PG Police Station

The Punta Gorda police station is undergoing major renovations.

The improvement works started on April 15 and is expected to be completed by July of this year.

According to the Deputy Commander of the PG Police Inspector Ernel Dominguez, the building has not had a major renovation for close to two decades and the changes being made will make for a more welcoming atmosphere for members of the general public who seek the services being offered.

Insp. Ernel Dominguez
(Deputy Commander, PG Police)

Included in the renovation project are repairs to the upper flat of the Police Station to house an office for the Deputy Commander, a conference room as well as office space for the Community Police Unit, the Tourism Police Unit and the Crimes Investigations Branch.

Once the repairs to the upper flat are complete, attention will then turn to the lower flat to make it more aesthetically appealing to the general public.

Renovation works
(PG police station)

Patrick Jones