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The San Pedro Sun

Letter to the Editor: Response to proposed Emergency Medical Service
I found your recent article on the lack of emergency medical services in San Pedro both interesting and timely. I am retiring to San Pedro in the next several months along with friends of mine, and as fortune would have it we happen to be the trauma and emergency medical team for a hospital in Northern California. Although we are retiring from practice in the United States, we are by no means ready to stop practicing medicine. We would consider it a privilege to offer our services to the community of San Pedro and partner with the Polyclinic to provide around the clock emergency medical services. To this end, we would appreciate the community’s support in obtaining the appropriate medical licensing and work visas. Any parties interested in supporting our endeavors should feel free to contact me at [email protected] I would appreciate it if you could include this email in your newspaper as a response to the aforementioned article. Thank you.

Sea Cucumber Season to Close
The Belize Fisheries Department hereby informs all fisheries and the General Public that in accordance with Statutory Instrument No. 67 of 2009, Senator, the Honorable Lisel Alamilla – Minister of Forestry, Fisheries and Sustainable Development – declares that no person shall take, buy, sell or have in possession, export or attempt to export any sea cucumber after June 30th, 2014. Any person found in possession of sea cucumber after this date will be charged and prosecuted in a Court of Law in accordance to the Fisheries Regulations. The cooperation of the Fishing Community and the Public is greatly appreciated to ensure the sustainable use and conservation of this important fishery resource.

Misc Belizean Sourcesmzz

San Pedro Regatta 2014
Saturday, July 5at 10:00am Boca del Rio Park, San Pedro Town

Cave Garden Grand Reopening
The Cave Garden is having their grand reopening next Friday. Benque's #1 spot will be celebrating happy hour all night.

Duck Run Receives Solar Lights
The village of Duck Run had solar lights donated by the Rotary Club of Copperas Cove. They now have a safe, renewable source of light. Thanks, Rotary! "Solar lights for the Village of Duck Run were provided by the Rotary Club of Copperas Cove, Texas. Duck Run is located Northeast of San Ignacio in the Cayo District of Belize. These families were living without access to a safe source of light. Children were studying by kerosene lamps and candles. Kerosene lamps cause deaths and disfigurement due to burns. It also emits toxic fumes. The Village of Duck Run is now lit by safe solar lights provided by the Rotary Club of Copperas Cove. The Rotary Club of San Ignacio, Belize provided transpertation and assisted in the distribution. Thank you to the Ministry of Rural Development for their assistance in making this day possible."

Western Ballaz Trounce Tiger Sharks
The Western Ballaz defeated the Tiger Sharks 74-67 Friday night in the 2nd of the 3 playoff games. They will be playing in San Pedro today at 9:30 in the last playoff game. If you're interested in going to cheer them to victory, check out their page for more information. Pictures on fb.

Ozzy's Humor Therapy
Ozzy's Humor Festival is coming to Cayo. Today, it will be at Mae Gordon Park in Belmopan. Monday, it'll be here in Cayo. While they haven't given the venue, it'll probably be at the Cayo Welcome Center. Ozzy and his friends are touring all over Belize to bring laughs to everyone. They were at BTL Park Friday night. Thanks, Ozzy!

University of Belize Graduation
Congratulations to all the University of Belize graduates! In related news, UB has their latest issue of their e-bulletin out.

CNWA Safety Day
The Cayo Neigborhood Watch Association had their Cayo Safety Day last weekend, and there was a huge turnout for the fun, games, and displays. They had a karate exposition too, performed by the Kazoku Shotokan Dojyo. Thanks, CNWA!

