Daniel Guerrero

This morning, the San Pedro Town Council was visited by members of the opposition People's United Party on the island. The meeting, at the invitation of the current U.D.P. Mayor, Daniel Guerrero, was in reference to allegations of misappropriation of public funds at the town hall. It has been quite some time since an audit has not been carried out on the books of the council, but according to Guerrero, he has nothing to hide. He spoke to the media today about the inquiries made by the P.U.P. reps saying that there is no hanky panky going on in the council.

Daniel Guerrero, Mayor, San Pedro Town Council

"I do, every Thursday, religiously a morning talk show and the People's United Party standard bearer has been calling for our public presentation of our finances. So I decided to invite him to our offices and show them our financials. Well this morning, I welcomed them and everything was fine. I think the media was there-San Pedro Sun, Ambergris today; we have the Reef TV, the people that handle the talk show-we also had Justices of the Peace to also witness what we showed them is what we showed the media. I have no problem and I have a very open policy."


"They said the town council owed Barry Bowen and can’t get stuff from them; that you owe Tropic Air, can’t get stuff and that you owe Hardcore. And they brought this up this morning. Tell us about it."

Daniel Guerrero

"Yes, they brought that and actually what I am doing is that I am the one closing accounts that I see the council can benefit out of it. In Tropic Air, we do have two accounts-one for cargo and one for flights-we are still flying and we are still getting cargo. When it comes to the Barry Bowen one, we just have our public events and everything we want are on consignments and everything we have our accounts there. And also the other one with hardcore�if I want to order hardcore right now, I can get probably twenty, forty barges with no problem. See they are getting based on rumors. They want to create something out of nothing. And I am good at that. So if they want to go that direction, I am ready for them. �Two leaders, the Standard Bearer and the mayoral candidate for the People's United Party, they are running for leadership and I am shocked that the questions that they put�they are even pathetic; it is just petty stuff they are looking after. They are questioning me about bonuses. I mean every organization in the globe do provide bonuses to the staff. And the questions they were putting forward to me, I was expecting far more detailed and constructive questions. The mayoral candidate put some questions that had nothing to do with the finances. Mister Arceo was following questions from his Ipad-I'm sure it is not him-but anyway I try to answer all of them and I did. And I am happy to mention to you guys that we will be presenting our financials whether it is Monday or Tuesday of the coming week. We are just looking for the venue."

The P.U.P. has an elected councilor on the San Pedro Town Council.�

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