Many people have a great interest in natural, healthy Coconut milk. But how do you know what you are getting if you buy it in a can in the store?

In this video we will show you the process of making the ultimate in natural Coconut milk the traditional way. We will take you from the very beginning - harvesting Coconuts from the coconut palm, to husking the Coconut, to opening the Coconut and saving the Coconut water to grating the coconut, And finally, making the all-natural Coconut milk from Coconuts growing naturally on the shores of the Caribbean. In another video we will show you how to make healthy Coconut Oil also - making Coconut milk is the first step in Coconut oil which can be used in a tremendous number of healthy recipes.

Coconut milk is used in Caribbean cuisine as well as in food from around the world. This Coconut milk is perfect for all vegetarian recipes and vegan recipes. It is used extensively in Kriol ( Creole ) cooking by the people here in Belize and around the Caribbean.

There are a large number of chicken recipes that call for high quality Coconut milk. One of our favorite easy recipes is coconut rice. That is just delicious and so simple! It has been said that high quality Coconut milk has been used as a replacement for breast milk for babies, but we do not know for sure the accuracy of that.