It's not often that you can find a cool bird to sing about, but this frigate bird off the coast of Belize gives Seanie Blue the perfect opportunity to show off a small part of "Wildbird," the song about a bird who thinks it can use music to bomb the world to its senses. This short piece is less than four minutes of the 33-minute version of Wildbird, and was sculpted into existence by Ariel Francis and Blue a year ago. the plan was to get an illustrator to animate the entire song, but until that happens snatches of it can be presented in similar videos.

Shot by Blue in the waters near Caye Caulker, using a Go Pro supplied by Matt Hoffman on a recent tour of Tikal and Belize. The original jazz version of this song was written by Seanie Blue and Helena Protopapas (aka Nicholas Smith-Jones) with Peter Fox and Sandra Bishop, and this version is part of a radical makeover by Blue and Francis featuring the works of David Huron (on how expectation determines the emotions evoked by music), and by Daniel Levine (on the brain's abilities to shape both the listening experience and the memory of that experience), and by Aniruddh Patel (on how language influences music in the brain).

One of the surprising findings of this project was the discovery that Mr. Blue can actually sing on key!