You've Got Options, Almost Too Many

Great post by SanPedroScoop summoning up 6 ways to get from San Pedro To Cancun�.


1. 3pm. The Thunderbolt Water Taxi from San Pedro to Corozal, Belize. 2hrs. $50bzd.
2. Corozal Bus to the Belize Mexico Border. $2bzd.
3. Walk Across the Border to Mexico (about a 10-15 minute walk over the Rio Hondo Bridge)
4. Grab a border taxi to The Chetumal Mall - Las Americas $70 peso (about $6US/$12bzd)
5. ADO Bus from Chetumal to Cancun, Midnight, 5.5 hours, $360 pesos ($30US/$60BZD)
6. 8am. ADO Aeropuerto Bus from Cancun Downtown Bus Station to Airport $60 pesos ($5US/$10bzd)