The Reporter

Isabel Bennett – the long road to recovery
The Webster’s Dictionary defines strength, with reference to character, as “the ability to resist being moved or broken by a force” or “the quality that allows someone to deal with problems in a determined and effective way.” According to this definition, strength is only visible […]

The Gang Resistance Education and Training (GREAT) program

The Gang Resistance Education and Training (GREAT) program held graduation this week for 120 boys and girls from the Bishop O.P. Martin Roman Catholic Primary School in San Ignacio Town. The students underwent 13 weeks of training on how to say no to gangs and how to protect themselves. It […]

Brazilians evacuate area near stadium following sinkhole collapse
Brazilian authorities have evacuated residents from a stadium near one of Brazil’s World Cup stadiums following the collapse of a huge sinkhole. Partially-collapsed homes on the edge of the crater in Natal still filled with furniture and household appliances stood dangerously close to collapsing. […]

Cane farmers to meet season quota despite late start
Despite the two-month delay for the start for the 2013-2014 sugar cane crops, the cane industry is preparing to either meet or exceed its 1.2 million ton quota. According to John Gillett, factory manager for Belize Sugar Industries Limited, the factory milled over 1,068,000 tons […]

Patrick JonesPJ

BEL announces multi-million dollar profit for 2013
The state-owned Belize Electricity Limited this week reported a net profit of 18.7 million dollars for last year. The announcement of the multi-million dollar profit was made during BEL’s annual general meeting which was held on Thursday night in Belize City. Lower costs of financing and the lower cost of power are credited with contributing to the 2013 profits for BEL. It is a major turn around, after BEL posted a $16 million loss the previous year. Senior Financial manager Betty Tam told Channel 7 News on Friday that BEL saw a 5% increase in sales, and when combined with a decrease in the cost of power by 8% helped the company to turn the 18 million dollar profit. According to Channel 7, BEL announced at its annual general meeting that $5.6 million will be paid out in dividends to shareholders.

Conservation group warns: logging concessions doing more harm than good
The Steadfast Tourism and Conservation Association has issued a press release expressing concerns about the impact of logging operations on the Billy Barquediar National Park. The release wasted no time in saying that “logging concessions in the upper mountain catchment areas of the Manatee Forest Reserve and the Mullins River Basin have resulted in removal of critical vegetation that now pose a major threat to the very important watersheds of North Stann Creek and Mullins River.” The Association goes on to explain that the impact will be negative for areas along the Manatee Road, commonly referred to as the “Coastal Road”, Dangriga Town, Mullins River Village, and eventually the Barrier Reef. Chairman of the Steadfast Tourism and Conservation Association Anthony Hislop, told Channel 7 News on Friday that “logs have been removed directly from within the creek head which the national integrated water resource have with government grounds.”

US State Department says Belize is not doing enough to stop trafficking in persons
The government of the United States has again put Belize on its Tier 2 Watch List, claiming that the government of Prime Minister Dean Barrow is not complying with the minimum standards of the Trafficking Victims Protection Acts. Belize is one of 7 regional nations singled out for inclusion on the Watch List. The 2014 Trafficking in Persons report which was released in Washington D.C. on Friday notes that the countries of the Caribbean are making great strides towards complying with the standard set out by the Trafficking Victims Protection Acts but also points out that the number of victims of severe forms of trafficking on the list is “very significant or is significantly increasing.” The countries of the region that appear on the Tier 2 Watch List are Antigua and Barbuda, Belize, Guyana, Haiti, Jamaica, St. Vincent and the Grenadines and Suriname. The United States’ State Department said on the Tier 2 Watch List, there is also a failure to provide evidence of increasing efforts to combat severe forms of trafficking in persons from the previous year in these countries.


Whirlwind Belize City shopping tour
Did a whirlwind Belize City shopping tour Wednesday and by whirlwind I seriously mean it mean it. 11 places in the span of about 5h – we really got around. In addition to 4 cabs we still got our exercise in for the day, my movement tracker shows 3.97 miles walked. I was planning to take the 8:00:am flight and due to work and the 9:00am being full, I ended up on the 10 am Tropic Air.That mean the race would be very close, Mary and Michael took the 8:30 am boat and our plan was to meet at Brodie’s between 10:00am and 10:30 – they won by a couple of minutes. My cab ride from Municipal airport to Brodies $10 bzd and I got his card for later use. Belize travel tip – When doing mainland shopping trips it can be very hot and staying hydrated is important. Drink extra water on the way to stops where you know you will have a bathroom option.

