Your romantic adventure starts as soon as you turn down the dirt road, moving away from civilization and in to the scenic Mountain Pine Ridge Reserve. After a bumpy ride and a short hike down a steep path, you arrive at one of the most secluded destinations in Belize!

Picnic by a waterfall with Ka'ana Belize

You can hear the water long before you see it, but the view is what really takes your breath away! One hundred and fifty feet of fresh, tumbling water is the setting for your private day out. After you take in the stunning view (and grab some photos, of course!) it’s time to take off those hiking clothes and jump in to the ice cold water for a refreshing swim!

Picnic by a waterfall with Ka'ana Belize

Photo Credit: Hecktic Travels

As you splash in the basins and jump from the rocks, your guide will be busy setting up a delicious picnic fresh from the Ka’ana gardens. When you’re ready, spread out on the blanket to dry in the sun and chow down with your loved ones – all while enjoying one of the most spectacular lunchtime views in Central America.

Picnic at Big Rock Falls, Belize

Photo Credit: Hecktic Travels

This is an incredible experience whether you’re on your honeymoon or showing the kids the time of their lives. Your guide will take care of everything, from showing you the best swimming spots to making sure you find your way through the thick forest. All you need to do is come with a healthy sense of adventure!

Picnic by a waterfall with Ka'ana Belize

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Big Rock Falls Mountain Pine Ridge Forest Belize

The Mountain Pine Ridge Reserve of Belize is home to several of these natural waterfalls that are spread deep in the forests and jungles of the country. Getting to them is an adventure in itself; some are just a short drive away, while others require a more intense hike deep into the forest. Either way, the prize of reaching these waterfalls and enjoying their natural beauty is very much worth it.

Big Rock Falls Belize

Big Rock Falls Belize Pt. 2

Big Rock Falls - Belize

Drone over the Mountain Pine Ridge Reserve, one of the many majestic water falls.