The official book for Plants of the Mayan World “Use of plants in Food, Medicine, Art and Culture”

A beautiful edition with over 2000 photos of exotic plants, gourmet plates and Mayan art and crafts! Many authentic Mayan recipes adjusted for healthy and modern living that you can try at home.

A first complete illustrated guide to the diverse flora of the Mexican Caribbean and Yucatan Peninsula with the introduction into the world of Mayan traditions, culture and gastronomy.

Mexico selection in the “Best in the World” by Gourmand Awards in the Best Sustainable Cook Book category for 2013


A beautiful,informative and well researched work on the medicinal plants of the Yucatan Maya, a culture and society so deserving of this attention. I recommend this book to everyone interested in the Maya or their plants. (Dr. Rosita Arvigo Author of “RainforestRemedies: 101 Healing Herbs of Belize“)

A treasure trove of colorful photos and valuable information about regional plants (USA Today, Cancún International Edition)

Book Printed by Imago

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