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The San Pedro Sun

NAC/CCM continue outreach activities throughout San Pedro
Press Release – NAC/CCM Island Committee – June 18, 2014 - Throughout the month of May the National AIDS Commission (NAC) / Country Coordinating Mechanism (CCM) Island Committee along with the Pan American Social Marketing Organization (PASMO) and the Dr. Otto Rodriguez Polyclinic II realized several outreach activities throughout the San Pedro community. Reaching thousands, […]

Bill Collector wins the 2014 Dia de San Pedro Fishing Rodeo
On Sunday, June 29th, the San Pedro Town Council (SPTC) hosted the annual Dia de San Pedro Fishing Rodeo at the Boca del Rio Park. The Fishing Rodeo culminated the Dia de San Pedro Celebrations, and as such was celebrated with a grand beach party. As a large crowd gathered at the park awaiting the […]

NAC/CCM continue outreach activities throughout San Pedro
Press Release – NAC/CCM Island Committee – June 18, 2014 - Throughout the month of May the National AIDS Commission (NAC) / Country Coordinating Mechanism (CCM) Island Committee along with the Pan American Social Marketing Organization (PASMO) and the Dr. Otto Rodriguez Polyclinic II realized several outreach activities throughout the San Pedro community. Reaching thousands, […]

San Pedro Junior Sailing Club to host 5th National Ranking Regatta
The San Pedro Junior Sailing Club (SPJSC) has been dominating the 2014 Sailing Season, and on Saturday, July 5th and Sunday, July 6th they will be hosting the first ever San Pedro Sailing Regatta. This regatta is the fifth Belize Sailing Association rational ranking regatta of the season. The 2014 Sailing Season consists of nine […]

Isla Bonita Elementary receives 20 iPads
Isla Bonita Elementary has received a donation of 20 iPads to be used by the students. The donation was facilitated through Northern Cross Foundation by an anonymous donor. According to Principal Addy Martinez, the iPads will be used in the computer lab as substitute computer systems, serving to modernize the school and improve the students’ […]

Ambergris Today

Flashbacks: Rosary Boat Procession at Sea for Dia de San Pedro
The Rosary is a Catholic rite practiced in various forms here in San Pedro. It is done at Church, at homes, wakes, and the processions on the streets of the town. It was in the 1980’s that our parish priest, the late Reverend Robert Razskowski along with Mrs. Vilma Arceo (+) thought of the idea of a rosary procession at sea to honor Saint Peter who is the Patrol Saint of San Pedro. Ever since then and up until today we have the annual sea procession on June 29 about 5 a.m. commencing at the main pier in front of Central Park.

Pic of the Week: Dolphin Encounters in Ambergris Caye, Belize
Dolphin encounters while diving in Belize are not all that rare, but still there are only a lucky few who get to see them up close and capture an image like this. Israel Moran was diving in the Tres Cocos area, just off the shores of Ambergris Caye, Belize, with his clients and was able to take this snap of a pod of friendly dolphins passing overhead.

Belize Telemedia Explains Countrywide Internet Issues
Belize Telemedia Ltd. (BTL) advises its DSL customers that the Company continues to experience connectivity or slow browsing issues with our internet service. This is as a result of an external attack to their system and their technical teams are working to find a permanent solution. If you have difficulty accessing the internet, you are asked to kindly power cycle your modem. If the issue continues, please call the Call Center at 119 to make a formal report so that it can be investigated further. Customers are informed that the BTL Technical Teams are working to normalize internet service. "We are please to share that the Company is in the process of upgrading its equipment which will provide advanced security features and improved service reliability. We apologize for any inconveniences caused and thank you for your patience and support."

Island Celebrates a Cultural Dia De San Pedro
The San Pedro Town Council and the San Pedro House of Culture organized a weeklong celebratory event that lead to the celebration of Dia de San Pedro (San Pedro Day) on Sunday, June 29, 2014. The activities paid homage to the island’s patron saint and highlighted the rich history and culture of San Pedro, Ambergris Caye. Events kicked off on Friday, June 20, 2014, with the religious traditions of “La Bajada” and authentic fisherman’s breakfast which then led to a week-long art and photo exhibit featuring the founding members of the Caribeña Producers Cooperative, as well as San Pedro fishermen.

Misc Belizean Sourcesmzz

Gospel Fellowship Chapel In shipyard Colony
An evangelical church plant, offers excommunicated Old Colony Mennonite families hope and opportunities in the heart of Shipyard Colony in Belize. Horses wait with buggies during a church service in Shipyard Colony, Belize, where Gospel Fellowship Chapel reaches out to colony members. Gospel Fellowship Chapel counts 60 attendees, but the number of lives it has touched over a decade is far greater, said Pastor Henry Rede­kopp. The church is partially supported by the Canada-based Evangelical Mennonite Mission Conference. The church is one of three EMMChas in Belize. “We are mostly a transitional place,” Redekopp said while on sabbatical in Manitoba. “That’s not as exciting, because we’d like to see the church grow. It is growing, but it’s not being seen there because the new believers leave.”

