The Corozal Town crime wave continues. Another Asian business has been targeted by criminals running the town. Starting to feel like a war zone in Corozal Town.

Police Report below:
Upon information received of a robbery at about 8:20 PM on Sunday July 6th, 2014, Corozal Police visited AA Fried Chicken located on Santa Rita Road in Corozal Town where on arrival an Asian man was seen with a Hispanic male person detained.

The hispanic male person was seen to have a cut on his right hand and a cut on his right knee, the Asian man was observed with a chop wound to the left side of his head, a cut to the right eye brow area and he complained of pain to his left shoulder.

Investigation reveals that one Yu Lian Wu 57 year old Chinese/ Naturalized Belizean business woman of the said address was outside of the business establishment with a young child leaving the door unlocked with her son Ruo Wei Wu, age 27. and his wife inside, when suddenly two male persons arrived with black warm caps over their head and rags tied over their face.

One of them was weilding a machete and went straight to the unlocked door, went inside and screamed “give me the money” and made chopping motions towards Ruo Wei Wu who ended up receiving a chop wound to his head.

He then began to struggle with the person managing to push him outside where the machete fell from the weilders hands on to the ground.

As a result Ms. Yu Lian Wu picked up the machete and managed to chop the culprit, she inflicted one chop to his hand and one to his knee.

The other person who was witnessing all that was happening decided to flee from the area.

Both Ruo Wei Wu and the robber were escorted to the Corozal Community Hospital and issued medico legal forms.

The detained suspect is a 17 year old Belizean student of 2nd St North, Corozal Town.

A machete, a black warm cap, a white nike tennis shoes and a checkers cloth was found on the scene, they were processed by S.C. Riverol.

The victim was later transported to the KHMH in Belize City where he is admitted in a stable condition.

The suspect is presently hospitalized at the Corozal Community Hospital under police guard.

His mother was informed of her son’s detention.

Corozal police continue the investigation.