The People's United Party (PUP) Belize Rural South (BRS) Executive presented the candidates that will represent their party in the 2015 municipal elections in San Pedro Town. The presentation took place during a small gathering on Friday May 30th at the BRS PUP headquarters situated on Pelican Street.

BRS Executive Chairman Nicholas "Nico" Varela presented the PUP 7 team which includes Mayoral Candidate Dr. Giovanni Solorzano, a medical practitioner on the island with over 20 years of experience. He will appear on the election ballot sheet for the PUP along with educators Conchita Flota, Marina Kay and Alex Noralez, businessman man Mundo Nu�ez, contractor Omar "Canasi" Guerrero, and pilot and current councilor, Gualberto "Wally" Nu�ez.

Varela spoke to The San Pedro Sun, explaining the process that the party used to select their candidates. "We were going to have a convention and following several meetings, the majority of those that wanted to be candidates, did not really want to go to a convention. We wanted to try a new tactic and so we spoke to all of our candidates. Many decided to step down in an effort to put forward a united team. During the entire process, we were counseled by our advisory committee, which is comprised of a number of people. What we were looking at is to strengthen the adrenalin of the youth with the experience of seasoned politicians. The more experienced ones in the team are Noralez and Guerrero, both who have run before for the party," said Varela.

While the candidates' names have been presented and launched, their candidacy will only be official after they are sworn in by the PUP National Party Chairman. That will be done during a BRS convention in July, on a date yet to be determined, when the party will also present their BRS PUP Standard Bear candidate, Elito Arceo. Municipal elections are to be held on March 4th of 2015.

San Pedro Sun