If You Can Sing It... Bring It - Auditions (June 24, 2014) from Great Belize Productions Ltd. on Vimeo.

BRING IT is Channel 5's newest show. BRING IT will be a battle between Belize's top vocal talents. We KNOW they can SING IT..but now they must BRING IT! If you can sing it, bring it´┐Ż our sensational new entertainment show premiered as promised on Tuesday night with recorded auditions of those artists who dared to step up to the mic in their quest to become the numero uno vocalist on national television. They brought their A game with a diverse genre of music from gospel to reggae soul, R and B, and country. They came from everywhere: the city´┐Ż. towns and communities from all over the jewel; and they have one thing in common, the chance of a real shot to a professional singing career. A cash prize of thousands of dollars is also a huge motivation. Now a panel of coaches have selected the first twenty and you get to pick fifteen who will go on to the first round of live competition this coming Tuesday at the Bliss Institute for Performing Arts.