughout the country today completed day-two of the Primary School Examinations. The two subject areas were in Social Studies and Math one and two papers. Math two, [...]

Coast Guard intensifies search for former US Army Ranger
Wrangler Shane Leesman survived five tours of duty in war-torn Iraq and Afghanistan, but is believed to have died while on vacation in Belize. On Thursday, April twenty-ninth, Leesman and [...]

Electricity rates to be lowered
The Public Utilities Commission has approved a nominal reduction in electricity rates, following an Annual Review Proceeding submission by Belize Electricity Limited earlier this year.� While the mean electricity rate [...]

Body of Ontario youth found
On Thursday afternoon, eighteen year old Ontario resident Justin Lamb went swimming with friends. Shortly after his family received the news that the young man, who could not swim, had [...]

The unexpected death of Supt. Alton Alvarez
The Police Department is tonight grieving the death of one of its own. Superintendent Alton Alvarez, the officer commanding Intermediate Southern Formation, died unexpectedly on Friday night in Independence. Forty-five [...]

2 notable Belizeans laid to rest
Two notable Belizeans were laid to rest over the weekend. Former Minister of Government, Maxwell Samuels was eulogized by P.U.P. Party Leader, Francis Fonseca at a service in Willows Bank; [...]

Basketball and football stats with James Adderley
Good Evening, I'm James Adderley and this is Sports Monday.   Week 12 in the NEBL Season saw Belize City No Limit look for revenge against the Cayo Western Ballaz [...]


Belize-Can Wants Government To Withdraw Gender Policy
Following a few months of going silent, the Alliance of Leaders and Ministers of Belize issued a press release over the weekend and they are back on their attempts to force government's hand into retracting the Revised Gender Policy and this time around have added four more requests. In their release, the Alliance states that they are giving the government a thirty day deadline, until May 31st to retract the Gender Policy. The Alliance falls under Belize Can which is headed by President Patrick Menzies. He says they again reiterate that they will not stand idly while government implements the policy and quote "the destructive laws that it will force the government to implement" end of quote. Patrick Menzies "Phase one was the making of the nation declaring July of last year constitutional awareness month. Phase two with a spiritual strategy where we occupied the national assembly area which is the Independence Plaza with 21 days, we did videos, we prayed, we had services then we went from there into the education strategy which is when we got signatures from thousands of people telling the government to withdraw then from there we went to a technological strategy we start using e-mails and text as a matter of fact the Prime Minister we were told he had to change his cellphone number because we texted him so much and from there we went to the strategy five which was recruiting organizations to join us and then strategy six was when we did the school boycott and now we are in number seven which is the perfect number of God and this is called occupying Belmopan and if the government does not retract by the 31st of May sometime after that there will be action taken in Belmopan and it will be affected nationwide."

Hundreds Of Students Sit Part Two Of PSE
Day one of the Primary School Examinations was held on April seventh. Fast-forward to today, and almost a full month has gone by and the second half of the exams were sat by over seven thousand students countrywide. The exams are an important part of the student's education as they transition into secondary school. When students sat the first two papers, English papers one and two and science, we were there to find out the reactions of a few of them as they came out of class. Today, we asked them once more what their experience was like. Dalila Ical - Reporting As hundreds of students poured out of their temporary classes today, they were smiling and had much to talk about. It was a time to breathe after sitting the last two papers in the PSE, Mathematics and Social Studies. The math paper has always proven to be the most feared and for a few the most challenging, but overall, the confident boys and girls we spoke with today say they feel they managed rather well.

Police Charged One Of Their Own For Stolen Firearm
Another police officer makes the news tonight for breaking the same law he swore to uphold. Friday we told you about Police Constable Raul Medina attached to the Orange Walk Police Formation who was arraigned in Court for the crime of theft. Tonight the spot light is on Police Constable Yannick Wade who is facing the long arms of the law. On Friday San Pedro Police reported that sometime between Wednesday April 30th and Friday May 2nd, KBH Security company left eight .38 revolvers and 101 (.38 live ammunition.) in a metal safe box at the San Pedro Police Station. Upon making checks on Friday morning police realized that the metal box was missing. An investigation was launched and over the weekend Belize City Police arrested and charged 27 year old Police Constable Yannick Wade. Wade was charged for two counts of keeping firearm without a gun license and two counts of kept ammunition without a gun license. PC Wade has been additionally charged for the crime of theft.

