The last time Tropic Air Belize saw an increase in rates was in November 2011, but since then, the cost of doing business across the globe has increased. For that reason, the management of Tropic Air has announced that effective November 1st, there will be an increase in flight rates. In addition, on June 9th, cargo rates will also see a slight increase. The announcement was made by the airline via a press release on June 2nd.

Tropic Air's Director of Marketing Anthony Hunt explained that the new rate is reflective of the increase in doing business around the globe. He said that operational costs have increased over the past few years and as such, the new rates will help the company address inflation rates that they have been incurring. "The new prices are going up in November 1st, but we decided to put out the notice in June so that customers can be aware. The increase is reflective of the additional cost of doing business. Our company has invested in brand new airplanes, and we are constantly investing in customer satisfaction and comfort. Over the past years we have been absorbing the increases of doing business and unfortunately we are now forced to pass part of those increases on to our customers," said Hunt.

The new prices will see an increase of 7.9% on the current prices on local flights. Hunt explained that the increase is not fuel driven but is based on the cost of doing business for the company, which is far ahead of their projected 7.9%.

And while the new airfare is estimated to come in to effect for any ticket purchased for November 1st and onwards, the prices for local and international cargo via Tropic Air will also see a slight increase. Those increases will come into effect on June 9th and price varies depending on the type, size of cargo and its designation. Tropic Air is one of two Belizean airlines, with over 270 employees and a fleet of 12 aircraft. Tropic Air offers flights to 16 destinations in Belize, Honduras, Mexico and Guatemala. "We really provide a very good business, whether it is in moving customers from one point to another or transporting our cargo, ensuring safety and satisfaction. In addition, we are always giving back to the community because we appreciate their support. We believe that our customers will understand our decision for our increase and we take the opportunity to thank them for their continuous support," explained Hunt.

In 2013, it is estimated that Tropic transported more than 250,000 passengers. For further details regarding the new flight rates and cargo charges, you can contact any of the Tropic Air offices in your area, visit their website at or call their main office at (501) 226-2012.

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