Belize Chamber of Commerce - Innovative Training

Ask the Prime Minister
Have a question you've been wanting to ask the Prime Minister? Then here's your chance! Send your questions to our inbox and Prime Minister Hon. Dean Barrow will answer your question on national television. Send your questions by Wednesday, July 2, 2014 at 9:00 am.

Cayo Hosts BAAS Week
The Institute of Archaeology is having the Belize Archaeology and Anthropology Symposium starting tomorrow, July 1st, at the San Ignacio Resort Hotel. "Join the National Institute of Culture & History July 1st through July 4th for the 12th Annual Belize Archaeology and Anthropology Symposium at our Bedran Hall! It’s definitely not one to miss!"

Channel 7

New-born Baby Dies Under Unknown Circumstance
There were 4 shootings in Belize City, which resulted in 2 fatalities, and 2 victims who continue to recover from injuries. In the Stann Creek Creek, a man was mauled to death by 2 pitbull dogs. But, we start our newscast tonight, with a tragedy from Corozal. Police from that district are awaiting the results of a post-mortem to determine how a 20 days' old premature baby died. The child, who would have been named Laureny Pena, was at home with her parents, Laura and Raul Pena, at their house in San Andres Village. At around 2 o'clock on Saturday morning, they woke up and realized that little Laureny wasn't breathing. They then rushed her to the Corozal Community Hospital, but, by the time they arrived, the doctors couldn't do anything for her.

Independence Man Mauled To Death By Pit Bulls
And tonight, there's a highly controversial story developing in Independence Village, in which Joy Grant, the Minister of Energy, Science and Technology is under scrutiny by police investigators. 23 year-old Jeffrey O'Brien, a village resident from Independence was returning home from a fishing trip at around 11 o'clock on Friday night. When he passed by Grant's House 2 pit bulls rushed out, attacked him, and bit him several times. He was discovered by an elderly man in the village who alerted other neighbours. He was then rushed to the hospital, but he died before he could receive medical treatment. The issue tonight is that police are unsure who the dogs belong to, but they believe that Grant is the owner. Today, we tried to contact Grant herself for comments, but she wasn't available. Her Ministry CEO, Dr. Colin Young, responded to our formal request for a call back, and informed us that Grant was unavailable at this time because she was in a meeting.

Belize City Man Found Stabbed To Death
In Belize City, the first man to lose his life to violence this weekend was 22 year-old Samuel Steven Miguel, a resident of West Street. Residents woke up sometime after 5 o'clock on Saturday morning, and they his body in a parking lot off Cemetery Road, right next to Magic Fingers - which is opposite to the Raymond Parks Homeless Shelter. Steven Miguel was only his boxer briefs, and he had stab wounds to his head. Police from precinct 1 are trying figure out who killed him, and why. Today, they explained what they found on the scene:

Malcolm Wagner Killed Near To His Home
The 2 second Belize City man who died this weekend was 24-year-old Malcolm Wagner. About 12 hours after Samuel Miguel was found dead, Wagner was standing at the corner of Flamboyant and Poinsettia Streets when a vehicle drove up, and a man opened fire on him from inside. 5 bullets were meant for him, but 3 found their mark. An attempt was made on Wagner's life almost a year ago, but on Saturday, his assailants made sure that he wouldn't escape a second time. 7News went looking for answers today, and Daniel Ortiz reports: Sgt. Ismael Westby, NCO-CIB, Precinct 2 "Police responded to the Karl Heusner Memorial Hospital where they saw a male person who was identified as Malcolm Wagner, 24 years old of a Flamboyant Street address suffering from gunshots wounds to the lower back; two to the lower back and one to the right side leg. Based on that respond that police did, an initial investigation revealed that Malcolm Wagner was standing at the corner of Poinsettia and Flamboyant Streets sometime around 5:30pm when a vehicle drove by with a male person in there who fired several shots at him."

Taxi-man Ambushed By Gunmen On Bikes
31 year-old Albert Castro, a Taxi Driver from Belize City, continues to recover from gunshot injuries he suffered early this morning. It happened at around 3 o'clock when he was driving his green Mazda car while in the company of a 26 year-old female passenger. When he arrived at the corner of Faber's Road and Watermelon Street, they were approached by a man who rode up to them on bicycles and opened fire. Police from Precinct 2 explained more today: Sgt. Ismael Westby, NCO-CIB, Precinct 2 "This morning around 3:35am police responded to information received where they visited the Karl Heusner Memorial Hospital and there they saw Mr. Albert Castro, he is 31 years of a McKay Boulevard address, suffering from a gunshot wound to the head. Initial investigation from the police reveals that Mr. Castro was driving a light green four door Mazda car which is taxi car from the direction of the George Price Highway towards the Central American Boulevard and whilst approaching the corner of Faber's Road and Watermelon Street, two male persons, riding opposite direction, approached the car and fired shots to the direction of the car causing the injuries. The car also has been processed where police found suspected bullet holes on the roof of the car and the passenger side door of the car."

