The First Cement Street In the History Of Santa Elena Town

The office of Cayo Central's Area Representative, Hon. Rene Montero today announced that government funds has now been allotted for the historic concreting of the very first street in the Santa Elena, Cayo.

The street selected for this historic transformation is Bishop Martin Street. Apart from providing employment for residents in the community, the almost 800 thousand dollar project will enhance the area and increase the value of all those properties in the area.

Minister Montero informed that with the intersected Perez Street and Loma Luz Boulevard already asphalted, the concreted Bishop Martin Street will enhance the environment of those living in the area including the lives of teachers and the hundreds of students attending Santa Elena Primary school the largest primary school in the town.

The Hon. Rene Montero also informed that works will resume in the coming weeks on the paving of Andrews and Carmen Streets also in Santa Elena.

Minister Montero further informed that as the design is nearing completion, works will commence in July on the Santa Elena football field which will totally transform this sporting facility for the use and enjoyment of residents of the Santa Elena and surrounding communities.

"Residents of Cayo Central went to the polls in 2012 and voted for progress and development. We are working hard every single day to ensure that we bring that progress and development along with other goods and services to the good people of Cayo Central," said Minister Rene Montero.

The Star