P.C. OverTurned On The Philip Goldson Highway
Police Constable Irvin Jones is lucky to be alive tonight after being involved in a traffic accident on the Philip Goldson Highway near the Mameyal Curve on Saturday night. CTV3 News understands that Jones was on his way back from the village of San Jose where he had just dropped off his two children and was returning home when he attempted to overtake a cane truck. Reports are that he lost control of his trooper causing him to run off the road. The vehicle ended in a ditch with its four wheels in the air. Jones was rushed to the Northern Regional Hospital and was released a few hours after with minor abrasions on his hands and forehead.

Corozal House Of Culture Holds International Day For Midwives
Today is observed as International Day for Midwives. To celebrate the occasion, midwives, along with various stakeholders from across the globe, engage in a number of activities with their respective midwives associations. The women also conduct a virtual campaign advocating for investment in midwives and midwifery, globally resulting in the wellbeing of mothers and new-borns. In Corozal Town, Gail Johnson and the House of Culture came together for a one day activity to educate the general public of the importance of the role played by mid wives here in Belize. Gail Johnson - Mid-wife "Today we have been showing some DVD's, births, water births, breast feeding, labour support techniques, how to help mother have their babies with knowledge so they don't fear and also how to have a family and the support people with them having easier births, and I think birth with a midwife means that women can most of the time and at the same time they are people that have had children themselves and historically they were the wife women of the village they knew about herbs and natural remedies to help pregnant mother and to help them have their births and keep them healthy so the importance is to have preventative care making sure the mother eats well, take care of themselves well and looks after to have a normal birth."

Elders Of The Shipyard Community Clarify Allegations Made Against Them And Their Church
The story we aired on the troubles rising out of the peaceful shipyard community has been the subject of conversation for many, especially since it came as a surprise to many Belizeans. Over the weekend, the media was able to speak with leaders of the Shipyard Community on accusations against their church and customs. They clarified these accusations but did not grant on camera interviews as they say it is against their religion but that the media could quote their side of the story. To begin with, the leaders headed by former elected chairman George Wall and current chairman Cornelius Krahn, say the Mennonite community at Shipyard was first established in 1958. The first Mennonites arrived in Belize from Chihuahua Mexico. The people bought land and established their church and have been here for over fifty years. After the story broke on the altercation between two groups of young men, the leaders say they heard the stories on the radio and say the stories are not accurate. The elder says that the fight broke out among young men.

Belizean Minor Allegedly Being Held Against Her Will In Quintana Roo
Reports coming out of "El Por Esto", a Mexican Newspaper in Quinatana Roo Mexico indicates that a sixteen year old Belizean was allegedly being held against her will in Felipe Carrillo Puerto Quintana Roo. The newspaper states that authorities were on mobile patrol on 68 Street on Colonia Jes�s Martinez Ross, when their attention was drawn to a vehicle that was parked in the dark and two persons where inside arguing. Both police officers approached the vehicle and questioned the driver who was identified as 53 year old Miguel Angel Manzanero Cocom, if everything was ok. But before Cocom could respond his female companion told authorities that she was being verbally and physically abused.


FIU Releases Assets for Coye Family
The Coye Family is getting their millions unfrozen - it is an order that was handed down today in the courtroom of Justice Griffith. Melanie Coye and her family through their attorney, Arthur Saldivar, filed an application in the courts of Belize to have the Financial Intelligence Unit unfreeze their assets. The assets and money amounting to a total of about 6 million dollars were frozen under suspicion that it was obtained though money laundering. For today's hearing, the FIU was represented by Attorney Tricia Pitts Anderson who told us that as far as the FIU is concern, their case against the Coye is over.

