Wednesday April 31 a meeting was held in Belize city by Ministry of education personnel for teachers from Sadie Vernon High School, Maude Williams High School and Excelsior High; all government educational institutions.

According to our sources MOE intends to merge all three schools by this coming August and that by the end of this month, teachers will know if they still have a job or not!  Teachers worry that parents who have kids enrolled in the three schools, Sadie Vernon, Maude Hyde, and Excelsior, have very little to no information on the massive change which will surely affect their children.

At least two of the three schools, we understand, had  already given second year students their option sheets and subject selection for their final two years.

The team from Ministry of education told the teachers, according our sources, that only those teachers that are qualified in their current posts will receive a temporary pension until a job is available for them. While some embrace the idea, , the fact that people, so many people may be jobless leaves teachers uneasy.

Many things is still being ironed out by  the team of researchers but PlusNews understands that the new system will be a competency based program; CCSLC., a program which will see students remain within a form until they have mastered their course.

The questions are many, such as, the effect on CXC examinations, competence comparisons with other secondary schools, safe transportation of hundreds of  students from campus to campus, how the process will be monitored to determine success, how tertiary institutions will rate the students, and if the business community and private entities will find graduates ready for the workforce.


In the next few days and weeks we ourselves will endeavour to find the answers to this sudden change in direction for three of Belize City’s Southside Government educational institutions school merger.