The Corozal National Emergency Management Organization “NEMO” has shifted into full gear as the Hurricane Season got underway. This year forecasters are predicting what is being deemed as quite hurricane season. However, one never knows what Mother Nature has in store for us. And for that NEMO Corozal is not bringing down its guard.

Willard Levy - Corozal NEMO

“Every year we do a shelter inspection, this year we did not an intensive inspection but we had a good picture of what the position of the shelters, we found that we had a few of them doing repairs to and this is undergoing at this point, we have not completely finished with the repairs and we expect them to finished them between now and the next no later than two weeks. And in the case of what NEMO had done in Corozal actually is trying to get out the message the season is out, we will be doing regular talk shows over the radio advising people to get ready, to be prepared hurricane season is near and even though we may have heard that this hurricane season is not so as active as the previous forecasted years, my message to the people is that it only takes one storm to create a disaster so we don’t really have to have an active season to have a disaster, we need people to be on their guard, start to get ready, prepare themselves and do the necessary things, make your family plans, if you are going to evacuate know where you are going, and do it quick.”

Last year, with the torrential rains experienced mostly here in the north, there was major flooding in various parts of Corozal Town. The difference between this year and last year, Is that works in many of these affected areas have been conducted to alleviate the flooding says, NEMO’s Corozal Coordinator Willard Levy.

Willard Levy - Corozal NEMO

“I must say that a big improvement has been done in terms of drainage in Corozal Town especially, you might see the big storm drain that has been done in North Church street that runs to the sea that has done a good job on taking out that water that is behind White Cocal, behind other swampy area that has been affecting all these people in that area and as a matter of fact I will say that last year because of the intensive rain, we had about sixty two inches of rain for the year in the country reported something that is far and above the record and that amount of rain that we got here in Corozal had those drains running water for almost three months after the season had passed, we were all in to the Christmas season and water was running through and through drying out all that area that was totally saturated with water so the Mayor in the Municipal Development Project, I must say that the drains have done a very good job in bettering the flow of flooded areas and we have some areas that need some heavy infrastructure, for example we have the Chula Vista Layout that has no drainage infrastructure, that needs one urgently and I think the Mayor is finding a way to address that.”

This year there are 21 name storms that are predicted for the Atlantic Ocean, the Golf