American Couple David & Michelle Freund, say that a vacation to Belize has turned into a nightmare after they ran aground on the reef in Southern Belize.

On May 16, they chartered a sailboat from a rental company in Placencia, and took a trip out to Ranguana Caye. The next day, while on open waters, they ran aground on the reef. They claim that company reps negligently towed the vessel off the reef breaking off several pieces and doing mass damage.

Freund posts on the internet that that it went all downhill from there when the company blamed them for the damages, and which the Port Authority agreed.

They were subsequently charged with criminal offences for the damage to the reef, and they were arraigned in magistrate's court. Freund says that he is appalled that his ignorance to Belizean laws was allegedly being exploited by the authorities, and he claims that he has had to ask the US Embassy to intervene on his behalf.

He and his wife were released on bail of $5,000, and they must return to court on June 11. He's made wholesale accusations of improper behaviour against the Belizean authorities. And so, we intend to keep following up on this story, which has caught international attention, and negative feedback.

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