Note: All costs are in Canadian Dollars, 1 Canadian Dollar equals 0.92 US Dollar

Yummy cakes, Cake Lady, Caye Caulker, Belize

As part of our series on the costs associated with travelling through the Americas, today we will continue with our detailed expenses in Belize. Throughout our trip we’ve been keeping detailed expenses. Every time we make a purchase we write down our costs in either a paper notebook or a phone. We decided to put those detailed expenses to use and show you how much it cost us to travel in each country.

Coming into Belize, we didn’t really know what to expect in terms of a budget. We were actually surprised by how expensive things were. I guess we were spoiled by the prices in Mexico. In the end, we went over our goal of $110 a day.�Our average for�12 days in Belize was $124.66, almost the same amount as the US portion of our trip.

Here are some of�the key points with regards to our expenses in Belize:

  1. Our trip through Belize was a little strange. We entered Belize from Mexico, returned to Mexico to meet up with friends and spend New Years there and then drove again through Belize to get to Guatemala. Because we crossed the border twice and we spent very little time in the country itself, our border crossing costs actually ended up being a whopping 118 CAD or 8% of the total amount of money we spent there. If you plan on spending significant amount of time in Belize this cost would not be as significant.
  2. Belize City was one of the very few place on our trip where we paid for parking. The Radisson parking lot was the only place we felt we could safely leave #7 for a week while we went off to Caye Caulker to experience the island life. If you don’t plan on driving in Belize, this would be a cost you would not incur.
  3. Good food was hard to find in Belize. In Belize City, we only stayed one night, and we ate Chinese fast food. In Caye Caulker, we did grocery shopping and bought fresh fish from the fishermen and cooked that. We ate at the local eateries two or three times. We also ate grilled chicken that was very popular on the weekends.
  4. The Park fees item on our detailed list is actually Snorkeling tour that I did with my friend Amy (Thenix doesn’t swim). It was expensive, but absolutely worth it. I have never seen such beautiful, and colourful fishes in their habitat before, not to mention the turtles, and sharks.
  5. We went slightly over budget on hotels. As we couldn’t find any reasonably priced good accommodations in Belize City, so we had to stay at a 120 CAD a night hotel for one night before hopping on the ferry to Caye Caulker.
  6. Finally, gas is very expensive in Belize. We avoided buying gas in Belize by filling up our gas tank in Mexico before crossing the border. #7 can do over 500km on a single tank of gas so we didn’t have to fill up in Belize at all.

Without further ado, here is a detailed list of what we spent money on in the Belize:

Category Totals Daily
ATM fees 5.81 0.48
Border crossing 118.26 9.86
Cab 4.38 0.37
Car 12.00 1.00
Charity 1.10 0.09
Cigarettes 36.82 3.07
Food 248.16 20.68
Grocery 55.93 4.66
Lodging 751.77 62.65
Misc 1.10 0.09
Park Fees 71.18 5.93
Parking 76.65 6.39
Phone 32.30 2.69
Public Transport 68.44 5.70
Tolls 1.23 0.10
Water 10.83 0.90
Total 1495.96 124.66

As you can see, we spent 1496 CAD for the both of us in 12�days of being in the Belize.

For a map of our trip so far, please click�here. If you have questions about costs, visas, or anything else trip-related, please see our post on�The Big Trip�or check out our�Archives.