Search Still On For US Army Ranger in Belize Waters
The Belize Coast Guard and their United States counterparts have teamed up in the search for the missing American national who is a member of the Elite Special Forces of the Army Ranger Regimen, a part of the US military. 29-year-old, Wrangler Leesman went kayaking with his work colleague and friend, 24-year-old, Bradley Josker on Tuesday, April 29, north of Ambergris Caye, when their vessel capsized. Love News got a rundown of the timeline of the incident leading up to today's update on their search efforts as Lieutenant Gregory Soberanis, the Operations Officer accommodated us at the headquarters earlier today. LIEUTENANT GREG SOBERANIS "This slide here gives you an overview of what has transpired over the last few days. Initially, this is where Josker and Leesman capsized; this area is the Mata Grande channel which is approximately five miles of San Pedro Town. Josker was found that same day, Tuesday, at about 5pm and he was found just south of the capsized area almost in front of the Coco Beach Resort which is approximately .77 miles just south of the capsized area. Just yesterday, local civilian divers who were doing recreational diving from Tuff Enough Dive Shop, found two hats and a light grey swim trunk; a grey ball cap and a black ball cap.

Court Holds First Hearing on Application Against Elected Member
Belize Rural North resident and voter, Trevor Vernon, has taken legal action against Area Representative, Edmund Castro over the scandal of cheques that were written to Castro from the accounts of the Belize Airport Authority. Vernon filed an application for declaratory relief, asking the court of Belize to rule that Edmund Castro went against his oath of office for using funds for personal reasons from the Belize Airport Authority. The first hearing was heard in the courtroom of Chief Justice, Kenneth Benjamin. Attorney for Castro, Senior Counsel Denys Barrow, argued that the case be struck out because it was brought under the wrong rule of law. SENIOR COUNSEL DENYS BARROW "They brought it under a particular provision which deals with administrative law applications, constitutional relief and judicial review and claims for a declaration but the particular rule is very clear as to when you can get a declaration and it is that you can get a declaration against a state, against the tribunal, against the court or against another public body. Mr. Castro is not the state, he is not a tribunal, he is not a public body, therefore, this claim, simply cannot be brought against him. For a properly made out claim to be brought before the commission for them to investigate it, there is the preliminary step of making an investigation.

Police Superintendent Dies of Natural Causes
The Police Department has announced the death of Superintendent Alton Alvarez. Superintendent Alvarez was the officer commanding Intermediate Southern Formation. On Friday night Alvarez complained of pain and was taken to the Independence Poly Clinic. He was attended to and discharged from the poly clinic. On his way home he complained of shortness of breath and was taken back to the poly clinic where attempts were made to resuscitate home but they proved unsuccessful. The Department has extended condolences to Alvarez' family and friends.

Police and BDF Soldiers Finds Guatemalan National Dead
On Saturday afternoon the body of a Guatemalan farmer was found about three kilometres north of Kaldin, Guatemala. With the assistance of the Belize Defence Force, members of the Police Department went to Valentine Camp and found the body of 47-year-old Heber de Jesus Tzin Alvarado of Dolores, Guatemala. The body had what appeared to be gunshot wounds to the left side of the abdomen, left leg, left side of the head and the back. Police also found two nine millimeter expended shells about three feet from the body. A post mortem was conducted on Sunday morning which certified he died of severe injuries due to the gunshot wounds.

Stolen Weapons and Ammunition: Police Constable Remanded
Police Constable Yannick Wade, who allegedly stole 8 firearms and 101 rounds of ammunition from San Pedro Police Station, was charged with 13 offences when he appeared today before the Chief Magistrate, Anne Marie Smith. The charges included 9 counts of theft, 2 counts of kept firearm without a gun license and 2 counts of kept ammunition without a gun license. Wade pled not guilty to the charges and was remanded into custody until June 25. According to the allegation, (8).38 revolvers and 101 rounds of ammunition were stolen from San Pedro Police Station between April 30 and May 2. On May 3, police searched a house on Cemetery Road in Belize City, opposite the Rogers Stadium and reported that they found (2) .38 revolvers and several rounds of ammunition that were stolen from San Pedro Police Station. As a result, Wade was arrested and charged. Police say the firearms and ammunition were the property of KBH Security. Wade is no stranger to the courts as about 2 years ago he was charged with unlawful carnal knowledge but was acquitted.


