Some teachers stand to lose their jobs

The academic year 2013 officially came to an end last Friday for high schools across the country. While most students are currently enjoying the beginning of their summer vacation, teachers from Sadie Vernon, Maud Williams and Excelsior high schools are collectively holding their breath in anticipation of a letter which is expected to be issued on Wednesday by the Ministry of Education. That document will serve as notification to instructors who are being made redundant under the merger of the schools' resources. On June fourth, the ministry held a press conference to address the issues arising out of the imminent union. Despite all assurances that unqualified teachers, those without the requisite pedagogical skills, would be first on the chopping block, News Five understands that the process of elimination will be done on a last in first out basis. That, according to several teachers, undermines the spirit of efficiency since there are lesser qualified members of staff who have been employed for a number of years, versus others who have been certified by the Teaching Services Commission but are relatively new to the profession. They contend that it is just a form of retrenchment. Although speculations that the present vice principal of Maud Williams High School will be transferred to Sadie Vernon to assume the post of principal, News Five understands that the staff is prepared to protest the decision should it come to past. Incidentally, the workshop to develop the curriculum for the merger begins on Wednesday.

Channel 5