If B.T.L.'s new numbering
system has you a little confused,
don't worry there's hope in
sight. Tomorrow, copies of the
2002 telephone directory hit
coffee tables all over Belize.
According to B.T.L.'s Public
Relations Manager, Suzette
Tillett, the list of digits comes complete with the
new numbers you need to dial.

Suzette Tillett, P.R. Manager, B.T.L.
"The new directories are a bit late since we tried to
bring the new numbers in this new directory, so that's
the reason why the new directory is late. We've put all
the new numbers in it, so it will be a plus for people
since the new implementation with the numbering
plan, you'd be able to, when you don't know a number,
the new number will be in that directory. For this new
directory, the cover highlights the team that won gold
for the Central American Games. This coincides with
B.T.L.'s commitment to sports and promoting these
youths. The directory is widely used, so we thought it
would be a nice idea to publish them on our cover this

One new feature incorporated in this year's
directory is a list of email addresses in the pink
section. Customers can pick up copies of the new
phonebook at any branch office starting