And while he won't lose weight over it - he might gain weight with all the sweet news that's coming out of BSI. After a season that started very late due to weather and labour agitation, the 2014 sugar crop looks like it won't be so bad after all. Vega told us about it today:..

Hon. Gaspar Vega
"The quota for the sugar has already been met or just about. So we are going to be able to supersede the quota. We are really having an extremely good crop this year. That is because of the investment that ASR has done in the factory because in such a short time, we have been able to mill an average of twenty percent more than what we used to mill just last year. They have invested something like twenty-five million dollars just in the last year in introducing some evaporators so that the factory doesn't have to close down every two weeks to service and stuff like that and it has really improved the milling capacity. And also the cane farmers, they have improved their fields, they have invested in replanting; they have changed attitudes especially habits in harvesting. They are ensuring that they deliver clean cane; they've been able to create this competitiveness in seeing which branch gets the highest paid for their cane. All of these things have enhanced the crop for this year."

The crop is scheduled to close at the end of the month but farmers hope that the weather holds up and that date can be extended to allow farmers to make more deliveries.

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