High School Teacher Forced to Resign for Alleged Misconduct?
There is a very troubling story to report. According to reliable sources, a male teacher from the Belmopan Comprehensive High School has recently resigned but not of his own will. Allegedly, he had had an affair with a 14 year old student and, in an attempt to sweep it...

Julian Willoughby Murdered in Belize City
His colourful criminal background began allegedly with the murder of a 4-year-old child when he himself was still a minor. It ended, as he himself appeared to prophesy, with his death at the hands of gunmen in a house on Antelope Street Extension on Friday night. 24 year old...

Police Officer Charged for Stolen Firearms
A police officer is charged for stolen fire arms. According to police reports at around 7:00 am on Friday, May 2nd, (8) .38 revolvers and (101) .38 live rounds, property of KBH security, were reported stolen from the San Pedro Police Station. Police immediately launched an investigation and have...

Guatemalan Found Gunned Down in the Chiquibul Area
The body of a Guatemalan National was found on the Chiquibul area with multiple gunshot wounds. According to police reports at about 2:10 pm on Saturday, May 3rd police with the assistance of the BDF visited Valentine Camp, Chiquibul where about 3 kms. north of Kaldin, Guatemala, they discovered...

Dangriga Resident, Hansel Garcia Succumbs to his Injuries
Harry Arzu- Corespondent from Dangriga "17 year Hansel Garcia, a resident of this municipality, succumbed to his injuries this morning due to gunshot wounds he had sustained a few days ago. On Wednesday at about 8:15 p.m., Garcia was sot multiple times while he was walking on Castillo here...

BTIA Applies for Judicial Review on the Harvest Caye Project
Today in Belize City, the Belize Tourism Industry Association (BTIA) formally announced that it had applied for judicial review of the decision of the National Environmental Appraisal Committee (NEAC) and the Department of the Environment (DOE) to push forward the Harvest Caye project sponsored by Norwegian Cruise Line. The...

Hon. Edmund Castro Back in Court; Final Decision Adjourned
A decision will be given on Monday, May 19 in the case of Trevor Vernon and Minister of State Edmond "Clear the Land" Castro, area representative for Belize Rural North. Vernon initiated proceedings against Minister Castro earlier this year charging that in his actions with regard to some 80 cheques...

Justin Lamb Found and Confirmed Dead by Drowning
On Thursday, May 1st, Justin Lamb, 18 year old resident of Camalote Village, Cayo reportedly went swimming in the Belize River at Ontario Village, Cayo District at around 1:30 pm. Lamb reportedly jumped into the water and did not resurface. Search parties were deployed and at around 8 am...

High Official of the Police Alton Alvarez Passes Away
45 year old Alton Alvarez, Superintendent of Police and Officer Commanding Intermediate Southern Formation (ISF) passed away on Friday evening. According to reports, police were called to the residence of Superintendent Alvarez, where he complained of pains to his body. Alvarez was taken to the Independence Poly Clinic where he...

Primary School Students Sit the PSE
More than 7 thousand 6 hundred primary school students all around the country sat day two of the Primary School Examinations known as PSE. The examination is a crucial for evaluating academic performance, in particularly for secondary school admission. Today the students were to get tested on Maths, among...

Patrick Jones

Weather conditions improving over Belize
Belize continues to dry out after a weekend of rain. The Belize Weather Bureau says that the improving conditions will continue into the week. The general forecast for Belize and her coastal wasters is for cloudy spells with a few showers or isolated thunderstorms over inland and northern areas of the country this afternoon. This activity will become isolated tonight and tomorrow morning. Winds over the open sea and along the coast are northeasterly to easterly at 5 - 15 knots. The sea state is choppy.

Police Constable charged for theft of firearms
Police have arrested and charged one of their own in connection with the theft of a cache of weapons and ammunition from inside a safe at the San Pedro Police Station over the Labor Day holiday. Constable Yannick Wade, 27, has been arrested and charged for the two counts of kept firearm without a gun license and two counts of kept ammunition without a gun license. PC Wade has been additionally charged for the crime of theft. The charges arose out of the theft of eight .38 revolvers and 101 rounds of matching ammunition belonging to KBH Security Company.

