After three and a half months of flip flopping, yesterday - Belize City mayor Darrell Bradley made the big announcement: he's coming back for a second term as mayor. But in those months of flip flopping, we interviewed him like 6 times about his decision, or, as the case may be, indecision. And, doing the political math now, he probably lost political capital for every time he said no, or I don't know. And that may have been why Bradley - who has been known to have a short fuse - showed the media his sharp tongue yesterday. It was a rare display of what you could call caged heat - but he did it on a big stage - which is what made us go back for a second look:..

Bernard Pitts, Deputy Mayor (won't run for mayor)
"Like a bad nightmare with Freddy Krueger in and out of our dreams. We are now awakened and we have discussed our plan forward."

Jules Vasquez reporting
And the mayor himself was Kruger-esque yesterday snapping at the press defensively after three months of playing quite the political diva:

Mayor Darrell Bradley - Belize City Mayor
"This is something that I think media people do and I do appreciate and I will say this honestly and with respect to you as a journalist that in this case I think that you always ask the wrong questions."

Jules Vasquez
"I feel the same way about your answers."

Mayor Darrell Bradley
"That's fair - I still love you. You don't have to like me, you don't have to give me any A grade. I am paid for by the tax payers. All you have to do is in your comment be fair."

Jules Vasquez
"If we are to perform on deadlines, why then were you not able to perform on the deadline stated by your party and having your colleagues in limbo?"

Mayor Darrell Bradley
"You have always maintained that this thing is about deadlines, this thing is about an election, this thing is about strategy - you use words that in my day to day conversations I never used. We are not - I can tell you honestly and those of you in the public take it for what it is. I am not concerned about the municipal election. So now you come and you are asking well you missed a deadline and I am telling you that the people who are at this head table and our city council are not where you are."

And where the mayor was (on the defensive), he wasn't even above trying a little low blow:

Mayor Darrell Bradley
"You asked your question and you talk about the driver's license, but you refuse to mention to members of this public that we have painted free of cost the Channel 7 building and that your street - Dean Street has been concreted."

And, yes, indeed, in August of 2012, the City Council did paint Channel 7 - as it did many other residences and businesses in the downtown area of Belize City - particularly Albert and Orange Streets. It was part of a public campaign to spruce up the city for the September celebrations - where the paint was donated.

But, since it seems to give our Dear Darrell so much pleasure to brag about it…memo to Mayor: we could use a touch up - because they never did finish the back of the building.

Channel 7