Off-Duty BDF Soldier Was Ambushed
And finally for tonight, we report on the shooting incident in which a BDF soldier seems to have been the intended target. At around 7:30 pm on Saturday, a mere 2 hours after Malcolm Wagner was killed, 23-year-old Carlton Augustine was socializing with 4 friends in a yard on Curl Thompson Street when a man ambushed the crowd and fired gunshots at them. Augustine was struck by 2 of those bullets, and today investigators told the media why out of the 5 men, they believe that he was the man the shooter intend to hurt: Sgt. Ismael Westby, NCO-CIB, Precinct 2 "On Saturday night, 28th June, 2014 where sometime around 7:58p.m., police visited the Karl Heusner Memorial Hospital where the person identified as Carlton Augustine, 23 year old B.D.F. soldier of a Curl Thompson Street address was seen suffering from gunshot wound to the upper right ribcage and to the upper left arm. Initial investigations led us to that Carlton Augustine was socializing with some friends in a yard on the same street when a male person wearing a grey shirt ran into the yard and fired several shots towards his direction causing his injuries. Based on that investigation, police have canvassed in the area and at this present moment, we believe that he was the intended target."

Almost a month ago, the Belize Grassroots Youth Empowerment Association (BGYEA) managed to get a victory against the Government of Belize when Justice Courtney Abel discharged the injunction that the Acting Solicitor General brought against them. The Government warned that if they wanted, they could just keeping bring those injunctions back, and today, they did just that. In this new injunction, the Acting Solicitor General wants a declaration that Government is the owner of the land, a declaration that BGYEA and its members don't have a right to be on the land, and a case of trespass directly against Nigel Petillo and Sam Patton. As we've told you, the Government wants to keep some 20 acres of land in the Harmonyville community as road reserve. They've designated that it is a buffer zone, and should remain untouched, but BGYEA wants to develop it by planting corn there. The case went back before Justice Abel today, and we asked their attorney about this new tactic from the government to keep the land away from BGYEA:

Biker Stopped For Traffic Violations; Got Caught Trafficking
Nineteen year old Aaron Flowers, a tour guide of Antelope Street Extension, was charged with 2 counts of drug trafficking when he appeared today before Magistrate Herbert Panton. Flowers was also charged with bribery of a police officer, drove an unlicensed motor vehicle, drove a motor vehicle while not being the holder of a valid driver's license and drove a motor vehicle not covered by third party insurance. Flowers was released on a bail of $2,500. His next court date is August 26. The incident occurred on June 26. Police reports are that they intercepted a motor cycle driven by Flowers at a check point at mile 4 on George Price Highway and they busted Flowers with 2 parcels of cannabis, one that weighed 317 grams and the other that weighed 66 grams. The police also alleged that Flowers attempted to bribe police constable Renel Pou by offering him $500. The police said that the motor cycle Flowers was driving was unlicensed and was not covered by third party insurance. The police also said that Flowers was not the holder of a valid driver's license.

Hon. Faber's Vehicle Ran Into Police Mobile
In our last segment, we told you about the scrutiny that police have ongoing for Minister Joy Grant, well tonight, we tell you about a traffic accident in which Education Minister Patrick Faber was one of the parties involved. Police haven't released any details of this accident, but today, we got in contact with Faber by phone, and he told his version of the events. Via text messages he told us today, Quote, "Yesterday I was in a small traffic mishap with a police vehicle on the roundabout at the corner at St. Thomas Street and Freetown Town Rd. While on the roundabout turning on to St. Thomas Street pretty sure I had the right away, I was forced to bring my vehicle to a stop at which point the police mobile apparently in an emergency pursuit sped across the roundabout northern bound on Freetown road, colliding with my vehicle. I did not hear police sirens or see flashings lights. Nobody was injured in the small traffic accident and both vehicles involved received minor damages. As a result of these minor damages and because the police claim to have been in an emergency pursuit I have agreed to take on the cost of very minor repairs to the police vehicle. I take the opportunity to thank all those who were concerned about my safety upon hearing about this little mishap." End quote.

Charged For Shooting A Man twice His Age
Twenty year old Steve Moss, a construction worker of 7165 Caesar Ridge Road, who was allegedly involved in the shooting of 40 year old Walter Beaton, was charged with use of deadly means of harm and wounding when he appeared today before The Chief Magistrate, Anne Marie Smith. Moss was remanded into custody until August 27. The incident occurred on June 13. Police reports are that Beaton was involved in a dispute with a woman at the corner of Kraal Road and Caesar Ridge Road and as he was riding off a man rode by on a bicycle and shot him in his left hand. Beaton jumped off his bicycle into a drain and stayed there until the police arrived.