Coye family to get their frozen assets back by day's end
The Supreme Court of Belize has agreed to discharge the order which effectively froze millions of dollars in assets belonging to Melanie Coye and her family in Belize City. Melanie and her late father Michael Coye and 6 others were convicted of money laundering charges and sent to prison after a 2008 raid of the Coye family home on Johnson Street in Belize City resulted in the discovery of over a million dollars. But the family and the six others, who were charged, were exonerated when the Belize Court of Appeal overturned their conviction. Still the Financial Intelligence Unit FIU continued the freeze on the Coye family's asset and so they went back to court on Friday to get a final resolution of the matter.

Belize City Mayor not committed to running again?
The Mayor of Belize City, Mr. Darrell Bradley, has not committed to run again for Mayor, well after the deadline for application set by his United Democratic Party. The question Belizeans are asking is: WHY? Mr. Bradley is a relatively young lawyer�.under whose leadership Belize City has seen significant improvements in the conditions of streets and parks�.with over 100 streets now cemented, and the principal parks completely overhauled�.with a full year left in his three-year term. This improvement is already yielding benefits in the cost-of-doing business in the city�with significant reductions in time, cost and convenience of moving around the city.

Students sit second part of PSE
Thousands of Primary School students today sat the second half of the PSE, the Primary School Exams. In the Toledo district, 682 students sat papers in Math and Social Studies today. District Education Officer for Toledo Floyd Lino today said that the Ministry of Education had invested a lot into helping both the teachers and the students prepare for the exams. Lino says expectations for a good result this year are high given that teacher training was done and also parents were involved in their children's academic performance. The examination centers for Toledo were the Julian Cho Technical High School the Toledo Community College and the Corozan Creek High School.

Police Constable charged for firearm theft
Police Constable Yannick Wade is tonight an inmate of the Belize Central Prison after he was remanded today. PC Wade was criminally charged and arraigned in the Magistrate's Court this morning for the theft of eight .38 revolvers and 101 rounds of ammunition. The firearms and ammunition, which are property of KBH Security Firm, were stolen from a metal safe inside the San Pedro Police Station sometime between April 30 and May 2. Wade is additionally charged for the crime of possession of firearms and ammunition without a gun license. Wade pleaded not guilty to the charges and was remanded to prison until his next court appearance on June 25.

BTIA files for judicial review of EIA in Norwegian Cruise Lines project
The Belize Tourism Industry Association (BTIA) has been the longest-standing opponent of the Harvest Caye project being developed by Norwegian Cruise Lines with the support of the Government of Belize. An Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) was approved in quick time by the National Environmental Appraisal Committee (NEAC) and they do not appear as eager to change their mind. But the BTIA is introducing a legal challenge of the decisions of NEAC and the Department of the Environment (DOE). Papers seeking leave to apply for judicial review have been filed and Senior Counsel Godfrey Smith told reporters that the challenge is centered on the lack of public consultation and opportunity to review the EIA and a related addendum.

Coye family to receive frozen assets
Supreme Court Justice Shona Griffith has lifted the freezing order against nearly $6 million in financial assets belonging to members of the Coye family in Belize City. The family - parents Michael (deceased) and Marlene; daughter Melonie and son Jude, and associates James Gerou, Atlee Matute and Dietrich Kingston, as well as the company Money Exchange International Limited which they ran until the start of investigation by the Financial Intelligence Unit (FIU) into allegations of money laundering - were exonerated after two trials and two appeals, the latest coming in March of this year. The FIU has chosen not to appeal the decision, but there were nontheless some last legal hurdles for the family to clear.

The Cause of Poverty in Belize
The biggest cause of poverty in Belize is not lack of or absence of wealth�.but rather improper distribution of the wealth that is already here. The biggest cause of this improper distribution of wealth is the kind of thinking that promotes BIG GOVERNMENT with skewed policies that favor some sectors and not others�.some investors/investments and not others�some workers and not others�some "needy" and not others. The index finger of big government pointing to who will be winners and who will be losers�not allowing for people to be rewarded based on merit, ability and integrity as per our constitution is the biggest culprit for our growing wealth gap and resultant increasing poverty. Large SPENDING since Independence on "social development" programs�.without concurrent INVESTMENT in the development of ALL productive sectors and creation of new opportunities for honest work�is totally unsustainable and we have tasted the results of such thinking.

