CANTO is the Caribbean Association of National Telecommunication Organizations and every year they host an event to get students to start talking and thinking about telecommunications. It used to be an essay contest, but times have changed, so now they are being asked to submit videos. And this year, A Belizean video won first place - while another won fourth place. The subject is broadband internet and how it affects the lives of individuals and a nation. Here are those prize presentations, first from the first place finisher William Mahler Jr, a UB student who put together something better than most of the ads we see on local TV:..

As the 1st Place winner Mahler gets a trip for 2 plus hotel accommodation to CANTO's 30th Annual Conference and Trade Exhibition in the Bahamas in August , 2014, along with a computer tablet and $1,000 US dollars. The 4th Place finisher gets a smartphone.

A Belizean won the essay competition two years ago.

The Idea of A True Belize Channel For "States"

And those videos would probably go well on a venture out of LA called the True Belize Channel. Now, it's only a youtube channel but developer Faron Smith thinks he's unto something. The LA resident hopes to tap into the huge Belizean American community in the states by hosting, producing and developing content just for Belizeans. That includes the movie he's currently working on, called "States". He explains that it exposes the pitfalls of going to America:..

Excerpts of the movie which is still under development - can be found on that True Belizean youtube channel. He explained what that's about in greater detail:...

You can find a link to it ahere.

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