His Over- Full Bus Lead To Negligent Death?
In March, we told you about how a 63 year-old man fell out of a bus and died on the Northern Highway because the bus was allegedly too full to take all those passengers. Well tonight, the driver of that bus stands criminally charged for his death He's Forty-eight Modesto Lizarraga, a Santa Rita Road, Corozal Town, who allegedly caused the death of 63 year old Jose "Pantas" Villanueva. He was charged and arraigned on manslaughter by negligence when he appeared today before Magistrate Herbert Panton. Lizarraga was also charged with causing death by careless conduct and drove motor vehicle without due care and attention.

BTIA Gets Their First Day In Court Against NCL
Today was first day in court in which the Belize Tourism Industry Association is trying to block Norwegian Cruise Line's mega cruise development on Harvest Caye in Southern Belize. As we've reported on numerous times, BTIA contends that the Department of Environment rushed through the public consultation process on the project, and pushed through a development which wasn't environmentally sound. Justice Abel heard the first of their attorney's arguments today, and after the session, we asked Godfrey Smith to explain it to us: Godfrey Smith, Attorney for B.T.I.A. "In a nutshell we're saying at this stage we just have to show the court that we have an arguable case that the DoE and the NEAC made a mistake. They made a mistake, in layman's terms, by not recommending a public hearing when the law has a list of factors that should be considered in deciding whether to have a public hearing. So the environmental law lists like the magnitude of the project, the complexity of it, the magnitude of the investment, whether there is a deep interest in it by the public.

CPBL Workers Will Get Increased Wages
Last week, we told you about how the Christian Worker's Union signed a memorandum of understanding with the Citrus Workers in the South. It's supposed to result in better wages for those workers from the Citrus Products of Belize Limited, and while we had the opportunity, we asked CWU President Matura-Shepherd to explain how it will work: Audrey Matura-Shepherd, President, Christian Workers Union "The main thing in that proposal was that workers got a salary increase and that is always good news for workers. It is done in four phases; phase 1 is in the first year; they get 17 cents increase on the hour. Phase two, which is the following year, they get 18 cents on the hour and then the third and fourth year they get 20 cents increase on the hour. That aspect is good, however, that's an agreement that was negotiated by our predecessor and now it was just being implemented. We had some fine tuning we had to do and of course we know that CPBL has a new board of management so we wanted to make sure that they also agreed with what was negotiated by their previous board."

Byron Pope Won't Go To Glasgow
Cyclist Byron Pope, the defending national road champions and and one of Belize's hopes for a medal at the upcoming Commonwealth Games in Glasgow later this year, will have to miss the Games. That's after he injured two spinal vertebrae when he had a terrible accident this weekend. It happened this weekend when he was competing in Saturday's individual time trials for the national road championships. During his ride, he ended up collided with a parked vehicle while competing in last organized by the Cycling Federation of Belize on the Burrell Boom bypass road on Saturday, June 28.

Hon. King And The Land Amnesty
We've been telling you all about the land amnesty program currently being done in the Lake Independence area. The way it's supposed to work is that those residents who have been trying to get land titles for properties they've been living on for years will all get the assistance of their area representative and the Lands Department to fast-track the process. Today, about 100 more residents in Lake I got the benefit of the program and Area Rep. Mark King invited the media out to see it process in action. Here's what he told us: Hon. Mark King, Area Representative - Lake Independence "Today as promise we have the land amnesty program running in Lake I. The program aims at giving leases, helping people with issues they'd been having to get their titles and turning those into purchase, also reducing purchase prices for people. In here a land roughly cost $3,000 - $5,000, we give them for $500 - $800 - so you help them reduce the price and get their land title. It also caters for new land owners. Whenever the government gets new land as in the Cotton Tree case; lets say they get 30 lands, we out them alongside other land that we get and we give it to new land owners. Lets say you just turn 18 or you lives in your mother's back yard and stuff. We have data on people that have it for a while living in their parents back yard and we give them a new land - stuff like that."

Carinosa's Crustacean Fixation Now 20 Years And Counting
By now, you've probably been to a few, or at least one of the lobster festivals either in Placencia or in Caye Caulker - that's unless seafood or partying isn't your thing. But after 20 years in existence, Lobster Fest is still alive and well, and still as vibrant it was 20 years ago when the idea was born on Caye Caulker. And how much so? Well, that's what our news team decided to go find out. Daniel Ortiz was the island this weekend, and he has this report:

The Disorderly Caye Goers
And in April, we told you that San Pedro Belize Express had a major mishap in which hundreds of their customers were plunged into the sea when their pier broke down. Well, being out there on the island ourselves, we got an first-hand experience of how. You see, the last boat back to Belize City - which is where most of the visitors were heading - leaves at 5 o'clock. Now, everybody is partying and having a good time, and then, everybody wants to take that last boat. The trouble is that it becomes a big push to get on the boat. It happened again this weekend where the crowd who wanted to leave the island started to behave mob-like pushing each other in an almost panicked attempt to get to the front. Add alcohol to the mix, and it makes for a volatile situation to escalate very easily. The boats had to be delayed for at least half hour before everybody could get on.

