Bliss Center Far From Blissful With Broken AC and No $$$ To Fix It

The Bliss Center, it's one of the only air conditioned indoor facilities in the country, and while it should be the National Theater, in reality, it is used for everything from graduations to pre school variety shows to spiritual revivals to rock concerts. But anyone who's been in there recently will know that it's not so air conditioned anymore. NICH President Dianne Haylock confirmed to us today that only one of the three air conditioning units in the main theater is working. The facility has no windows, so when a performance is going, and there's even half of a full house, it starts getting very hot, very quickly.

So why don't they just fix it? Well Haylock says it's not that simple. She says the Bliss Center has multiple chronic leakage problems due to poor construction when it was first built in the early two thousand's. She says they can't just fix their air conditioning because the leaks will damage it again. So, she says everything has to be fixed and the price tag for that is one million dollars - money which NICH doesn't have, and isn't about to get. So, for the time being, the status quo remains: the national theater and all-purpose hall is hot as heck and far from blissful.

The Bliss Center was officially opened in March of 2004, and three weeks later our first story on the place was that it had sprung a leak.

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