As we mentioned before, the rehabilitation of the airstrip in Orange Walk is part of a larger plan for the country by the Belize Airport Authority. The work says Minister of Tourism Manuel Heredia, is for increased safety for the travelers.

“There are plans in the near future for Caye Caulker there is not much deterioration on the surface itself but it has several dents which when the airplanes are landing or taking off it is not so safe so hopefully early in the new year we will be working on that one. There are also plans for the Pine Ridge, we have serious problems in the Caracol archeological site, by road many times they cannot access by road so if we do an airstrip that had been planned before then we believe that a lot of tourist will be going to that area and we have plans already looking already with Cosesna, they are the central regional institutional that where Belize is part and every year we get funding from them for different aspects of the industry so we are looking at them to make sure how we can finance both Caye Caulker and the Pine Ridge one.”

The project also includes work on the Municipal Airstrip in Belize City where they want to place running lights. In this particular part of the project, Government has budgeted about fifty million dollars. The improvements there will help the more effective and efficient management of emergencies in San Pedro Town.