Will Castro case fall apart?
Attorneys for Minister of State for Transport and Belize Rural North area representative Edmond Castro today called for a case brought against him by one of his constituents to be struck out before going to trial. At the first hearing of the case with constituent Trevor Vernon today in the Supreme Court, Senior Counsel Denys Barrow said that the case brought for alleged violations of the Constitution Code of Conduct and Prevention of Corruption in Public Life Act lacked sufficient grounds on which to proceed and was an abuse of process, and should be struck out before going to trial stage. Senior Counsel Denys Barrow told Chief Justice Kenneth Benjamin that his opponent, Philip Palacio, joined by Castro's political rival Arthur Saldivar, did not think his case through.


Belize's Biggest Gathering: The 2014 National Agriculture & Trade Show - Part Two
I always love the folks just doing their own thing. Making yummy jam like these two Swiss-Bealizeans. $3-$4.50bzd for DELICIOUS spreads. I bought quite a few. Time for the kids rodeo. Saturday was the children (you'd put your 7 year old on a bucking calf, right?) and Sunday for the adults. Kids on angry calves�more cute/scary. The beer tents and the cell phone providers were especially packed but not really my thing. SO much other good stuff to do and see.

Feliz Cinco de Mayo from Belize!
Chaa Creek wishes our many friends in Mexico, the USA, here and around the world a very Happy Cinco de Mayo (Fifth of May celebrations). Cinco de Mayo holds a special place for Belizeans not only because of our close proximity to Mexico and the large Spanish speaking population, but due to the similarities between the Battle of Puebla and our own Battle of St George's Caye - that defining moment in Belize's history and the beginning of the long road to independence in 1981. Just as with the Baymen at St George's Caye, the Mexicans at Pueblo met and conquered a vastly superior foreign invasion force - in this instance the French Army, which hadn't been defeated in over 50 years - in an act that galvanised the people, kick-started patriotism and helped define the nation.

BBIA Book Fair in Cayo
The Belize Book Industry Association's annual Book Fair was held at the Cayo Welcome Center on Friday and Saturday. There were tons of activities, including workshops for teachers, booths from local publishers, face painting, and even a book exchange. The San Ignacio Public Library was there too, and they did some storytelling. A literary evening on Saturday night, where some members from Drums Not Guns played, ended the festivities.

Big Cats of Belize: Five Beautiful Species
A little while back we did a piece on the international efforts to establish and maintain a green corridor running from Mexico down to Argentina to protect the region's jaguar population, and some people registered surprise that Belize actually has a jaguar population. That population not only exists, but is hopefully growing today thanks to efforts from conservation groups such as Panthera and the Cockscomb Basin Wildlife Sanctuary. Well, we thought that if people were surprised that Belize had jaguars, they'd be even more intrigued to hear that there are actually five major big cats species running around Belize. So here's an introduction to Belize's big cats. First and foremost would be the jaguar, perhaps the most well known of Belize's big cats, (besides being the name of the national football team). Known to scientific types as Panthera onca, it's amazing that they have survived at all, given the high value placed on their stunning pelts, from the days of the ancient Maya up to modern times.

International Sources

Local fly-fisherman goes after bonefish in sunny Belize
I love the snowy months and I love ice fishing but, man, what a winter. Little did I know when my family and I booked a trip to Belize last fall, for the following March, that it would be a much-needed vacation to escape the grips of the bone-chilling cold that our area has experienced the last few months. We certainly had plenty of ice and an extended season this year, but it comes to a point where enough is enough. When March finally arrived, it was definitely time to go. The morning of the trip was here and after driving through a not-so-unusual blizzard on the way to the Buffalo Airport, it was time to head south. The flight out of Buffalo left at 6:30 a.m. and by 2 p.m. it was time for shorts, sandals, and my favorite fishing shirt. And, oh yes, it was 85 degrees in Belize City. Another short, yet very scenic, flight from Belize City Airport found the final destination on the Island of San Pedro, also known as Ambergris Cay. Reservations had been made at a luxury resort called Victoria House, and upon arrival on the island their limo and friendly driver was awaiting my family and I. This is, however, not your traditional limo. This limo was one of the nicest eight-person golf carts that you have ever seen. The primary mode of transportation on the island is either golf cart or bicycle.

