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Greetings from the Majestic Maya Mountains, hoping this email finds you doing well!

With high spirits Hidden Valley Inn & Reserve would like to enlighten you on Camp Hummingbird's third edition commencing on July 17th, 2014 to July 21st, 2014! Camp Hummingbird 2014 is boarding primary school students between the age of 11 to 14 years, both male and female of varying social & cultural background. We are inviting a youth group of 25 students from across the country for a full educational experience week.

As we plan Camp Hummingbird 2014, by this medium we humbly solicit sponsorship for the less fortunate who wish to attend this educational camp. The cost per child attending the camps totals BZ$300, this covers all their meals and refreshments, transfers, activities and tours. Hidden Valley Inn & Reserve will be responsible for accommodations and safety of participants during the camp.
We kindly ask for contributions of any kind - either monetary or otherwise - towards supporting a child, any amounts are greatly appreciated!

The selection process of these students is at the recommendation of the school's counselor who must give each and every child a fair assessment and opportunity to take part in the event. The group will be separated into male and female sub groups.
The camp will include but not limited to the following:
1) Introduction - getting to know each other, several icebreakers and team discussions.
2) Hummingbird Presentation, geographical education, eco-tourism, conservation and sustainability efforts.
3) Full day property tour of the eco trails, waterfalls, topography, flora and fauna of Hidden Valley Inn and the Mountain Pine Ridge.
4) Daily yoga sessions and health & wellness discussions by yoga instructor.
5) Full day Tour of Caracol Archaeological Site and Rio Frio cave with emphasis on Mayan Civilization and ancient cultures.
6) Presentation of the 'Orange Breasted Falcon Project' by biologists of the Peregrine Fund.
7) Positive youth discussions to include: conflict resolution, peer pressure, building self esteem, drugs & crime etc.
8) Nature tours: birding and night walk at Hidden Valley Inn
9) Presentation of the "Jaguar Survey Project" by conservation officer and president of the Belize Raptor Research Institute.
10) Reading & Comprehension activities.
11) Sporting activities like volley ball, etc.
12) A 20 question quiz based on presentations and tours during the camp.
13) Presentation of certification at the end of the camp.

Highly appreciate your efforts towards making a change in our community. We look forward to your positive response.

Yours Truly,

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