Year round, it is Belize's number
one tourist destination and
come this weekend the town of
San Pedro and Ambergris Caye
will be rocking like never before.
This morning we sent News 5's
Jacqueline Woods on a scouting
trip...and she didn't want to
come back.

Patty Arceo, Area Rep, Belize Rural South
"We would like to welcome everybody to San Pedro
and to Caye Caulker. Our motto this Easter is "Vamos
a la playa", and there is sufficient beach for everybody
to come and enjoy."

Jacqueline Woods, Reporting
This year Easter has come a little bit fact
the holiday is occurring in the height of our tourist
season. This means that favourite destinations like
the island of San Pedro, will be teeming with
vacationers from home and abroad.

At this time, you will have difficulty getting a room at
any of the hotels here on the island. But that does not
mean you still cannot come out here to the caye and
have a wonderful time. Preparations are well underway
to make sure that this Easter there will be many
activities for you to enjoy.

Patty Arceo
"Everything is fully booked. Nonetheless, we're telling
people to still come, even if they come for the day.
They could either take one of the planes or the Water
Taxi Association. They could come in the morning,
bring your own coolers if you want. The beach is very
big, we have palapas, we have picnic tables that you
and your family can come and enjoy."

On Thursday, large numbers of Belizeans are booked
to go to San Pedro. But since Monday, tourists have
been arriving on the island. We caught up with the
Marroquin family as they were getting ready to go out
on one of the many available dive trips.

Ricky Marroquin, Tourist
"We live in Guatemala and we usually make a trip in
the Easter vacation. Last year we went to Roatan and
we liked the Atlantic Ocean and we usually go to the
cayes a lot because it's very near our country."

Jacqueline Woods
"I noticed the family is big on diving, how long have
you guys been diving?"

Ricky Marroquin
"For about five years."

Jacqueline Woods
"And did you hear about the diving sites here?"

Ricky Marroquin
"We heard that some places like the Blue Hole and all
the fishing, coral reefs and spectacular diving that we
can find, so we decided to come here."

There is equal fun on top of the water. Whether you
fancy snorkelling, windsurfing, parasailing or jet
skiing, the possibilities are endless on La Isla Bonita.

Throughout the day and night you can relax and
socialise at any number of favourite beachfront spots
like BC's Bar and Grill.

Charlene Johnson, Owner, BC's
"You can come alone, you make friends at BC's. And
then they usually take off from here and go visit all
the other bars that are in San Pedro. San Pedro is very
fortunate because I think we have a bunch of great
places that people can go and enjoy themselves. So
let's meet at BC's and go and enjoy ourselves
everywhere else."

There will be musical entertainment both on the beach
and in the nightclubs. Area representative for Belize
Rural South, Patty Arceo says there will also be
special activities taking place.

Patty Arceo
"In the more spiritual side, we'll be having our
processions and local mass that will be going. So
there's a lot of activities happening here on the island
throughout the Easter season and it will be activities
that will be involving the whole family."

One hotspot visitors will find attractive is Boca Del
Rio. The white sandy beach located on the north end
of the town, has become a popular site for bathers of
all ages. This weekend, it will be filled with
entertainment as Love FM hosts its Easter special
from the beach. One thing you can be assured of is
that once you're on the island, you won't need to
wonder what to do or where to go.

Three months ago as part of the San Pedro Town
Council's efforts to boost tourism, an information
booth was erected in the centre of town.

Karen Gillett, Ambergris Information Centre
"Some people come up and ask about tours, and dive
shops and different places, resorts and so on,
accommodations to stay. So whatever information
they're looking for, we can give it to them, that's what
we do."

Jacqueline Woods
"And it's at no cost?"

Karen Gillett
"No cost, it's for free. We try to help out everybody,
tourists, Belizeans. As it says, it's an information
centre, you can get to know about the island more,
different resorts, we're here to help everybody."

At San Pedro you will not only have the pleasure of
leaving the island with fond memories, but there are
plenty of local souvenirs for sale on the beach.

William Mai, Woodcarver
"We are inviting all the tourists to buy Belizean
products and to check us out all on the beach."

A lot of work has been done to welcome you to San
Pedro. The only thing being asked is to leave the
island looking as clean and beautiful as you found it.
Jacqueline Woods, Reporting for News 5.