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Today's Belize News: May 19, 2014 #491046
05/19/14 05:19 AM
05/19/14 05:19 AM
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Marty Offline OP

Marty  Offline OP


Click for our Daily Tropical Weather Report.

Specials and Events

Last night's TV news on Channel 7, Channel 5 and CTV 3
Also with the most recent Open Your Eyes, and the Dickie Bradley Specials

The San Pedro Sun

Letter to the Editor: San Pedro Community
San Pedro is a loving community. It has always been. I have seen the way we come together as neighbors and a community when there is a need. Well, there is a need again… Lately we are being robbed of the peace and tranquility that our island represents. That our very community represents. There have been tragedies, there have been losses of family members, there have been losses of homes and businesses. Losses that have left us do bruised and empty, so full of hate and anger, losses that have left us so damaged. It is time to rise up. The bible says that, “out of the ashes we shall rise.” We cannot allow ourselves to be overcome by our losses and emotions, we must find a way to forgive, to let go and to move on. Of course we will never forget the people we have lost or the homes and businesses we have sacrificed so much for, but we cannot let it damage or destroy this community or each other.

Wolfe’s Woofer: The Human Body
“Can you please give Davin a ride to school?” Melody asked me. “I’m so angry that I’m afraid my blood pressure will go up too high if I take him.” “Why? What did he do?” “It’s what he didn’t do. He had all weekend to do his homework and he didn’t do it.” On the […]

Obituary: Jim Huber
ames “Jim” Huber, a long-time visitor to San Pedro, passed away Monday, May 5, 2014 after a brief illness. He was born April 23, 1937 in Geneva, Illinois to the late Rudolph G and Mary M. Huber. Jim was a partner in the Price Waterhouse accounting firm in Chicago until retirement. He spent several months a year for the past 25+ years at his vacation home here in San Pedro, Ambergris Caye. Survivors include his sister Mary Huber Carle; nieces and nephews, Julie Thulson, Ann Angel, Katy Kelly, Karen Farrell, James W. Huber, James Carle and his caretaker and good friend Abel Bueso. Those who knew Jim will undoubtedly remember him not only for his corny jokes and boisterous laugh, but also for his kindness and generosity in supporting many charitable organizations and individuals on the island. He will be missed! Friends may sign the online guest book at

Doctor Love: Hung Up
Readers, please send your letters. They can be emails, formal letters or handwritten notes. They are edited solely for grammar and spelling. Also, they are sometimes edited for length. Dear Doctor Love, I am a twenty-two year-old female and I am Creole, born in Belize City. My fiancé is twenty-three and he is Chinese, born […]

Misc Belizean Sources

Full Moon Concert - In Bloom
In Bloom was at the Full Moon Concert that the SISE House of Culture organized, and had at the Santa Elena basketball court. "Full moon concert organized by the SISE House of Culture Featuring The New Sensation Band and In Bloom!"

SISE HoC Celebrates Museum Day
It was a big week for the SISE House of Culture, as they celebrated International Museum Day, and had a new art exhibit start. They launched the new exhibit, which is triptych art that was made by Sacred Heart College's 2nd form students. They also had NICH come in on Wednesday, Thusday, and Friday. Antonio Beardall and Sherry Gibbs gave presentations to local primary schools about the artifacts found under Burns avenue a few years ago. The exhibit will continue until March 28th.

Belmopan Bandits Win Belikin Cup
Congratulations, Belmopan Bandits, for winning the PLB Belikin Cup. Elroy Kuylen scored the only goal in the Bandits win over the Police FC. Trophy pictures and game pictures. Next stop, CONCACAF. "A GIGANTIC and ENORMOUS THANK YOU to all the Players, Technical Staff and Management of the back to back Champs, Belmopan Bandits for your pure passion, dedication and love shown to the Club! Team Work, Commitment and Hard Work made this Team! To the Club Owner, Hon. John Saldivar, if there was an award for Most Outstanding Owner, you would easily be given that award. YOU ROCK! There is no turning back! CONCACAF Champions League......HERE WE COME!!!"

Female Cross Country Cycling Classic
Congratulations, Shalini Zabaneh, on winning this year's Female Cross Country Cycling Classic, which took place this morning. Patricia Chavarria came in 2nd, and Kaya Cattouse took 3rd. Pictures of the winners can be found here, and race pictures here.

Belmopan Cancer Walk
The Belmopan branch of the Belize Cancer Society had their Cancer Walk, and they had a huge turnout. They got some great pictures from the event. More here. In related news, there will be a Cancer Forum at the National Heritage Library on May 22nd, starting at 6:00pm.