Channel 5

Samuel Miguel smashed on the head with a cement block and dies
There were two murders over the weekend and by any account both were senseless. Early on Saturday morning, the body of Samuel Miguel was found in a parking lot on [...]

Malcolm “Frisky” Wagner shot & killed – family says he was lured to his death
Approximately twelve hours after the lifeless body of Samuel Miguel was found, several shots rang out on Flamboyant Street in the Lake Independence Area. Malcolm “Frisky” Wagner was targeted by [...]

Taxi operator clings to life after being shot to the head
The gun-violence continued through to the wee hours of this morning. Thirty-one year old Albert Castro is clinging to life at the Karl Heusner Memorial Hospital after he was shot [...]

B.D.F. soldier shot as he socialized in the Jane Usher Boulevard Area
There is another shooting to report; twenty-three year old Carlton Augustine, a B.D.F. soldier, is recovering from gunshot wounds he sustained over the weekend.  On Saturday night, shortly before eight [...]

Minister of Education is unscathed in Belize City accident
There were several accidents over the weekend resulting in one fatality in Independence and at least ten person injured in Independence and Belmopan. We start with a fender bender in [...]

Man perishes in a collision with bus loaded with students in Independence
An elderly man is dead and at least six others injured in a horrible road traffic accident this morning. It happened in the Savannah area about two miles from the [...]

Man mauled to death by pit-bulls in the south
  There is another death to report tonight and it involves a man who was mauled to death in Independence in southern Belize. Jeffrey O’brien was returning home from a [...]

2 brothers in the P.U.P. camp are casualties of immigration scandal
On Friday we told you about Martin Cal, a candidate on the People’s United Party municipal slate in Belmopan. Cal was asked to step down by party officials after his [...]

Audit confirms missing monies at the B.S.C.F.A.
An employee of the Belize Sugar Cane Farmers Association has been terminated, and five others are in the hot seat after an audit turned up the misappropriation of funds. It [...]

G.O.B. versus BGYEA – case is back before the court
This morning it was the B.T.I.A. versus G.O.B., and this afternoon it was G.O.B. versus BGYEA. An action has been taken against the grassroots organization for trespassing in the buffer [...]

Case hearing begins in judicial review of NCL project
In May, the Belize Tourism Industry Association filed a claim seeking judicial review of the decision to green-light Norwegian Cruise Line’s massive tourism project on Harvest Caye. This morning, the [...]

Battle Camp 2014 – B.D.F. & Louisiana National Guard train to take on the enemy
At D’Silva Camp in Mountain Pine Ridge, volunteers of the Belize Defense Force and soldiers of the Louisiana National Guard are engaged in Battle Camp 2014. They are undergoing rigorous [...]

CWU signs collective bargaining agreement with CPBL
The Christian Workers’ Union has signed a collective bargaining agreement with the Citrus Products of Belize Limited. It covers only about one hundred workers, but it is an achievement for [...]

Corozal bus driver charged with manslaughter by negligence
Forty-nine year old bus driver of Corozal Town has been charged with manslaughter by negligence four months after a traffic mishap claimed the life of sixty-two year old Jose Elmer [...]

Cyclist Byron Pope hospitalized after traffic mishap
At the top of the newscast, we told you about three traffic accidents, but there is one more to report. A near-fatal collision on Saturday morning, involving well-known Belizean cyclist [...]

Pope says he could have lost his life
Pope says that if it was not for his helmet, a safety precaution mandated for use by all cyclists, he could have lost his life upon impact.  There is no [...]

Football reigned over the weekend; Kaya Cattouse has the stats
Good evening, I’m Kaya Cattouse and this is Sports Monday   Sunday evening at the Ladyville football field, Belize District Stars hosted San Antonio F.C. in the 2014 F.F.B. President’s [...]


BSI/ASR Brings Down Their Guard And Publicly Speaks On Baggasse Negotiations
The north is only a few days away from witnessing the closur

HECOPAB Carries Out Regional Testing
You can never be too careful, especially when it comes to yo

Grisell Carballo Represents Belize In Costa Maya
The Miss Costa Maya Pageant is scheduled to take place on Au

Officers Get Inspectec By Regional Commander
At the end of every month Police Officers in the Corozal Dis

Theme For September Celebrations Selected
We are more than two months away from kicking off the Septem

BSI/ASR Prepares For Cut In Sugar Prices
While there is no telling how the negotiations for payment o


Retrial Ordered For Drug Plane Case
Earlier in the week we reported that the Director of Public Prosecution, Cheryl Lyn Vidal, application to the Court of Appeal to have five police officers accused of assisting in landing a drug plan be retried. The five men, Corporal Renel Grant, Corporal Nelson Middleton, Sergeant Lawrence Humes, Customs Boatman Harold Usher, Sergeant Jacinto Roches, were acquitted of the crime in 2012. Vidal’s argument was that the trial judge made an error when he found that the evidence submitted was not enough. Today the Court of Appeal heard closing arguments and a decision was handed down and the court of appeal granted the application for leave to appeal. The verdict was set aside and a retrial was ordered. On November 13, 2010, a twin Engine Beechcraft King Air 200 landed in the Bladden Area of the Southern Highway. Inside the plane were thousands of pounds of compressed cocaine and the men are being accused of assisting in landing the plane.

