great article by SanPedroScoop on the Belize Bird Rescue....

Belize Bird Rescue: If You Love Parrots, Set Them Free!

I met an amazing woman who started and really devotes her life to helping the birds of Belize with The Belize Bird Rescue. We are so lucky to live in a country with some many gorgeous birds from the awesomely oafish pelican´┐Ż

to techicolor parrots.

Nikki has a gorgeous property just outside of Belmopan and she drove over to pick us up as well as two scared hissing baby barn owls that had been dropped off at the FANTASTIC Belize Zoo.

Ten years ago, Nikki moved to Belize and immediately saw the need for the birds. There were many good rules and laws in place - against owning parrots without permits, against the horrible poaching of the babies from the nest- but, as with anywhere, education and enforcement were difficult.

Exactly. If you love them, let them fly free.

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