Belmopan Bandits Beat Ballaz
The Western Ballaz hosted the Bandits last Friday in the last game of the normal season(pictures on G+). The Bandits won in overtime, 81 - 78, with an amazing 3 point shot, which was shot as the buzzer rang. The Bandits really needed the win, and are now in the playoffs, meaning that both Cayo teams are in. The Bandits have some pictures from the game. The Bandits will travel to San Pedro this weekend to play the Tiger Sharks. Go Bandits! The Western Ballaz will host the Belize City No Limit this Friday at 9:00pm. Go Ballaz!

2013–14 Premier League of Belize
The 2013–14 Premier League of Belize (also known as The Belikin Cup) is the third season of the highest competitive football league in Belize, after it was founded in 2011. There are two seasons which are spread over two years, the opening (which will be played towards the end of 2013) and the closing (which will be played at the beginning of 2014).


Teachers In O/W Celebrate Their Day
Today is being observed as Teacher’s Day all across the country with the theme ‘Quality Teachers – Nurturing the inherent potential of our children’. This means that teachers were out of their normal routines at school and came together to engage in social gatherings and interactions with each other at various locations in the districts. It would have been a national celebration which would have taken place in Benque Viejo but plans had to be changed after the Belize National Teacher's Union was unable to fulfill its financial obligations to the event. And despite their differences, events were held at district level. Our news team was on hand to capture the highlights of the event and bring you the following report. A little over three hundred teachers from the Orange Walk District converged at riverside Maracas Bar and Grill in Orange Walk Town to celebrate their roles in providing quality education at all levels. District Education Manager for Orange Walk, Carla Alvarez, says it was a joint effort between the BNTU and the Ministry of Education.

Principal Of Saint Peters Is Named Outstanding School Leader Of he Year
Teachers are celebrating their day today a across the country but last night, many teachers were awarded with for their hard work and dedication to their vocation at the Bliss Center for the Performing Arts. One of the highest awards was received by an Orange Walk Town educator who has contributed significantly at Saint Peter’s Anglican School and is an exemplary leader. She is Rosanna Briceno who was awarded for Outstanding School Leader of the Year. Briceno has been a teacher for twenty-six years. She has spent seventeen of these years at Saint Peter’s Anglican School and over the last five years she has led the team of educators there as the School Principal. Briceno says though that going to that institution was not her choice but rather was sent there to help with the special education center at the school and improve it. She spoke with us today and told us a little about her journey to today. “I found that St. Peter’s is an amazing little school to work with and I know that every effort that is placed in our school goes a long way so I know that I am making a difference there. She has clearly done an outstanding job at that and was present to receive her award last night at the Bliss.

Audubon Society Carries Out Work In Sarteneja
The Audubon Society continues to work on a project funded by the Gulf and the Caribbean Fisheries Institute to build capacity of protected areas management. The project is being implemented in fishing communities. Dareece Chuc is the Environmental education and communications director at the Society and tells us more about the project. Dareece Chuc - Environmental Education and Communications Director “Another aspect of the project involves collecting socio economic information from these three fishing communities and that will help us to get a better understanding of dependency of the marine resources that we can begin to plan more strategically to address the issues in these communities.” Dalila Ical – Reporter “So how has it been going so far?” Dareece Chuc - Environmental Education and Communications Director “It has been going very well, the community work is helping us to strengthen our relation with the fishing communities which are the stakeholders communities for the Light House Reef which we have Half Moon Caye and blue Hole National monuments which are the two sites that we manage.”

Chairman Of San Andres Carries Out Mothers Day Program Without Area Reps. Assistance
San Andres Village celebrated mothers in that area for the fourth year and it was a success. Despite the challenges, and despite not having received a penny of the fifty thousand dollars granted to UDP area representatives for mothers’ day programs, the village council carried through with their program and mothers responded rather well. Glenford Melvin Chairman of San Andres Village tells us more about the event. Glenford Melvin - Melvin Chairman of San Andres Village “This year the village council were waiting for the help from the minister Hugo Patt, things that we hear that $50,000.00 was given out for mother’s day program in the north or most of the district so we as the village council went to see Mr. Hugo Patt one week before mother’s day and we cannot get in touch with him and I went to his office and to get his number and did not get no assistance from them. So we never did gave up and worked hard with the council and went tout to knock on doors of friends and companies and business people and the villagers along with Mr. David Castillo and so we get help to promote our mothers’ day that was held this Sunday. We had about 120 mothers that take part in this day and we want to make this whole country know that we the village council had invited all mothers of the village and most of them have come out and we have treat all of them equally, now we don’t look on no colors like what the government in power do you know trying to depict colors but everything is a success.”