Opposition Operative Fingered in Passport Scandal
Long time PUP supporter and political aspirant, Martin Cal, has been removed from the PUP’s Belmopan City slate for the next municipal election. The decision came earlier this week when it was made known that Cal was being fingered in the Auditor General Report. The report states that Cal signed a recommendation for one Simon Troung for him to obtain his passport. The report says that Cal stated that he knew Simon Troung for one year. The Auditor General finds that Martin Cal committed a prosecutable offense by signing Simon Troung’s 3 A recommender form. According to the Deputy Party Leader of the Western Caucus for the PUP, Julius Espat, Cal was removed because of the allegations. JULIUS ESPAT “We were informed through the Auditor General’s report that there were some accusations made with Martin; the Party Leader and the Party made a decision and sat with him for him not to participate as a candidate in the Belmopan Municipal Elections. The party leader believes it is important that we as a party give the candidates or give the people of Belmopan the opportunity to choose candidates what he is trying to move forward in the party right now. This is not to say that we are saying the Mr. Cal is guilty, we are not here to prove his innocence or guilt, it’s just that it is not beneficial for the party and the supporters of the People’s United Party to have this doubt hanging above the other candidates and I think Mr. Cal has been quite cooperative in that way too.”

Businessman Fails to Pay SS Contributions
Businessman Darrell Carter, was arraigned today by the Chief Magistrate, Anne Marie Smith for failure to pay social security contributions from February to May 2014. Carter pled not guilty to the charge. His case was adjourned until August 12.

Duo Found With Butler’s Stolen Gun
Two men, 28 year old Phillip Samuels and 19 year old Aymon Flores, were denied bail and were remanded to Belize Central Prison when they appeared today before magistrate Herbert Panton and were charged with robbery of a firearm. They pled not guilty to the charge. The prosecutor objected to bail on the ground that the offence has become prevalent, that the offence is a serious one and that if granted bail the accused persons might interfere with the investigation which is still ongoing because the firearm has not been recovered. Magistrate Panton upheld the objection and remanded Samuels and Flores into custody until 20. According to the allegation, on June 25, Samuels and Flores robbed Carl Butler of his licensed 9 millimeter pistol that had 8 rounds of ammunition in its magazine. Butler said the firearm has a value of $2,000. Samuels said in court that he and Flores were taken to mile 4 on George Price Highway and they were beaten by the police. Samuels said that he was beaten until he lost consciousness and some of his ribs were broken.

Court Prosecutor Remanded on Firearm Charge
Thirty-three year old Joseph Nunez, a prosecutor at the traffic court, became an inmate of Belize Central Prison today when he appeared before Magistrate Herbert Panton and was arraigned on charges of kept firearm and ammunition without a gun license. Nunez pled not guilty to the charges. He was remanded into custody until August 13. The incident occurred on Sunday, June22. According to police reports, Nunez was driving a motorcycle that had no rear lights and he was not wearing a helmet when police pursued him and caught up with him. Before he was searched Nunez told the police officer that he was in possession of a 9 millimeter pistol with 15 rounds of ammunition in its magazine. Nunez did not have a license for the firearm so he was taken into custody and charged. The firearm was one, reports say, that belongs to Elite Security and it was issued to a security officer who was with Nunez. Nunez reportedly asked the security guard to hand him the firearm in order to prevent the security guard from getting himself into trouble with a woman he had an argument with.

Court of Appeals Rules In Favor of Longsworth
Lavern Longsworth was convicted of the 2012 murder of her common law husband, David White, in the Supreme Court of Belize. She was sentenced to life in prison but today the Court of Appeal handed down a ruling in favor of Longsworth. She will still be serving time but much less than life. In fact, it is expected that Longsworth will serve a little over four years in jail. Her conviction was squashed and a conviction of manslaughter was substituted. Her attorney, Leslie Mendez explained. LESLIE MENDEZ “The decision of the Court of Appeal is that it substituted the verdict of murder for a verdict of manslaughter with a sentence of eight years for manslaughter.” LOCAL REPORTER “How much will she actually serve, time on remand and time already spent?” LESLIE MENDEZ “Lavern will at most serve around approximately four and a half years because the court stated that it will take into account the time she has already served.” LOCAL REPORTER “Do you consider this a victory for your client?”

