Wildtracks have just issued an urgent appeal for help as they have just received two new orphaned baby manatees, bringing their numbers up to 5. According to Wildtracks

"It costs US$60 a day to provide milk for the five manatee orphans in care!

These slow, gentle animals, once mistaken for mermaids, can get through an alarming amount of milk before they are weaned - US$60 a day - US$420 a week - a total of US$1,680 a month for the five manatees in care at the moment. With the addition of two calves and the associated costs, we have a funding gap for the coming four weeks, and urgently need to find the US$1,680 to see us through. "

If you think you can help, please do! You can click here to donate Urgent Appeal for Help with Orphaned Manatees in Belize , but if you live on Ambergris Caye, you can buy up some cans of Isomil 1 or 2 and put it on the Thunderbolt to be delivered to Wildtracks directly. Just make sure Wildtracks know it's coming.

Manatees are not just cute sea mammals but they are essential in keeping our waterways clean and healthy.

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