O/W Residents Sustain Minor Injuries In Traffic Accident
Two adults and two children are left shaken up after a road traffic accident last night. Reports reaching CTV-3 News are that a twenty year old man was driving a red Kia towards Tower Hill around nine thirty last night and upon reaching an area in front of the BSI factory on the Phillip Goldson Highway the high beam of another vehicle blinded him. The driver immediately slowed down after seeing that a trailer was parked a short distance in front of him but due to the rains, the slippery road just caused the vehicle to slide straight into the back of the trailer. The trailer was filled with cane and that dented the bonnet and shattered the windshield.

Businessman Chopped And Robbed of $3,000
Owner and businessman of Prestige Block Factory in Carmelita Village, Dennis Eiley is listed as stable at the Northern Regional Hospital after he was attacked and sustained chop wounds to the forehead and left hand this morning around 8:30am. According to an eyewitness who spoke to us off camera, three men arrived at the block factory and alighted a vehicle. They asked for the owner of the business and were informed that he was at the back. Within minutes, the men assaulted and robbed Eiley of cash he had on his person. Eyewitness “They ask we want see the boss and then I went and tell the boss that they want to see the boss but he told me go back and tell them the boss is not here but afterward Dennis come out and the called Dennis but I thought it was business that I didn’t have to show up there and went at the back and a little more ahead I hear the bang from the vehicle and then I saw Dennis start to bleed up and he done get chopped on his forehead and his left hand big and deep and afterward my cousin beat up the two of three of them not two and he stone one of them and then I notice he is bleeding on his face. It look like they took my cousin money which is three thousand dollars and they gone with it and then afterward we went to the hospital and then they over took us on the way and the started to drive little slowly in front of us and then they went to Carmelita to hide and then arrived to the hospital.”

The Reporter

Mexican gang leader jailed
Leonor Nava Romero, the alleged boss of the Los Rojos cartel, is in prison following his arrest on Friday. Mexican federal police say Romero, also known as The Claw or The Tiger, was armed with an assault rifle and ammunition. Romero is alleged to be a close partner of one of Mexico’s most wanted crime barons, Hector Beltran Leyva, and accused of murders and kidnappings. He is also reportedly connected to the murder of eight officers of the National Defense Secretary in 2008.

Priest charged with sexually-related offenses of altar boy
Israel Berrios Berrios, 58, a Roman Catholic priest in Puerto Rico, faces four sexually-related charges upon a 14-year-old boy. U.S. authorities arrested Berrios this past week at his residence in Naranjito, Puerto Rico. Angel Melendez, a Puerto Rico-based special agent for Homeland Security Investigations, alleges that Berrios gained the trust of the boy’s mother over several years and then used a car connected to the local San Jose parish to transport the alleged victim knowing the young man “would engage in a commercial sex act.” The indictment includes four charges: two counts of sex trafficking of children and two counts of transportation of a minor with intent to engage in prostitution and criminal sexual activity. Two of the charges stem from an alleged trip to the Bahamas.

EU Ambassador to the region hosts documentary
Ambassador Paola Amadei, the European Union’s plenipotentiary to the region held a two-day student, public and private viewing of a documentary called “Songs of Redemption”. The event on Friday and Saturday showcased the personal and musical talent of a group of inmates in a prison at Kingston Jamaica. Ambassador Amadei told The Reporter that the rehabilitation program that the inmates are a part of is funded by the Instrument for Democracy and Human Rights of the European Union. “It is designed to foster peace and unity after so many years of conflict back in the 1950’s. The European Union has a long-standing policy against the death penalty and this [documentary] is also a part of our campaign against the death penalty. We would like people that people who have been in conflict with the law – prisoners – are not beyond redemption.”

Grassroots activist holds day of healing
About 30 persons of Pinks Alley, also known as the Majestic Alley, gathered to hold a day of healing activities, including sports, speeches, and amid a light drizzle, a candle-light vigil around their block on Saturday evening. According to Perry Smith, organizer of the event, the murders of four men inside the house on George Street in early 2013 prompted him to begin a crusade of unity in communities troubled by violence. The Reporter was present for the occasion and asked Smith what this type of event does for a community shattered by gun warfare. “It brings about a sense of camaraderie” he said, “among people either torn by crime or families on opposing sides of disputes.