Patrick JonesPJ

Candidates chosen to contest Belmopan City Council for PUP
The People’s United Party (PUP) has chosen its slate of candidates to contest the municipal elections in Belmopan in March, 2015. Of the two slates that went head to head, the people of Belmopan gave team Chacon the nod. Jose Chacon received 529 votes as the Mayoral […]

Two murders and two attempted murders in Belize City
Four persons were targeted for death over the weekend in Belize City. Unfortunately, two of them were successful. On Saturday morning just before 6:00 a.m. residents and travelers on Orange Street were greeted by an unpleasant scene. Police recovered the body of Samuel Steven Miguel, 22, of a […]

Belize Athletic Association holds summer camp
The Belize Athletic Association is looking for the next wave of talent to lift Belize to athletic superstardom. But that talent has to have proper coaching to achieve excellence. So both athletes and coaches are getting a work-out from a top-level coach from the United States. Shawn Venable […]

BTIA launch appeal for judicial review of Harvest Caye EIA
The Belize Tourism Industry Association (BTIA) maintains its staunch opposition to the Norwegian Cruise Lines project at Harvest Caye which is it in its initial stages of construction. Today it took its case to the Supreme Court, where Justice Courtney Abel heard arguments for leave to apply for […]

Thyrell Hyde shakedown case adjourned again
Belmopan resident Thyrell Hyde has been in the news since last September when he accused several police officers of personally shaking him down for large amounts of money for no apparent reason. Hyde alleges that he and a group of friends was stopped and searched by police who […]

Government takes BGYEA back to court
As they promised earlier this month, the Government of Belize has renewed proceedings against the Belize Grassroots Youth Empowerment Association (BGYEA) over the Harmonyville Agricultural Project at Mile 41, George Price Highway. It has put in a fixed date claim form alleging trespass by BGYEA, its president Nigel […]

Citrus workers get Collective Bargaining Agreement
The Christian Workers’ Union (CWU) recently signed a collective bargaining agreement with Citrus Products of Belize Limited which promises salary increases for the next four years on scale for approximately 100 workers. The Union is hoping to entice even more employees of the citrus producer to its fold, […]

Teenager accused of bribing police for weed
19 year old Aaron Flowers is in trouble with the law tonight after being accused of drug trafficking, attempting to bribe a police officer and traffic offenses related to unlawful use of a motorcycle. He was arraigned today on two counts of drug trafficking for separate parcels of […]

Steve Moss charged in two-week old shooting
Two weeks ago a 40-year-old construction worker of Belize City was shot near the Wilton Cumberbatch Field. 40 year old Walter Beaton was riding on Kraal Road, Belize City, heading in the direction of Fabers Road and upon reaching the corner of Ross Penn Road, he was […]

Driver charged months after passenger falls out of a moving bus
On February 25, 63 year old Orange Walk resident Jose Elmer Villanueva fell out of a moving Bluebird brown and yellow passenger bus traveling north on the Philip Goldson Highway between miles 12 and 13 near the Burrell Boom junction. He died five days later of head injuries […]


Keeping secrets in San Pedro
It’s not easy keeping secrets in San Pedro but everyone managed to pull it off and surprise Renita for her 50th birthday party. Her good friends Rena and Fay even flew in from the states, which was great because they helped keep her busy. In party planning it i always good to be flexible and prepared for anything, and Cindy was including having to change direction and her orbit was spun in motion toward aquafit and away from decorating. She is a pro party planner and had a few people willing to help decorate and be on call for balloon emergencies until she was able to get there herself

Can You Get Enough Lobster? Caye Caulker’s AMAZING 2014 Lobsterfest & Bonding with a Manatee
The beginning of the Lobster season is a hard-and-fast date each and every year – June 15th. And to celebrate, (there’s always a reason for a massive party in these parts) three different beach towns in Belize throw some pretty fabulous festivals. The problem is…2 of the parties are on the same weekend so I have never been able to attend them all…to eat lobster to my heart’s content. This year, with the help of Tropic Air Belize, I made it to all three. ALL THREE! There was the night time block party in San Pedro where I got the chance to sample and judge 14 different restaurant plates, Saturday, I attended Placencia’s pretty kick-ass beach party…so well organized with vendors, SO MUCH LOBSTER, entertainment and more… And then yesterday, the oldest Lobsterfest, much of which takes place in the incredibly strikingly beautiful setting of the Split…

Summer in Belize: Why I’m going Back!
The arrival of the Summer Solstice means many things to many people around the world, with Druid fans congregating around Britain’s Stonehenge, people wanting to get in touch with the ancient Maya vibe at Chitzen Itza in Mexico, Tikal in Guatemala and Xunantunich in Belize, and farmers the world over consulting their almanacs. To me, the Solstice sounds a gentle alarm – from here on in the days get shorter and the nights get longer as summer begins making its way towards autumn. Time to make the most of it. That means another trip to Belize with my friends to take advantage of the slow months in this pristine Caribbean destination.