These Reefs Are Beautiful-But Most of the Coral Is Dead
Grand Cayman Island is a speck of white sand about twice the size of Manhattan floating in the Caribbean Sea halfway between Cuba and Belize. It's known mainly as an offshore tax haven-"Wolf of Wall Street" Jordan Belfort spoke to a gathering of business leaders there recently-and as a stopover for cruise ships packed with sunburned Americans sipping bright blue cocktails with paper umbrellas. It's also a key haven of marine biodiversity, sporting 36 different coral species (corals are tiny animals that build rock-like reef structures) and 350 kinds of fish. Generally speaking, coral reefs are some of the most ecologically rich habitats on Earth, supporting 25 percent of marine life in less than one percent of the ocean environment. They're a first line of defense for coastal communities against devastating storm surges. In Cayman, as in many small island nations, reefs are the backbone of the local tourism and subsistence fishing industries. And they're rapidly dying off. A study published last October found that on reefs around Little Cayman, a kind of suburb island adjacent to Grand Cayman, coral cover fell from 26 to 14 percent just between 1999 and 2004. Since the early 1980s, coral cover across the entire Caribbean has plummeted 80 percent, so that living corals now cover only 10 percent, on average, of available surface area. And a 2011 report from the World Resources Institute that labeled reefs around Grand Cayman as highly threatened found that what's happening there is a microcosm of a global trend: 90 percent of the world's coral will be at risk of disappearance by 2030, thanks primarily to ocean acidification and global warming, both products of greenhouse gases released by human activity.

International players making major impact in NASL
For a second consecutive week, the league's overseas players have scored more than half of the goals during the Spring Season encounters, Saturday's Week 4 featured nine of the 14 total goals scored (65 percent) to highlight this edition of the NASL International Spotlight. Belize international and CONCACAF's World Cup Qualifying leading scorer Deon McCaulay had his second goal of the season for Atlanta Silverbacks in the 2-1 victory over visiting Ottawa Fury FC at Atlanta Silverbacks Park. Palestine international defender Omar Jarun earned his first goal of the season when he scored late in the match for Fury FC in the loss.


Video: Belize - Discover How To Be, 4min.
Love this video... gotta put it up here now and then...

Video: The Honeymoon, 5min.
An adventurous, young couple go on a fun, romantic, unique honeymoon in Belize where they climb temples in the jungle, swim in lakes and snorkel the reef with rays and turtles, make tortillas with the Maya community, kayak through ancient maya ritual caves, enjoy candlelit dinners beside firepits, luxuriate in hammocks and having massages, staying in wonderful luxury boutique hotels such as Ka'ana, Victoria House, Portofino, Nitun (Guatemala), El Convento (Guatemala)...

Video: Belize dive slides, 7min.
Here is a slide show from my latest dive trip to Belize. I am producing a full video from the trip and it will be available in a couple weeks.

Video: MVCC Intro to Marine Biology BIO 221 Belize 2015, 6min.
This video is about MVCC Intro to Marine Biology BIO 221 Belize 2015

Video: Belize Agricultural Fair K9 demonstration 3, 4min.
Police dog demonstration

Video: Hannahs Caribbean Cast Iron Cinnamon Rolls, 11min.
Hannah makes Caribbean Cinnamon Rolls. She bakes them in a cast iron pan because that is what we have. She makes the cinnamon rolls with Soy milk because she is allergic to cows milk and we don't have any goats right now. We hope to be able to be in a place we can have goats once again. We sure miss the goats and fresh goats milk. The cinnamon rolls were delicious! Papa says they are the best in all Belize and Mexico! But maybe he was exaggerating just a bit...

Video: Belize it, 6min.
This is a recent video of my trip to Belize City, and San Ignacio, Belize. I used the GoPro Hero3+

Video:Missions Update , 46min.
Compassion Sunday/Belize trip update/Missions we support update

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