Patrick Jones

How Belize Can Harness the Economic Potential of USA Based Diaspora
“About one out of every three Belizeans now live overseas and outside of Belize; the majority have migrated to Anglophone countries, especially the United States, where there are some 54,925 Belizeans,[1] and the United Kingdom, with around 3,000 Belizeans. Smaller numbers now live in Canada. Kriols and other ethnic groups are emigrating mostly to the United States, but also to the United Kingdom and other developed nations for better opportunities. Based on the latest U.S. Census, Belizeans in the United States are primarily of the Kriol and Garinagu ethnic groups.[4] In 1990, there were about 10,000 Belizean Americans citizens in the United States.” ~ Wikipedia The total Belizean Americans was estimated at 21,205 in 1990. By 2000, the estimate had grown to 37,688, a growth of 78%. In 2010, the estimate was 54,925, a growth of 46% for that decade. 1990 estimates suggest that around 50% of Belizean diaspora living in the USA had become US citizens. The US Embassy in Belize estimated that two out of every three Belizeans living in the US were undocumented…suggesting that the real population was closer to 150,000 in 2010.

Ground broken for new church building for the Salvation Army in Georgeville
Ground was broken this morning in Georgeville village, Cayo district, for the construction of a new church building for the Salvation Army Church. At the Ground Breaking Ceremony, the Salvation Army’s territorial programme secretary Lt. Col. Devon Haughton declared the project officially started. The Jamaican-born Lt. Col. Haughton prayed that every person who will be employed at the project site will be protected and that the work will be completed on time. The first phase of the construction of the two-storey concrete structure is expected to be completed in time for the Salvation Army’s Centenary Celebrations in April of 2015. “We pray that it will be an edifice to you glory and your honour, oh God,” said Lt. Col. Haughton.

Cancer awareness walk held in Orange Walk town
The Orange Walk Cancer Support Group today spearheaded a walk for cancer awareness. According to a report posted on the organization’s Facebook page, over a thousand people took part in today’s cancer walk which was held with the theme: “Together We Are Strong.” As part of the 6th annual Orange Walk Cancer Walk, a health fair was also held today. During the fair, the Orange Walk Cancer Support Group and the family of cancer patients had various items on sale. The annual cancer walk is one of the biggest fundraising events for the Orange Walk Cancer Support Group. It comprises about 40 volunteers who have taken up this great challenge .

Venezuelan ambassador pays tribute to Bert Tucker
The Embassy of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela in Belize and Belizean Organization of Solidarity with the Bolivarian Revolution organized a tribute to His Excellency Adalbert Tucker, Ambassador of Belize for International Cooperation. Ambassador Tucker died on April 10th, 2014 after his battle with Cancer. The tribute was held at the Venezuelan Embassy in the City of Belmopan. His Excellency Yoel Pérez Marcano, Ambassador of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela to Belize, spoke about the life of Ambassador Tucker. He described him as a visionary, revolutionist, and a man who dedicated his life to fight against colonialism. He concluded his address by reciting a poem he wrote for his friend H.E. Tucker. Carlos Clarke also read one of H.E. Tucker’s poems.

Volleyball camp set for July/August
The school year is quickly coming to an end and soon thousands of boys and girls will be on vacation. With that in mind, the Belize Volleyball Association has announced the dated for its summer camp. The camp will run from July 1 through to the middle of August and will cater for boys and girls between the ages of 5 and 17 years old. The camp will be held at the Belize Elementary School Auditorium and will run from Monday to Friday. According to a press release from the Belize Volleyball Association, the camp is being offered free of cost and coaching will be available at all skill levels. A Cuban international coach will also be conducting a portion of the training. Anyone interested in signing up for the volleyball summer camp is asked to contact the Belize Volleyball Association by calling telephone numbers: 610-5565 or 607-6939.

Belmopan residents walk for cancer awareness
Hundreds of proud Belizeans in the Belmopan area made the meaningful walk against cancer on Saturday, May 17th, 2014 from Camalote Village to the City of Belmopan. The Belmopan Cancer Society organizes this annual walk to bring awareness to Cancer and to provide support to those living with cancer and honour those family members who have died from some form of cancer. Unlike other cancer walks, the Belmopan Branch of the Belize Cancer Society ensures that all the participants walk together instead of competing. Mrs. Beverly Swasey, Chair of the Society, announced before the journey that walking together signifies unity and support for the cancer patients.

Belizean girl rescued in Mexico may be returned to Belize soon
A teenage Belizean girl who was recued by Mexican police earlier this month in Carrillo Puerto, Mexico is now one step closer to returning to Belize. The 16 years old girl says she is the victim of physical and verbal abuse and reports in the Mexican media at the time of her rescue, said that she told authorities that she was being kept against her will and was in Mexico illegally. In a report published on Saturday in the Diario de Quintana Roo, it was noted that the teenage girl, said to be from August Pine Ridge village, has been handed over to the National Migration Institute of Mexico which is now tasked with resturning the teen to Belize. The girl told Mexican authorities that she had been in Mexico illegally for the last seven months and when she was rescued on May second told the police that the man she was with was abusing her.

