Carlos Acosta

Hard on the heels of the National Elite Basketball League championship, the San Pedro Tiger Sharks are preparing to take on a Mexican delegation of athletes this weekend in Corozal Town.� The National Sports Council, through its District Sports Coordinator, and the Corozal Basketball Association have teamed up to organize a weekend of sporting events for diehard fans.� On Friday and Saturday, the Tiger Sharks, as well as the Corozal Predators, will do battle on the full court against professional teams from north of the border.� Organizers say it's going to be an ideal time to spend the weekend in Corozal Town.

Carlos Acosta, District Sports Coordinator, Corozal

"This is a sports exchange that we have been working with the Mexican brothers from Merida, Yucatan, Campeche states and Cancun which is Quintana Roo and we have done this in football for females and under-ten children and youths and now it's the chance for basketball.� We're having two teams coming to Corozal Town on the twenty-seventh and twenty-eighth, it's this weekend here Friday, in a quadrangular.� We have the Cometas of Campeche, it's a professional team, and we have the selection of Escarsiga which is the same Campeche State.� They will be coming to town on Friday and the first games will be at seven p.m. at the civic center against the Elite Champions, that is the San Pedro Tiger Sharks that recently won the tournament in basketball for Belize and also our home team which is the Predators of Corozal."

Isani Cayetano

"What can be expected in terms of the organization of this event and what fans can expect of basketball at this level?"

Anthony Andrews

Anthony Andrews, President, Corozal Basketball Association

"Well it's basketball to the maximum.� It's going to be a massive tournament but also we have the sponsorship of Kubuli who will do an after bash, you know.� While the game is playing on Saturday night, Kubuli will open its bar, Youth Connection, Tanya Carter and so forth.� So it will be a splendid weekend in Corozal for all fans of basketball and party."

Isani Cayetano

"Is there anything else you guys would want to mention that I may be overlooking?"

Carlos Acosta

"Well I just want to say that I want to thank the federation of basketball of Belize, the BBA and also the Mexican federation who are participating in this international exchange and hopefully this will be put in place for the entire country of Belize.� There is a way to do it and we want to invite the public, we want to invite all basketball fans from Belize City, from Dangriga, Cayo, Orange Walk to come out, this is one of the biggest events in basketball since other games, CARICOM Games, that have been hosted in Belize.� It's two days of games and we expect that the Mexicans come and play good and also expect our Belizean team to represent us to the maximum."

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