The Caribbean Development Bank today announced the approval of a 29 million US dollar loan to Belize. The press release says the loan will fund the upgrade of 9.81 kilometers - which is about 6 miles - of the Philip Goldson Highway. The release doesn't say where those six miles are but adds, quote, "this upgrade is expected to reduce congestion as well as improve safety on the highway which passes through the Orange Walk and Corozal Districts." It refers also to the Haulover Bridge and says, quote, "A key aspect of the project will be the implementation of climate adaptation features during the upgrade and rehabilitation phases in order to reduce climate change vulnerability of the road and bridge."

111, 000 US Dollars of the loan will be used to get women involved in the road works. The release says the Ministry of Works and Belizean contractors will "address gender equality and social inclusion in current and future construction projects."

Channel 7