Community activist challenges teachers to “stand strong”
Teachers in the Cayo District gathered at Cancha Marshalleck in Benque Viejo del Carmen on Friday, May 16th, 2014 for Teachers’ Day activities. The event began with opening ceremonies at 10 a.m. where the teachers were addressed by Mayor Miguel Velasquez, Benque Viejo Town Council; Mrs. Gwen Nuñez Gonzalez, Education Officer; Mrs. Leandra Chulin, President National Teachers Union (BNTU) Benque Branch; Mr. Manuel Medina, President BNTU San Ignacio Branch; Mrs. Frances Avella, President BNTU Belmopan Branch; and Mr. Mose Hyde, the Guest Speaker. Mr. Hyde challenged the teachers to provide the best quality they can as he reflected on the theme for Education Showcase ”Quality Teachers: Nurturing the Inherent Potential of our Children”.

Cashew Fest in Crooked Tree celebrates “magic fruit”
The 29th Annual Cashew Festival and Agricultural Show took place this weekend in the village of Crooked Tree off the Philip Goldson Highway in the Belize District. The festival was started by villagers in 1985 as a response to the banning of fishing, forestry and other practices by the Audubon Society which they said affected the nearby Wildlife Sanctuary and Crooked Tree Lagoon. The cashew trees bloom from March to June and have become a trusted source of income, mainly because of its adaptability. In addition to the cashew seeds themselves, products made from cashew for sale include pastries like buns, cakes and pies; wine, vinegar and syrup, among others. Displays of these products as well as other agricultural produce lined the edges of the village fairground and basketball court where official ceremonies took place on Saturday.

Shalini Zabaneh wins fifth Women’s Cross Country title
Independence village’s own Shalini Zabaneh added to her impressive record with a fifth Women’s Cross Country Cycling Classic title on Sunday, but it did not come easy. Nine women lined up in Santa Elena Town for the 70-mile journey to Belize City, ending in front of ‘s Leslie’s Imports. Eight Belizeans and one foreigner, Mexican Laura Rodriguez rode the race. The decisive move of the race came at Three Sisters Hill in Unitedville Village, where Patricia Chavarria attacked and rivals Zabaneh and Kaya Cattouse responded, distancing themselves from the rest of the field, which consisted of sisters Gina and Gabrielle Lovell and Alicia Thompson and Marinette Flowers. The trio stayed together all the way to Hattieville with the chase group unable to get closer than forty seconds. Zabaneh attacked and neither Cattouse nor Chavarria was able to run her down.

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05/19/14 05:20 AM
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Marty Offline OP

Marty  Offline OP

More News: Scroll up from here


Extravagant Wine Pairing Dinner at the Always Delicious Casa Picasso
Wine De Vine is a gorgeous wine & cheese shop just south of town that has so many of my favorite foods – from olives to pate to proscuitto to cheese cakes. (I’m a food gal.) They also have an extensive selection of wines and champagnes. Last night, they partnered with Casa Picasso restaurant to show off quite a few of them. And the menu and pairings. Small print but worth reading. Some specials, some…like the luscious (YES LUSCIOUS) short ribs…are on the regular menu.

Welcome to the world of Chicken Buses. Old American school buses with minimal space and three rows of seats stacked to the roof high with our rucksacks. Belize City was our next stop, destination: Caye Caulker. It was pretty surreal to enter an English speaking country in Central America and we saw our first sight of Mennonites, who are similar to Amish but are more lenient with the use of technology. Originally they are from Germany but have taken residence in Belize and as hardworkers they are welcomed and accepted by Belize. Obviously they stand out quite a bit, and Abi the Aussie started her obsession and Googled everything there is to know about Mennonites. We took a boat ride to Caye Caulker and checked into a really cute little hotel called Tropical Paradise which was located right on the beach. We put the patio to good use the couple of nights we were there, enjoying the drinks and the Caribbean lifestyle- Go Slow. Caye Caulker is a really beautiful island which you can easily walk or take a little taxi golf buggy. The main “road” is lined with bikes, little beach huts selling food/tours and restaurants with a real Caribbean feel- the music, the people walking bare foot and the friendliness.

Top Reasons To Retire In Belize
Known in travel circles as “Mother Nature’s Best Kept Secret”, Belize is truly a tropical paradise. An exotic tropical paradise that now opens it’s doors to all your dreams of new experiences. Everyone around the world dreams about coming to an exotic tranquil locale, complete with sun-drenched beaches and limitless recreational activities on land and in beautiful tropical waters. Belize boasts all this and more not only for the retiree but for the entire family. Belize is well known as a travel destination around the world and this is attributed to primarily the lower cost of living, our tropical climate and the official language of Belize being English. Belize prides itself in providing schools with high academic standards and a reputation for excellence, good health care facilities, historic homes, convenient local shopping and most importantly warm and welcoming neighbors.