Guinea Grass, Orange Walk District, “Growing with Business”- Y.D.R. Sewing Shop
Image“Good service & quality up to the last sew,’’ as the value proposition suggests, Y.D.R. Sewing Shop offers a variety of customized sewn items for both adults and children at affordable prices and at a timely delivery. Starting a business was something Ms. Rossana Velasquez only dreamed of; but when her tailoring business idea took off, this Guinea Grass resident became a budding entrepreneur and found herself running a very lucrative business, where she sews everything from school uniforms and casual wear to home utensils such as washing machines cover, blender covers and toaster covers. Ms. Velasquez’s inspiration for starting the business was also part of the reason for success: She found a need, and then found a way to fill it.

Guinea Grass, Orange Walk District, “Growing with Business”- La Fortaleza Tortilleria y Panadería
There’s a moment of realization that comes over every small business owner when the thought of turning a hobby into a profession seems less like a crazy notion and more like a tangible idea. For Ms. Floridalma Velasquez, that moment arrived when she realized that she could no longer depend on her job working for others to provide for her family. So after years of crafting her skills, which eventually led her to become certified in cake decorating and desserts in 2009, it occurred to Ms. Velasquez that perhaps her longtime love of baking could be more than a personal hobby. And, after deciding to take a chance, she opened La Fortaleza Tortilleria y Panadería, which has slowly morphed from an idea into a renown Bakery and Tortilla producing business that has been providing a variety of home-made traditional breads, hand-made corn tortillas, flour tortillas, variety of pizzas, and has also been catering for special events (Sweet Sixteen Parties, Weddings, Birthdays), offering cakes and desserts, to the locals of Guinea Grass village, Orange Walk District.

International Sourcesizz

Jungle ruins and sea life await in tiny Belize
The same turquoise waters that lure tourists to Caribbean destinations slosh around Belize's island chain. But tiny Belize has a major advantage in reeling in the holidaymakers - spectacular Maya ruins tucked away in lush jungle. The nation is home to more prehistoric buildings than modern-day ones, according to its Institute of Archaeology. That ancient appeal draws in backpackers eager for adventure as well as divers ready to gawk at its bustling reefs or plunge into its famed Blue Hole. Belize has all the ingredients for a surf and turf vacation - at least for those who don't mind the odd giant cockroach or neon green frog that may invade their jungle dwellings. CAVES, SKELETONS AND A SWIM Evidence of human sacrifice in Maya times litters the floors of the Actun Tunichil Muknal caves, where the skeletons are welded in place by limestone sediment. Mayan pottery is also frozen in time there, with archeologists opting to leave most artifacts as they were centuries ago. To get to the caves, visitors are led down a gentle jungle trail that includes several river crossings.

Belize for the Scarsdale Adventure
Belize, a tiny country south of Mexico and east of Guatemala, is a dream travel destination for a Scarsdale adventurer. English is the official language, American dollars are accepted everywhere, many lodges and resorts are up-to-par with western standards, a visa is not required, they drive on the right side of the road, and the 4-hour direct flight along with the 2-hour time difference makes the travel part easy. No special vaccinations are necessary, although you may want to consider the typhoid vaccine if you're an especially adventurous eater...gibnut anyone? So, when grandma agreed to babysit the kids for the week and we found a direct flight from Newark to Belize for half the price of a ticket to Europe, it seemed like a no-brainer. Having traveled extensively around the world through both developed and less developed countries, Belize was a good middle ground for the best things eachof these types of countries offer, including the adventure aspect (with toilets!) we were looking for.

Jungle, Ruins, and Iguanas in Cayo
The Washington Post has a great article about all the great sights to see in Cayo. ATM, Xunantunich, Caracol, Cahal Pech, and the Green Iguana Conservation Project are all highlighted. "Just a fraction of Caracol, a once powerful Maya city state, has been unearthed by archaeologists. Once home to 150,000 inhabitants (nearly twice the population of Belize's current industrial center, Belize City), the site was lost until a logger stumbled upon it in the 1930s while in search of mahogany. Nearly a century later, 90 percent of it still belongs to the jungle. Shards of ancient pottery are scattered around the complex, which includes astronomical buildings, ball courts, palaces and a 141-foot-tall pyramid that remains the tallest man-made structure in Belize. The guttural intonations of howler monkeys and the eerie screech of the yellow-tailed bird provide the soundtrack for those wandering through the massive archaeological site."


Video: Caye Caulker Island, BELIZE, 6min.
Caye Caulker Island, BELIZE

Video: PSE Awards in Cayo, 2min.
The Ministry of Education had their PSE awards last week here in Cayo. Channel 7 got some interviews at the event, which was held in the new auditorium at Sacred Heart College.