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Here is a rare look into the story and sounds of an outstanding band that shook your legs back in the mid-60's, from the Corozal District.

It was a time in 1964 when Belize, then British Honduras, had just attained its right to self-government from England. This meant that Belizeans would then manage all its ministries, except the ministries of Foreign Affairs and Defence. It would seem then, a time of celebration and rejoice for the Belizean people.

Los Dinamicos band from the quaint village of San Joaquin, Corozal District was founded in 1965 by a truly energetic and talented group of young Corozale�os.

The band was formed amongst Augusto Ellis and his brother Antonio Tamay circa 1965. Jose Humberto "Tito" Castro the singer was the football trainer of the famous San Joaquin football team which won three National Football Championships. Tito's unique voice and musical talent helped the band excel. Joaquin Maga�a Sr. joined the band with his own keyboard. That created an opportunity for him but also for the band because Maga�as dad, Salustiano Maga�a, assisted the band financially, in the acquiring of good instruments which the band paid back to Mr. Maga�a over time. The band became well equipped with better instruments making it a very good band. Los Dinamicos was well known throughout Belize, Toledo District was the only district that the band never played in or visited.

Every year, the band would play from 7:00 PM until 11:00 PM for the annual San Joaquin Fiesta. Los Dinamicos was popular too across the border in neighbouring Chetumal, Mexico playing for the Lion's Club International on many occasions. The Lion's Den in Chetumal was the most prestigious dance hall in that city, at the time.

The band played several times at the Esplanada De La Bandera in Chetumal, Mexico as well. They won the Battle of the Bands contest in Corozal District where five different bands participated. Los Dinamicos was very popular because of the type of music it played. It played what the people liked; That made them unique, very popular and loved.

In 1972 the band broke up due to internal problems. When it broke up, is when the band was at its best. Unfortunately there are no know recordings of Los Dinamicos but the Corozal Daily managed to capture this unique band in one rare photo that was provided to us my Mr. Joaquin Maga�a Sr., one of the band players.

We understand that Tito Castro and Apolonio Puck have both passed away and possibly other but not confirmed.

Los Dinamicos consisted of keyboard Joaquin Magana Sr., Alto saxphone Augusto Ellis, Tenor saxophone Antonio Tamay, singer Jose Humberto "Tito" Castro, drums Antonio Arana, bass Antonio Valdes, guitar Apolonio Puck, percussions and singers Mario,
Duncan, Tom & Joe Ellis.

The Corozal Daily wishes to thank Mr. Joaquin Maga�a Sr. of San Joaquin Village for this invaluable piece of Corozal's history. The photo provided is copyright material and property of Joaquin Magana Sr..

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