The May 18th, 2014 issue of The STAR (Cayo) is online HERE

This Week's Stories:

  • One Charged In BWEL Robbery:
    Just as we were closing off last week’s edition of the newspaper, the report came in of a robbery at the BWEL butane service station on Buena Vista Street in San Ignacio Town. San Ignacio police received the robbery report at exactly 5:55 pm on Thursday, May 8, 2014. A team of policemen rushed to the crime scene where they met the still shaken supervisor, Ernest Hill, 46, his 13 year old son and the security guard, Francisco Escobar, 28. Hill told the police that he was with his son in the office when at around 5:50 pm, two barefaced, slim built, male persons of dark complexion, both wearing white caps, stormed into the office. One of the men, wearing a white shirt and khaki short pants, was armed with a rusty looking handgun which he held to the neck of the security guard as he held him in a chokehold.
  • Were The Bullets Planted In the Car Itza Drove?:
    Despite his pleas of innocence, a taxi driver from San Jose Succotz Village, Cayo, will be arrested and mandatorily remanded to prison on a possession of ammunition charge. Acting upon information received, a team of policemen from San Ignacio rushed towards Benque Viejo with intent to intercept a small white taxi car in which they were told they would find ammunition. The targeted vehicle was intercepted on the George Price Highway about midway between the western towns of Benque Viejo and San Ignacio.
  • Garnett Charged For Theft And Harm:
    Arrested and charged for stealing a sheep and injuring the caretaker of the farm in the process, Deon Garnett, a 36 year old Belizean laborer of a 6th Street address in San Ignacio Town, is out on bail after pleading not guilty to both charges. The incident began to unfold at around 7:30 pm on Sunday, May 11 when a team of policemen on mobile patrol on Bullet Tree Road in San Ignacio Town came upon a male person of fair complexion walking toward town with a newborn black and white lamb across his shoulders. When questioned the man told the police that he has just bought it from a farm further up the road. The man was ordered by the police to take them to farm to confirm his story.
  • Health Corner: STROKE:
    What Is a Stroke? A stroke occurs when the flow of oxygen-rich blood to a portion of the brain is blocked. Without oxygen, brain cells start to die after a few minutes. Sudden bleeding in the brain also can cause a stroke if it damages brain cells. If brain cells die or are damaged because of a stroke, symptoms occur in the parts of the body that these brain cells control. Examples of stroke symptoms include sudden weakness; paralysis or numbness of the face, arms, or legs (paralysis is an inability to move); trouble speaking or understanding speech; and trouble seeing. A stroke is a serious medical condition that requires emergency care. A stroke can cause lasting brain damage, long-term disability, or even death. If you think you or someone else is having a stroke, call 9–1–1 right away. Do not drive to the hospital or let someone else drive you. Call an ambulance so that medical personnel can begin life-saving treatment on the way to the emergency room. During a stroke, every minute counts.
  • Mexican Troops 'Kill Zetas Cartel Founder Mellado':
    Mexican security officials say one of the founders of the Zetas drug cartel has been killed in a gun battle in the north-eastern state of Tamaulipas. Galindo Mellado Cruz is accused of being one of the original members of the Zetas, which first emerged as a group of enforcers for the Gulf cartel. The two groups later split and became bitter rivals, their fights accounting for much of the violence in the area. He is believed to be among five gunmen shot dead by the army on Friday. A Tamaulipas state official told the Associated Press news agency that while Mellado no longer held a command position within the Zetas, he had been one of the 30 ex-special forces members to found the group.
  • Belizean Book “My Body is Precious” Gets International Recognition:
    “My Body is Precious” has received an Honorable Mention in the category “Best Publication” of the ALAS-IDB Early Childhood Awards. These Awards are presented by the Inter-American Development Bank (IDB) and the ALAS Foundation to recognize the commitment of individuals and organizations working in early childhood development in Latin America and the Caribbean. Written by Belizean authors Kim Simplis Barrow and Starla Bradley, “My Body is Precious” provides a basis for talking to children about sexual abuse. Former U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton, Kinnevik Executive Chairman Cristina Stenbeck, ALAS Foundation President Alejandro Santo Domingo, and IDB President Luis Alberto Moreno presented the distinction as part of the ALAS-IDB Awards Ceremony.
  • Twin F150 Ford Trucks For The Twin Towns:
    Thirty eighty brand new heavy duty police vehicles were handed over on Wednesday, May 14, to the Government of Belize by the Government of the United States of America. This latest donation, valued at over two and a half million dollars forms a part of the Central American Regional Security Initiative (CARCI) which to date has implemented over 15 million dollars worth of initiatives relating to Belize. Present for the handing over ceremony along with National Security Ministry CEO George Lovell and Commissioner of Police Allen Whylie, was US Charge d’ Affaires Margaret Hawthorne who told the gathering of invited guests that the trucks will be used to improve citizen security. The vehicles have since been dispatched to police formations across the country. Not to be left behind, the San Ignacio Police formation was personally touched with the addition of, not one but two of the heavy Duty Ford F150 super cab pickup trucks. One of the vehicles has been assigned to the Crimes Investigation Branch of the detachment while the other goes to Community Policing.
  • Developing The Twin Towns:
    While the opposition People’s United Party and its operatives continue with their childish political mischief, the United Democratic Party Government, under the leadership of Prime Minister Dean Barrow, continues to develop the nation with the Hon. Rene Montero, Area Representative for Cayo Central and Minister of Works and Transport, bringing major development to San Ignacio and Santa Elena. The total transformation of La Loma Luz Boulevard in Santa Elena and the Joseph Andrews Drive in San Ignacio, complete with a first ever two lane bridge across the Macal, have got to be the very most any government has ever done for the twin municipalities. Notwithstanding this major accomplishment, a five million dollar expenditure on signature sporting projects is on the horizon. The realization of this project will bring to reality major transformation to the Falcon Field in San Ignacio and the Santa Elena football stadium. Area Representative/ Minister of Works, Hon. Rene Montero informed that in addition to improving sporting facilities in each of the two towns, this five million dollar project will create additional employment for the residents of both towns as well as for residents from surrounding villages.
  • “Ageing in Belize”:
    The National Council on Ageing takes great pleasure in announcing the launch of the documentary “Ageing in Belize” Featuring interviews with older persons across the country this short film illustrates some to the main concerns and typifies the issues that many older persons face in their struggle to maintain health and wellbeing on a daily basis. Ageing can be a joy to some when surrounded by loved ones who make later years comfortable but for others getting older is a sad and lonely experience especially when faced with debilitating illness and disability. The Ageing in Belize documentary is not designed to frighten viewers, although it might well touch a few heartstrings, but to education and enlighten those who do not think about the ageing process.
  • The Transformation Of Far West Street:
    Last week we told you about total transformation of the upper portion of Burns Avenue between, Atlantic/Scotia Banks on the upper end and the Belize Bank at the lower end. It is with much please this week that we report on the total transformation started this week on Far West Street also in San Ignacio Town. Residents of Far West Street informed that they have never seen this kind of attention being afforded to their street. One resident said that the temporary inconvenience caused by the project is a minor price to pay for the much needed development in their street. Mayor John August informed that the council has for a long time realized the need to upgrade Far West Street as that as soon as the funds were made available last week, the council immediately jumped on the opportunity to bring to fruition the long time desire of the council to improve Far West Street.
  • Two Meals A Day 'Effective' To Treat Type 2 Diabetes:
    Only eating breakfast and lunch may be more effective at managing type 2 diabetes than eating smaller, more regular meals, scientists say. Researchers in Prague fed two groups of 27 people the same calorie diet spread over two or six meals a day. They found volunteers who ate two meals a day lost more weight than those who ate six, and their blood sugar dropped. Experts said the study supported "existing evidence" that fewer, larger meals were the way forward. Type 2 diabetes occurs when the body does not produce enough of the hormone insulin, which controls the amount of sugar in the blood, meaning blood sugar levels become too high.
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International Sources