Follow the Signs to The New Rum+Bean Cafe & Mahogany Bay Village, South Ambergris Caye
WHERE? you may ask and as of early this morning, so would I. Mahogany Bay Village is a relatively new, sometimes controversial area just south of me at about Mile 2 South Ambergris Caye. At one time, when the land was being filled it was dubbed “Sugar Caye” but that was later changed and in the past year, the area has seem some HEAVY construction. I’ve only really seen it from the air. The large front gate to the area, yes but inside, I had yet to take a peek. So earlier this week when lots of signs went up south of town like this… And then I heard the new cafe was in this development, I knew I needed to go take a look. And this morning I did. Here is what I was surprised to find. I walked past the gorgeous Victoria House entrance… And then on the right hand side is this ELABORATE gate right below the BWS water tower. The Rum+Bean sign is fluttering in the wind and the gates are finally open! The first two fully finished and opened buildings. On the right is the Mahogany Bay village offices and of the left, the gorgeous Rum+Bean Cafe.

“Go Now” to San Pedro, Ambergris Caye, Belize.
I’m out on the veranda. Yes the western (lagoon) facing one. It’s just past 01.00 hours. I’ve got no mug of black coffee with me – come on , it would keep me awake for hours- but I do have the iPad with me. Regular readers are now starting to think thworld has turned upside down. I mean he (that’s me) always gets up early. And that’s the time of the day that he writes about. Why’s he writing his blog at 1 pm (remember you’re thinking this, not me. If it had been me I’d have said 01.00 hours). Well I’m writing it now because I’ve got just back from attending the 2014 San Pedro Lobsterfest Block Party and, because I had a particularly good time and a fair amount to drink, I still feel wide awake. So I thought why not knock out an edition now. Now if I were erudite – and I’m not- and had the energy – which I don’t – I’d give a couple of paragraphs to how Lobstersfest started in 2008 (or was it 2007 ?) . But I won’t. I mean its late and I need to go to bed. If not how can I be expected to be out here ( on the western veranda) at 04.00 hours (it’s me now so it’s the 24 hour clock).

International Sourcesizz

Diving Sapodilla Cayes Marine Reserve
Polly Alford was born in Kent, Southeast England. “I left when I was sixteen. I took a secretarial course and became a high-powered secretary for a private hotel in the West End of London,” she related. She was relaxed, having a drink in the garden of the Colonial Inn in Punta Gorda, Belize. The setting is far removed from this 47-year old’s former life selling time-shares in Portugal, motor cars in UK and her night-school education in marketing. She moved to Punta Gorda a southern city on the Gulf of Honduras. It became the base for Reef CI and Blue Reef Adventures. Polly now leases Tom Owen’s Caye from its American owners. It is the southern-most key or ‘caye’ in the Sapodilla Cayes Marine Reserve. Tom Owen’s Caye is 36 miles from Punta Gorda. The trip to the island requires an almost 2-hour ride in an open launch. The reserve covers 174 square miles. It runs in a fish hook shape with Tom Owen’s Caye at the southernmost end.


Video: Art in the Park | Corozal, Belize, 4min.

Video: Snorkel and Snuba in Roatan and Belize, 6min.
Snorkel in Roatan & Belize, April, 2014.

Video: Scuba Diving at ReefCI Belize - Suyog Deshpande, 5min.
Video from my volunteer vacations with ReefCI, Belize. Shot at the Tom Owen's Caye and Honeymoon North Reef.

Video: Maya Ceremony flute presentation in San Pedro, Belize, 1min.
San Pedro, Belize did a Blessing Ceremony at the Marco Gonzalez site.

Video: Belize 2014, 10min.
Documentary-like video for my recent mission trip to Belize.