And while BEL's AGM was last night, the Belize Hotel Association held theirs today at the Biltmore Plaza. It was the first time that the Hoteliers got an opportunity to meet the new Director of the Belize Tourism Board, and 7News stopped by to speak with the executive.

The outgoing president, and the newly elected president told us that they are pleased with Karen Bevans' message of closer collaboration with them as industry stakeholders:

Douglas Thompson - Outoing President, BHA
"Today at the AGM we had elections. I did not run for re-election, I've been in the position for 5 years - that more than enough time in one spot. We have very able and younger folks that can do the job and so I am moving out to make room for the new blood."

Lisa Carr-Caceres - New President, BHA
"Doug has been our president for the past 5 years, so there is some very big shoes to fill. However as he mention BHA has gone through a lot of changes over the past 5 years especially our membership structure and our main goal is just to be become more and more self-sufficient, be effective in everything that we do and as BTB stated strengthen all of our partnerships and just create a network that will certainly raise our industry."

Herbert Haylock - President, BTIA
"One of the very distinct things that I think has come out of this session is the presentation that's been done by the director of tourism Mrs. Bevans highlighting I think what is a critical point that we have been saying over the last couple of years with emphasis the issue of partnership."

Karen Bevans - Director, BTB
"It shows that the industry is growing. It shows that the hotel association is ready and willing to collaborate with BTB and other stakeholders in the industry and the main initiative on their part is to try to push more initiatives and incentives that they could get tourist arrivals more in the low season - get more heads in beds June to November."

Douglas Thompson - Outoing President, BHA
"She was very well received. Her message was a good one, it's one that we appreciate. One of collaboration with public and private sector which is the model that we have been trying to achieve for many years."

Leisa Carr-Caceres was elected today along with a new board of directors for the BHA.

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