Millionaire returns to his dream of affordable housing in Sarasota
Harvey Vengroff has had a change of heart about leaving Sarasota for Belize. A phone call from a city official had a lot to do with it. It was November when Vengroff — a self-made multimillionaire and one of the largest property owners in the city — said he had started to sell off his $75 million Southwest Florida real estate portfolio, amassed since he arrived here in 1990. An investment group was offering $38 million in cash for a little less than half of his 1,400 units. While Vengroff said he was drawn by the lack of bureaucracy in Belize, he felt torn by the idea of seeing his affordable-housing empire here turn into a government subsidy program. At the same time, he and his wife Carol were growing frustrated with the lack of progress on a waterfront town-house they planned to buy in the Caribbean nation. He suggested that they fly down to see the progress being made before he made the major commitment of sailing his 58-foot boat, “Lollipop,” to Belize for keeps. “It was supposed to be done by a couple of months ago. They haven't even started. So we could be living on the boat for two years or longer,” Vengroff said. “Which is not so bad, but there is no electricity or water to the marina either.” At 73, Vengroff's sense of his own mortality also played a role. “I am not sure I will live long enough to be able to move into something, and Carol doesn't want to be there alone. It is fine if we live there together, but she doesn't want to live there if I die.” While he was cooling off on Belize, he was warming up to the new can-do attitude at city hall.

