Sunday is Mother's Day, and reggae artist, Ras Indio chats about how he has prepared a special treat for those inspiring ladies that made all the babies.

It's a new music video called, "Love You Mama". Now no one has ever missed the mark by making a song about Momma - you can ask Tupac or Sizzla about that - and today Indio told us what makes his message special.

At top is the video, the cut below is a bit from the video and some interview…

Ras Indio’s music video for mothers

Ras Indio

Ras Indio is back in the jewel after touring various cities in the U.S. The talented Belizean artist is back in time to release his new track and video specifically to honor mothers. Ras Indio came to News Five studios today to official launch the video, which he said was produced here in Belize by Price Box Films.

Ras Indio, Artist

“It is my pleasure to announce for the first time here on Channel Five, a video that is dedicated to all the beautiful women of the world, especially my ma. And I wrote the song based on personal experiences of our lives. It is very personal to me. I want to big up al, the mothers, all my children who know that family is very important because without family, we are nothing.”

Duane Moody

“Tell us about the video, putting it together and the lyrical content of the song.”

Ras Indio

“(Sings) it is just expressing my love to mama and again for all mothers of the earth. Keep having children, keep multiplying the earth; we need people here. People like to do all these different things to stop us from multiplying the earth, but I believe in multiplying the earth. So give thanks for mama. The video was shot here in Belize. So, I’m very proud to say that; right here ina Belmopan by a very close friend of mine, Price Box Films.”

After spending some time in Belize, Ras Indio will be participating in a summer tour that includes a performance at the Belize Key Fest courtesy of Patrick Barrow. Ras Indio will also be a guest performer in a concert with Tarrus Riley and Yellowman.  

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