Sunrise on Tom Owen's Caye

Tom Owens Caye is leased by Gayle and Dona Scafe of Cuxlin Ha Resort in Eldridgeville, Toledo. It is used by Reef CI for diving groups from Monday to Friday each week apart from the month of October and two weeks in February. At the weekends guests can make arrangements with Cuxlin Ha to go out for a weekend staying on the tiny 1 acre caye on Saturday night. Reef CI +501-629-4266 [email protected] Cuxlin HA +501-732-4747 [email protected]

North East Sapodilla Caye is uninhabited and unused. It is the northern most point of the "No Catch Zone" that extends down to Lime Caye at the southern end of the Sapodillas.

Frank's Caye is for sale. It is not open to the public. The buildings on it are dilapidated.

Nicholas Caye is privately owned by Belcampo Lodge.

A bottlenose dolphin surfaces to greet a tour boat

Hunting Caye is home to various branches of the Belize government. The Belize Coastguard has a base there as well as the Belize Port Authority that is responsible for the lighthouse. The Immigration Department has a unit there and sailing boats and other craft can do their entry and exit procedures at Hunting Caye. The Fisheries Department is responsible for the enforcement of the marine park laws and marine research. This includes monitoring water quality and the health of the reef monitoring Nassau grouper, lion fish and the sea turtles. The University of Belize has a student dormitory that can accommodate up to 30 and also receives some international student groups. Victor Jacobs from Punta Gorda is the Field Manager and can be contacted on 742-2801 The Toledo Tour Guide Association offers drinks and food at the Hawks

Looking north towards Hunting Caye from Lime Caye

Lime Caye is owned by the Garbutt family. The Garbutts offer salt water fly fishing, snorkeling and scuba diving with a complete dive shop/ Kayaking is also available with an advanced booking. There is a restaurant and bar serving a buffet with creole style fresh fish, conch and lobster with vegetables, rice and plantain alonmg with frsh fruit juices. There is accommodation in 4 cabanas (two with en suite bathroom) and one bunkhouse that can accommodate sixteen. They all have flushing toilets and running water. Those looking for an authentic "desert island" experience should avoid certain dates in the years when Lime Caye is taken over by large groups of visitors from Guatemala and Honduras. These periods include Easter Week, the first of May and New Year. Visitors can observe the nesting habits of the Hawksbill and Loggerhead Turtle between the beginning of June and end of October. Whale shark can be seen year round but the best chance is around the period of the full moon s from March to June.

Heading back to P.G. from the Sapodilla Cayes

The Toledo Howler