In Boon to Travelers, Mexico Disbands Secondary Checkpoints on Borders
The end has finally arrived. After 40 years of corruption, Mexico’s infamous “garitas” are being dismantled, thanks to new national legislation. The garitas are secondary checkpoints, where customs officers can inspect vehicles outside an established 20-kilometer border strip, a privileged zone where taxation is lowered in order to promote and boost local economies. Most notable of the garitas being abolished is the “Caobas” garita of Chetumal, in southeastern Mexico, in the state of Quintana Roo, bordering Belize and Guatemala. Here, thousands of people have been extorted for transporting alleged export merchandise without paying the established import tax fee. Chetumal, as a border city, used to be a hub for the sale and acquisition of contraband until 1994, when the Belizean Free Zone was established. Up until the mid-1990s, the Caobas garita was literally bursting with confiscated goods, including stereos, televisions, clothing and, especially, Orient and Citizen watches, liquor, perfumes and Chinese shoes.


Video: Birds of Caribbean Belize | Bird Rescue - Feeding a Baby Pigeon, 5min.
The neighbor saw a baby pigeon drop from it's nest in a Beach Pine. We looked closely and finally saw the birds nest high up in the tree and decided it would be too dangerous to try to return the baby pigeon to the bird nest. Our daughter decided to go ahead and try doing Bird Rescue. She started feeding the baby pigeon and it seems to be doing just fine. She made a sort of pigeon nest for it out of a Coconut shell and feeds it oatmeal. Hopefully it will continue to do well and continue to feather out as t is doing rapidly.

Video: Down town Placencia, Belize General Views, 3min.
Early sleepy Saturday morning driving slowly through Placencia, Belize.....not much going on !!!!!

Video: Scuba Diving Half Moon Caye, Belize, 15min.
Amazing corals, very cool landscape, barracuda, garden eels, spotted eagle ray (very faint, just before the...), Caribbean reef shark, and a turtle while we were doing out safety stop. Best dive so far!

Video: Carnival at Princess anchor and Legend Belize Caribbean, 4min.
Carnival Legend and Caribbean Princess Arrive and Anchor off the coast of Belize City, Belize

Video: departing Carnival Glory 4/30/14 on Belize, 3min.
When ships leave there anchor point 8 miles off the coast of belize city they have to make 8 sharp turns to weave there way through the shallows to reach open water. In this video I am filming facing toward the aft of the ship from above the bridge wing. I have sped up this video 60x normal speed, hope you enjoy

Video: Belize wonderful lightning - Belize nádherné blesky, 2min.

Video: Whale Shark - Gladden Spit, Belize, 1/2min.
We saw this and three others on May 16, two days after the full moon. Between them, we had one with us for most of the dive!

Video: Belize Pig Roast 2014, 2min.
If you missed our Belize Video in church here it is...Next stop Belize!

Video: Border of Belize to San Ignacio, Belize, 7min.
Border of Belize to San Ignacio, Belize, cab, drugs, drug,

Video: Whale Shark Dive Placencia Belize, 2min.
We went whale shark diving this weekend and this is the 1st of the videos from the 1st dive. A friend actually was pushed up to the top by the shark but was not hurt! Now he has anamzing story and video to back it up.

Video: Belize Diving, 4min.
Scuba diving in Belize on the

Video: 2014 Belize Vacation - Randy and Cheryl Foreman - Scuba Diving Video, 19min.
This is the culmination of our videos we took while scuba diving on the Great Barrier Reef off of Belize. We stayed at the Hamanasi Resort near Hopkins, Stann Creek, Belize.

Video: Forum 7 Belize May 2014 Movie, 8min.

Video: Slickrock Belize 2014, 3min.
On April 7th, 2014 I flew into Belize City to capture photo and video footage of the adventurous travel destination, Slickrock Adventures. Slickrock is a popular travel location dedicated to teaching travelers how to sea kayak, surf, surf kayak, paddleboard, fish from a kayak, windsurf, kitesurf, snorkel, dive, whitewater kayak, raft, and cave. I was hoping to catch some unique footage for a promo video for the company.

Video: Xunantunich, 18min.
This video is about Xunantunich

Portofino Resort- Now with a new BEACH BAR!!
Click for excellent scuba lessons with Elbert Greer!
Chaa Creek is an award-winning luxury Belize Resort, rated as one of the worlds best Eco Lodges. We are a pioneer in adventure travel to Belize since 1981!

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